Friday, September 29, 2006

it's friday!!!!

well my fellow bloggers i continue to feel like crap!!! my cold is getting worse, my ankle is still swollen and my knee still hurts BUT i'm planning on have fun this weekend!!! DAMN IT!!!

i'm going to a wedding in michigan this weekend. i leave tomorrow morning to come back sunday evening.

yeah, my head is hurting and my eyes are itchy and watery!!! i will leave you with that.

have a good weekend bloggers...

Thursday, September 28, 2006

the week from hell!!

i've had the most horrible week ever!!! okay i'm just being dramatic but i was in alot of pain!! i sprained my ankle!!! i missed a step as i was going down the stairs and fell down. i hurt my knee and my ankle. i had x-rays done and everything seems to be okay. now i'm coming down with a cold!!! aaaahhhhh!!! i hate getting sick!!! my head hurts, my sinuses are all stuffed up and i'm hungry!!!! okay can do something about me being hungry but like i said before i'm just being dramatic.

on to other i went to a job interview. yay for me!! i got the job and i will be starting in two weeks!!! yay for me!!! i will be working with diabetes population that live in pilsen and little village!!!! i'll be a research asssitant...i'm really looking forward to this job. it's only a part time so i won't be leaving my current job...which is going pretty well so far.

haaayyyy, i have a horrible headache so i'll continue laters...

Friday, September 22, 2006

it's friday!!!!

and i'm tired as hell!!!! i'm soooo sleepy my fellow bloggers!!! i had tons of fun with the fabulous trio last though!!! the blue man group show rocked!! afterwards we went to ceasar's for some killer margaritas then we headed over to spot 6 for some spanish kareoke. i love spanish kareoke!! i sang bazaar by flans...i love flans, i'm in a loving mood today ;-) i danced cumbias with mr. bean as well. that boy can dance!!! i danced to los tigeres del norte with mr. motorcycle. i really enjoyed myself last night!!!

i'll be having dinner with mr. politician tonight. i haven't hung out with him in a while, i'm soooo looking forward to seeing him tonight. tomorrow i'll be going to a wedding with one of my favorite people in the sooo looking forward to that as well!!

have a good weekend my fellow bloggers!!!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

mis pretendientes...

well, i'm very tired and sleepy!!! i really just want to go home and sleep but i'm having dinner with the husband tonight and afterwards i'm meeting with the fabulous trio to go watch the Blue Man show. i'm sure the fabulous trio will keep me entertained more the blue man show itself!!

Anywho, last night i went out with the colombiano and i had a good time. mr. colombiano is super sweet and is very attentive to my needs!! wink wink...just kidding!! seriously i am. he picked me up at my place to only hang out at his place. we listened to some jazz...i love jazz!! and he has alot of cd's to choose from!!...and drank some wine. talked about his classes...his a 27 year old that's graduating this year with a masters in education...and how he can't wait 'til its over. he also plays soccer!!! i love soccer legs!!! that's one of the many things that attracted me to mr. motorcycle when i first met him. anywho, mr. colombiano would like to see me again!! how exciting is that!?!?!

what? ha? ooooh mr. 23 y/o?!??!?? yeah he is still in the picture. i just figure that i'm not in a committed relationship with anybody so why not date other guys or girls...i've got my eye on someone ;-) i totally adore mr. 23 y/o but i just can't get over the whole age thing. i know, i know, it's just a number!!! i'm sure that after a few more dates with him i will totally forget his age. did i tell you how adorable he is!?!?!?

hmmm? mr. awsome?!?? oh yeah, him. well, i'm still talking to mr. awsome but i think we have already become friends....YES FRIENDS!!! he continues to be awsome though. i now have another awsome friend added to the list!!! yay for me!!

i also talked to fluffy. he "accidently" dialed my number...hehehehehe. i thought it was cute and funny. anywho, we had a good conversation. we were on the phone for like 2 hours. he tells me he is doing good and he continues to struggle with his father's death. he also told me that he started working out...good for him!! then he asked me if i was talking to my sister and if i was dating. i told him that my sister and i were doing good and that i was dating. he sounded surprised but he said he was happy that i was dating and that "unlike me he was not able to switch his feelings on and off"...bastard!!!. he also said that the thought of me kissing and being with someone else hurt but he understood that i had to move on. yeah, it was wierd conversation.

so there you have it...

