Thursday, October 06, 2005


YOU CAN PUT IT ON BOOOOOARD!!! YEEESSSS!!! the white sox won last night!!!! the only team i will ever support. my brothers are huuuuge fans of the sox and so as long as i can remember i've been watching the sox. don't know much about baseball really, actually i only wait for the score. i have never seen a game in its entirety (?), accept when i go to the stadium but even then i'm too busy looking at people. i don't understand alot of things, for instance that wild card thing...what is that? i never understood that. last week that's all i heard. the wild card this and the wild card that...ha? are they playing poker or something like it? anyway, i watched last night's game and boooy was it exciting!!! i had kachito on my lap and when they won i threw him up on the air!!! my poor baby got so scared. i was going to put on my pink white sox cap today but then i rembered that i live in cubs town...big no no. these northsiders take their baseball very serious..too serious if you ask me. come on it's just a baseball game. sorry if i've offended anybody. anywho, i hope the sox win again!!!!! lets go sox!!! lets go!!!


*~Marie~* said...

HA! Your poor cat, being tost around in the air. He was probably thinking "What's the matter with my mom?" None the less, a funny thought :) I can't sit through baseball either--I get so distracted with all the people (aka guys) There always seem to be hot guys at baseball games...not so much football? huh?

DCNats said...

Sonrisa, I got so excited to see that you wrote a post about baseball!
Anyway, the wild card:
before, the only teams that could advance to the playoffs were the teams that one their division, but now they let in an extra team. the team that with the best record for the year that DIDN'T win their division... that team this year was the Red Sox. That's why they call the first round of the playoffs the "Wild Card Round."
Even though I'm a Nationals fan I will pulling for your beloved White Sox this playoffs, but only if you agree not to throw Kachito again! (which reminds me, what will he do when you go on your romantic getaway with Mr. Motorcycle?)

sonrisa morena said...

marie and dcn, i felt so bad about kachito last night. i just got too excited!! really how many times have the white sox gotten this far? i promise never to do that again AND kachis will probably be visiting lola, ms.j's kitty while i'm on my ROAD trip NOT romantic getaway ;-)

DCNats said...

I'm still holding out hope that it will become a romantic getaway

*~Marie~* said...

Along with DC...I am fairly confident it will turn into a romantic getaway :) But since we are teasing probably wont!