Sunday, April 30, 2006


who am i talking about?!?!? LILA DOWNS!!!!!!! the performance was awsome!!! i could totally feel her energy!!! i loved it!!!! totally loved it!!! i didn't want her performance to end!!!! AND did i mention she fuckin' rocked?!?!??!

Friday, April 28, 2006

yet another chapter in kachito's life...

Well my fellow bloggers things with the fluffman are going well, however kachito seems to be having some problems with it.

The fluffman was at my place on wednesday night and well Kachito was not liking it at all!! Fluffman was sitting on the stool in the kitchen and kachis jumps to the stool next to him and starts scratching him!!! I yelled at Kachi's to stop but he just looked at me then continued to scratch fluffy. I asked fluffy to just push him off the stool and he tells me "that's what my first reaction was but i didn't want you to think i didn't like the cat" i just smiled and told him "dude, my cat is scratching and you're worried about what i would think?"..isn't he so sweet? yes, i know we are still in the "trying to impress one another" mode. anywho, so kachis went to the living room while we ate. Once we finished eating, we headed down to the living room to watch a movie. While watching the movie, kachis decided to jump on fluffy's lap...i'm thinking "oh, he's warming up to fluffy" boy was i wrong!!! Kachito started hissing at fluffy!!! i've NEVER seen him do that!!! it scared the crap out of me!!! So i push kachis away from fluffy to only have kachis hiss at me too!!! "what the fuck is this about?!?!" i ask kachito who by now is walking back to kitchen. He then went into my closet and didn't come out until fluffy left. Once the fluffman left kachito was back to his normal caring self. He jumped on my lap as i watched t.v. then followed me to bed once i decided to go to sleep.

Fellow bloggers, i'm scared!!! Kachito is freaking me out!!! Fluffman told me, kiddingly, that i was going to have to choose between him and Kachito. i told him "well you know where the door is cause kachis will ALWAYS come first to me!!!"...seriously is it normal for kachito to be behaving this way?

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

it's official!!!!

i have a boyfriend!!! a wonderful boyfriend!!! hmm? why am i so excited? don't know and don't care. he tells me that he feels a little pressure due to the fact that i haven't been in a committed relationship for 6 years. he is sooo sweet!! we still haven't told my sister but he tells me that he will talk to her as soon as she comes back from mexico. i'm actaully nervous but i'm too happy for her to ruin this!! have i told you how wonderful he is? i hope not to be writing the opposite in a few weeks or months. we are having dinner tonight at my place and i can't wait to see him...damn!!! when did i get to this point?!?!? don't know if i'm liking this!! we were on the phone 'til one o'clock in the morning last night!! fellow bloggers, i must admit that sometimes i wonder...what if i'm just doing this because i don't want to be alone anymore or because i'm scared this opportunity will never come by again or because i'm thinking that i want this man to father my children. hmmm? actually, i think he would be a great dad!! i like the way he talks about his nieces and nephews...

i'm with this man because i like me when i'm around him!! i'm my crazy self and he doesn't seem to mind. he laughs at the goofy things i do and boy does he make me laugh!! we've had really intense conversations and silly conversations. ooohh, i so wish that a few months from now none of this has changed and if it has i wanted to be for the better. i'm so scared!!! last night we were talking about going to spain next year and what "we" needed to do financially to get there. "we"? that "we" scared me. i'm used to just "me". i'm used to doing things by myself, not having to think about anybody other than me...not because i'm selfish but because that's how it has been for the past few years. i'm not at all selfish but i don't want to come off like that to him. he tells me he understands. oh my fellow bloggers, i'm really falling for this guy!!

on a different note, guess who called last night? Mr. K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was such a wierd conversation!! he told me he had just gotten back from Africa and was thinking of me and was wondering if he could see me. i was thinking "dude, i know exactly what you are doing!!! and i ain't nobody's booty call!!!" i was JUST thinking it, i didn't tell him that. i did tell him that i was dating someone hoping that it would develop into something serious. he told me he was very happy for me and wished me the best then hung up. oh yeah, life is good at the moment!!

Monday, April 24, 2006

weekend report...

well my fellow bloggers i had an AWSOME weekend!! Ms. J' b-day party was definetly going on!! i took the fluffman with and he seemed to be enjoying himself just observing how crazy we all got. we left early though because i was already freakin' drunk and i was super tired and sleepy. over all i had fun and it was nice. ms. J seemed to be enjoying herself...happy b-day to ms. j!!

on saturday was my turn to hangout with fluffman's friends. We went to The Empty Bottle and i had the best time. his friends are just as cool as the fluffman...okay now i know i'm really liking this guy!! Anywho, we got to see three bands!! one of the chicks, Shelly Short, rocked!!! Damn, that girl has an awsome voice!!! she definetly left that place with a new fan!!

yesterday, i started volunteering again. i so did not want to go because it was such a beautiful day and i just wanted to go ride my bike down by the lake but i, very hesitantly, decided to go volunteer. AND i'm so glad i did because i had such a great time with the kids!!! i went around passing around the welcoming gifts and i love the kids and parents reactions when i come in the room with all this goodies at hand!!! i truelly do enjoy doing this!! i got home at about 5:30 and i was totally exhausted. i had dinner and tried watching t.v. but i got so sleepy that by 8:30 i was already in bed!!