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

birthdays birthdays and more birthdays!!!

alot of my friends are celebrating this month!!! !! my sister's...dork...b-day was this past weekend. she had a little party but i didn't go...i wouldn't want her to think i was "trying to steal her friends" again!!! she tells me she had a blast. i'm glad she did!!

mr. 23 y/o's b-day was yesterday. i've been hanging out with him alot!!! he came over my place after celebrating his b-day with his family. i was all cheesy about it...i got him a tiny cake, a card and a teddy bear. we chilled at my place eating sushi and drinking wine. he really is a sweet guy and he makes me laugh so much!! boooy does he make me laugh!!! i love the way he roles his eyes when i'm being sarcastic with him. aaahhh yes those gorgeous eyes of his....okay let me stop. last night was our first kiss and it was sooo sweet...hmmm? what's going on here??!?!? i need to stop this!! or maybe not ;-) anywho, last night was nice. i really did enjoy my time with mr. 23 y/0...oh by the way he JUST turned 23!!!

tomorrow night i will be going out with the husband to celebrate his b-day!!! haaay just the thought of spending time with that man exhausts me!! i'm not really looking forward to it...i'm sure i'll have fun. i haven't seen him since my b-day bash so i think, being that it's his b-day, it would be a good time now.

mr. policeman's b-day is next week!!! he just got a house so i'm not sure if he will have his yearly b-day bash. i'm sure the HOLA gang will have something for him...we always do. any excuse for us to hangout!!! DAMN we are getting old!!

mr. deider's b-day is this friday as well...not sure if him and his wife have planned anything, they usually do but i haven't heard anything...yet ;-)

so many b-day this month!!! mr. todd's b-day is this weekend as well!!!

happy birthday to ya'll!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 15, 2006

trainings, trainings and more trainings!!!

i spent most of my week in trainings!!!! some were very interesting and others were just a waste of my time!!!

two were held downtown and one was held at work. the ones downtown were the interesting ones ;-) one of them was on expanding HIV prevention options, the focus being microbicides. microbicide is a substance that reduces the tramission of STD's, including HIV when applied vaginally or rectally. this one was super interesting!!! the other was on the differences and the commonalities between the african american and latino communities on housing issues. i got to see alot of people i hadn't seen in a while in this one. the held a work was a computer training...i do NOT like computers!!! so i'm not getting into that one!! i'm all trained out!! does that make sense? really, i don't care if it does.

on to other brother-in-law is doing so much better!! he is still not breathing on his own but the doctors tell us that he no longer is in "danger". he's smiling now!!! he does look better and the energy in his room is different as well. i went to go see him last night again and as soon as i walked in i felt a much more positive energy in the room. anywho, i'm glad that things are looking good.

i've been hanging out with mr. 23 y/o. we are supposed to go to dinner tomorrow a spanish restaurant. I love spanish food with sangria!!!! mmmm, sangria!! i'm looking forward to tomorrow...for the food ;-) and sangria, and maybe dessert..hehehehhehee. i crack myself up!!!okay i'm a dork!!!

have a good weekend my fellow bloggers!!


Monday, September 11, 2006

monday report..

i had a lovely weekend...a few adventures here and there.

So Friday after work i went to go visit my brother-in-law at the hospital...he's my second moms husband. my fellow bloggers he is not doing well at all. he has arthritis in the lungs. he can't breathe on his own and he gets very exhausted when he tries to talk. my second mom seems to be holding up pretty well. my nephew on the other hand is not. i think he's feeling the pressure of having to be "the man" of the house. haaay, this is just not looking good at all...

after the hospital visit i was sooo mentally and emotionally exhausted but i had plans to meet up with my friends. it took for eeeever to get to mr. dj's place. there was a fire on the tracks on polk!!! so we were stuck there for a while. i had called ms. jillipooh to let her know that i was not going to be able to make it but i sooooo needed to hang out with my friends after visiting my brother-in-law!!! i needed to be distracted!! so i decided to take a cab!!! i finally made it to mr. dj's place. ms. jillipooh and mr. hk and their partners were obviously already there. i'm soooo glad i made it because i had sooo much fun. the food was awsome but the best part was the company!! i thank my frida...she's my goddess, 'member?...every day for blessing me with great friends.

on saturday i had lunch with my sisters, dork and apple, at my favorite thai restaurant. we then walked down to boystown for the yearly Lakeview art festival. it was nice to hang out with my sisters...yes even dork. she seems to be doing better now that fluffy and i broke up. such is life!!after the festival, we went back to my place and they waited as i got ready to go to my friends birthday party. they gave me a ride to my friends place. i had so much fun!! there was carnitas, arroz con gandules, potato salad, salsa, damn the list goes on!! after a while we all started to do shots of tequila...i was so freakin' drunk it wasn't even funny!! damn i had fun!

sunday i went to the baby shower in Tinley Park. ms. j and ms. dieder picked me up. once we got to the baby shower we were separated. we weren't very happy about this but we made the most of it. i did end up having loads of fun with this old lady that was sitting next to me. she was sooo funny. i found out she works at a museum in Indiana. she gave four passes "just incase you are ever in the neighborhood". she was sooo funny!! the shower over all was very nice and sweet. i could totally feel the love in that room. mrs. future mommy looked so beautiful and radiant!!! she truelly did look happy...not content but happy. i wish her nothing but the best. she is going to be a great mommy!! i just know she will!!

after the shower, we headed back home. it was a nice ride back home. Mr. 23 y/o had text me earlier to ask if i had plans in the evening. i said no so we had decided to meet up in the evening. once i got home though i was just tired and exhausted. he called me and i told him if it was okay if we hung out at my place. he seemed to be okay with that. we talked all evening. he didn't leave until 12!!! he's still the sweet guy he was three years ago. i am truelly very proud of him. he wants to continue to hang out "to see where this leads". he is soooo sweet!! i'm just in awe with this boy. he kept complementing me all hair, my lips, my hands. seriously this boy was making me blush!! AND he gives the greatest hugs ever!! anywho, we are supposed to hang out tonight too...maybe he'll get a kiss tonight ;-)

Friday, September 08, 2006

new boss lady and other crap...

well we have a new supervisor. so far she seems to be doing okay...i miss my other supervisor alot though!! no one will ever come close to ever being as great as he was!!

i'll be having dinner with some friends really looking forward to it!!! one of them is ms. jillipooh. we haven't really hung out lately. mr. dj and mr. hk will also be there!! oh how i miss those two. we'll be meeting at mr. dj's place. i can't wait to see them all.

Tomorrow i will be going to my friends 44th b-day!!! that should be fun as well. i'm planning on giving him a gift card (made by yours truelly) to a stripper joint :-) as b-day gift... he has to take me as well though!!! i'm sure that he will have no problem taking me with him. i can't wait to see his reaction!!! i've known him for about 7 years and the guy is sooo much fun!! his wife is just as crazy as he is... i love them both dearly.

Sunday i will be going to a baby shower. i'm not looking forward to that. i'm very happy for my friend and her husband but things like these depress me. why? well because i know i will not have kids and i sooooo long to have one. i've blogged about this before and all of you were very sweet about it. i know that i have options as to go about having a baby...artificial insemination, adopting...but really, there is this very old fashioned girl deep deep deep, waaaayy deep,(waaay deep!!) inside that wants to have the father next to me when i have a baby. anywho, that's why i get depressed. i am very very happy for my friends though. i mean who wouldn't be?!?!? a baby is on the way to experience life!!

so i have a question...three years ago i met this 20 year old whom apparently was "in love" with me. 20 years old!!!! i of course, gave him "the you're too young speech" which he seemed to take very well. he is a very sweet guy and has the most amazing brown eyes. when i first met him, i told him that he was an old man stuck in a young mans body because we used to have the most amazing conversations!!! anyway, i told him that he needed to focus on finishing college instead of courting me. he did just that!!he called me last night!!!! he graduated, owns his business (mechanic shop), and is working on buying another "space". i'm very proud of him!!! so he tells me "well i'm 23 years old and i told you i would call you once i was finished". he wants to go out because he still likes me and would like to "see if we work out"...he is sooo sweet. so anyway, my question is do i go out with him? he's fucken 23 years old!!!

have a good weekend bloggers!!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

monday report..