The fluffman is going out of town this weekend and well i must admit that i am going to miss him. we have plans to see each other on wednesday before he leaves to california and i'm soooo looking forward to it!!

AND 4 more days to Lila Downs performance!!!! i'm sooooo fucken excited!!!! AAAAHHHHHH!!!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

i'm counting the days!!!

Lila Downs comes to chicago on the 29th and i can't wait to see her!! one more week to go!!!

Well things with the fluffman are going okay. we are already discussing when and where we will be getting married. we have decided to stay on the northside once we do get married. hehehehee, okay it's not that serious!!! i just thought it would be funny. anywho, there are soooo many things that go through my head when i spend time with him, one of the being that i think his gay!!! maybe i've just spent too much time with my gay friends that i think the whole world is gay. i have talked to santis about this and he reassures me that the fluffman is not gay!! "he is one of the good ones!!" he tells me. oh yeah the three of us went to college at the some time but apparently santis communicated more with the fluffman due to an organization they both belonged to. Anyway, he IS a very sweet guy and we hung out on monday night. i learned so much about the guy!!! he is soooo freakin' smart!! smart guys really turn me on!! AND he is chubby!! how cool is that?!?! i love chubby guys!! he makes me feel soooo special!! anywho, enough of the fluffman.

i'm having such a busy day!!! i really just want to go home and chill.

laters, laters!!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

up and about!!!

hello fellow bloggers!!!!! it is soooo nice to be back!!! all is well, i'm running like a chicken with it's head cut off!!! my surgery went well!!! have i ever mentioned how much i love my doctor!?!?!! she is the greatest!!! i felt like crap all last week but i'm ready this week!! okay, maybe not that ready...i think i over did it on the weekend that i was in some pain last night. oh yeah, i had some girly things done on me...painful girly things!!!

anywho, i'm so sad to read about joel!!!! joel i will miss you!!!! santis kept me posted. when he told me about joel i was in soo much shock!!! "WHAT?!?!??! BUT I LOVE TO READ HIS BLOG!!!" is what i told him. dude i totally understand though. we all need a break once in a while. i'm sure moe greene will do a good job but please pretty pretty please come back to us soon!!

lets see? what has been going on? i had fun with my nieces and nephews on easter sunday. we had an egg hunt inside the house because it was raining. we hid 118 eggs!!!!! and they found them all!!! my sister numbered them so we then had a raffle. they had soooo much fun!!! the little ones would go up to their parents to show off the prizes!!! they painted eggs!! it was fun. i did feel the tension between my sister and i but i tried to not let it get to me. she was very very quiet and distant towards me but really i feel like i didn't do anything wrong. i did tell her that fluffy and i had been communicating and i think that's why she was acting that way.

speaking of fluffy!!. i went out on a date with him!! i had a nice time. the guy is super sweet!!! while i was recooperating he called every night to ask how i was doing. he is the sweetest guy ever!!! asides from santis of course!!! tonight we will be going to the mexican fine arts museum for a discussion on same sex parents. i'm going because of my job and he is going because according to him he wants to see me. i've been up talking to him on the phone 'til 1 or 2 o'clock in the morning!!! he keeps telling me that i need to break down that wall that i keep putting up. bloggers i'm scared!!! he tells me that he will be patient and that I will see that he is different from all the guys...hmmm? we'll see about that!! after all i did give mr. k a chance and look what happened?!?!? anywho, as i mentioned before he is the sweetest person ever. i told santis that i'm actually excited about the whole thing. oh well, such is life as my jillipooh tells me. he will be coming with me this Friday to ms. j's b-day party. not sure how i'm feeling about that. maybe i'm thinking too much about it. we'll see how it goes, i will most defenitly keep you posted.

santis is on vacation this week and i have missed him soooo much!! okay so it's only tuesday and we talked last night but we usually e-mail each other during the day and well i miss that. is that so wrong?

I'm still volunteering at the hospital and i can't wait to get back this coming sunday!! Oh yeah, did i mention that we saw my sister, the one in the abusive relationship, on sunday!!! her baby is soooo big now!! we, ALL my sisters and brothers, were together!! my parents would have been so proud of us!! speaking of parents, my mommy and daddy are coming in may!!! just for a couple of weeks though but at least i will get to see them again.

well i need some catching up to do so let me get to it....

Monday, April 10, 2006

the day has arrived...

well, i'll be honest with you all. i'm scared as hell!! i'm sure all be okay surgery is tomorrow. i'm nervous!! anywho, that's what will be happening tomorrow. so you bloggers will probably not be hearing from me for a while...i will most definetly miss you all!!! but i'm sure that on my return i will be reading some awsome adventures from dcn, cc, santis, cincy, coco, mariposa, and dr. v. i can't wait to read dcn's new adventures at his new job, cracked chancla's smelly stories, santis' day with his kids, cincy's meeting his new co-workers!!! and the list goes on!!

AND not much has changed with my dilemma i have my sister and fluffy. i feel real guilty though because i've decided to keep talking to the fluffman. i just don't know when and how to tell my sister. i mean him and i are just friends!!! what the hell!?!? okay i'm feeling guilty even writing about it!! DAMN this catholic guilt!!! DAMN YOU!!!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

a little dilemma

so i don't know if you remember me blogging about my sister's surprise party last month. Anywho, at this party i met alot of my sister's friends. My sisters and I don't really hangout with each others friends because "your friends are all to uppity (is this even a word?)" and because they don't want me meeting their friends. According to both of them "it's so easy for you to make friends so why should you meet ours". yeah it doesn't make sense but i got over it along time ago...this has been going on since we were in high school, them not wanting me to meet their friends. it used to bother me alot when we lived with the parents but then i moved out to the northside and well it's been alot better. So back to the party thing, at this party i ran into somebody that i went to college with, who now is really good friends with my sisters. we hadn't seen each other for about 8 years and when we were in college we never really talked or anything like that, we just had mutual friends and so that's how we met. well, this guy whom we will call fluffy, asked for my e-mail address because "you seem to be an interesting person". i gave him the info. as i was doing it i was thinking "this is not a good idea" but i still gave him because i thought that my sister would have grown out of this whole "leave my friends alone" stage. booooy was i wrong!!

My sister is having a huuuuuuuge problem with this!!!! she called me last week to ask me if i had been e-mailing fluffy. I said yes "because he seems to be interested in the same type of readings i am so i e-mailed him some stuff". She was not happy at all!!! "could you please stop communicating with him please!!! it is soooo much easier for you make friends that it is for me so please leave mine alone!!"WHAT?!?! i thought "are we still in high school!?!?!". I must be honest and say that i did get pretty upset but at the same time i was thinking that this guy, or any other guy for that matter, was not worth me getting into an arguement with my sister so i told her that i would stop all communication with this guy. well, this discussion was after i had given him my phone number!! I THOUGHT MY SISTER WAS OVER THIS "LEAVE MY FRIENDS ALONE PHASE!!!". come on we are both in our thirties!!!

The following day fluffy calls and we had a decent conversation. i did mention to him that my sister was having a problem with him and i talking and he tells me "yeah i know, she told me off today. something about leaving her sister alone". i don't know what to do. this guy, whom i am not romantically interested in, seems to be a great guy. we have alot in common and i think we would have a great time if we were ever to hang out. i don't want to upset my sister but at the same time i might be missing out on a good friendship...and yes i have told fluffy about me just wanting to be friends.

so what do you bloggers suggest i do?

Monday, April 03, 2006

this weather sucks!!!

i hate this type of weather!! it's been raining since last night and it doesn't seem to want to stop!! i rode my bike this morning and now i'm wishing i hadn't. i so did not want to get up this morning!! this weather makes me want to do nothing!! okay let me get over it...

my weekend was actually pretty good. i didn't do much!! on friday instead of ordering pizza i ordered mexican...i was in a mood for tacos al pastor!! mmmmm, tacos al pastor!! Saturday i went out to buy two of erika badu's cd's and well it got me in the mood to "chill" therefore called some of my connections to see if mary jane was at their place. turns out that she was therefore my connection brought her along with to my place!! i had sooo much fun on saturday!! i didn't hang out with mr. rico suave after all like i had planned but it all worked out because my crazy friend and ms. mary jane and i had a fabulous time!! have you ever listened to erika badu while mary jane paid you a visit?!?! that music was sounding aite to me!!

yesterday, i went to volunteer. it was a long day!! i saw two little babies whom apparently were not being well supervised by their guarding because one little baby, three years old, had gotten beaten up and a six year old boy had his scull full of stitches. i get so angry with the thought of someone mistreating babies like that!!! i was trying to make the little ones laugh but i was unsuccessful. i wanted to just hug them and take them home with me!! "i'll keep you safe little ones, i will never ever allow anybody else to lay a finger on you!! come home with me and kachito"...that's what i really wanted to say. on my bus ride back home i couldn't stop thinking about those babies!! THEY ARE JUST LITTLE BABIES!!! WHY OR HOW COULD SOMEBODY HURT THEM!! i must find a way to help general... out!!! i must participate some more!! i have to...WANT to do something!!!