well i had a very exhausting weekend but i had fun over all. i chilled on friday with la familia on the southside. On Saturday i went shopping as myself a couple of shirts that i sooooo do not need but i HAD to have them..hehehe. Anywho, ms. timid little girl told me she had fun so that's all that counts. i was sooooo freakin' exhausted though. ms. timid little girl is very very timid so getting a word out of her was like pulling teeth!! "so what do you want to do next?" i would ask, "i don't know" was her answer. "do you like this one?" "i don't know", "what do you want to eat?" "i don't know"....AAAHHHHH!!!!! she is very sweet though, just very shy!! by the time we got home i just really wanted to sleep!! on sunday, i went out with mr. sports announcer. we went to go watch a movie, which totally sucked!!...Crank, and then went to for some pizza. later at night we decided to go out for some dancing, which i began to regret because there was this huge ass long line!!! since people didn't work on monday everybody and their momma was out!!! fortunetly i know the bouncer therefore we didn't have to wait. aawwhhh yes to have connections!!! we didn't have to pay either!!! AND yesterday i went to the southside again to hangout with la familia and to have some carne asada!!

i'm sooo tired and sleepy right now. i really just want to go home and sleep until tomorrow. i have tickets for the cubs game tonight but really i'm just tooo freakin' tired!!! i think i'll call my sisters and give them to them.

Friday, September 01, 2006

friday is finally here!!!

this has been a long ass week!!! things at work have been hectic!! a proposal is on the midst of going to the executive, i'm a bit nervous about this. we'll see what happens. One of my clients died, he was sooo sweet. He was found two days after he died, died of a heart attack. He had no family here and would call me everyday...the last time i saw him was in the beginning of August. He had me paged so i thought there was something wrong. When i asked if everything was ok he says, "yes, i just need a hug from you". i'm going to miss him :-( Another of my clients had to be transferred to a nursing home. He too has no family either (they have family but because they have AIDS they don't want anything to do with them, very sad). He's in a wheel chair now because he hada stroke and is unable to move around...he too is the sweetest guy ever!! i've gone to visit him a few times, i've taken him some candy...he loves his sweets!! you should see the big smile on his face when i arrive with a bag on my hand!!! he knows exactly what's in that big!! Two of my other clients are on the verge of becoming homeless because the system has screwed them over!! They were in a housing assistance program in which their rent was to be paid for three years but because funds were cut off now they can't afford the apartment in which they were asked to move and told "don't worry about the rent all will be taking care of"...bastards!!! anywho, i found an affordable studio for one of my clients, which he calls a "box" because it's sooo freakin small. My other client however is waaaay more stubborn therefore continues looking for a one bedroom that he can afford...his monthly income is $603!!!!!! there is nooooo way he is going to find a one bedroom apartment but there is only so much i can say or do!! All of this PLUS politics at work are wearing me down!!

well on to more uplifting news. I went to a play...Spinning Into Butter...with cracked chancla, mr. cracked chancla and santis. The play was AWSOME!!! enraging as hell though,but i believe it was very real!!! it was about racism. thanks Dr. Vodka for telling us about it!! afterwards we went for some margaritas at Fiesta Mexicana (i think that's the name of the place we went to). i had soooo much fun!!! mr. cracked chancla is sooo freakin' funny, junto con santis, ya se pueden imajinar!!! i had so much fun. After we left that place, santis and i continued the party at my place. Cracked Chancla felt my place was too far to go hangout, that's okay chanclita i totally understand. I get alot of that from friends. Once santis and i got to my place, mr. Awsome (the guy i've been talking to) arrived a few minutes later!!! i was soooo freakin' happy to see him!!! the guy is just soooo damn awsome!! AND freakin' smart!!! AND cute!!! AND did i mention AWSOME!! anywho, i called mr. Awsome when santis and i were on our way to my place. i didn't really think he was going to show up...i'm taking this as a good sign ;-) have i mentioned that he is awsome!!!hehehehehe

anywho, i was going to milwaukee this weekend but my friend the sports announcer bailed. that's cool though because i had forgotten that i had made plans with my friend's sister this weekend. Her b-day was last week...she turned 14...and i promised her that we would go shopping for clothes before classes started. I take her each year for her b-day because she has 5 brothers and they are all idiots!!! thugs!!! and her parents well, her parents are being the best parents they can. anywho, i'll be taking her downtown for some shopping and then we are going to go watch a movie!!! i tell her that we will have a girls night out!! and she just laughs. i'm looking forward to hanging out with her.

I'll be going out with mr. sports announcer on sunday. he will be taking me to the movies and dinner to "make it up to me"...yeah yeah what ever ;-) seriously i'm looking forward to hanging out with him. i've missed him...'member he's the one that lives in atlanta.

anwho, have a good weekend my fellow bloggers!!