Tuesday, September 05, 2006

monday report..

well i had a very exhausting weekend but i had fun over all. i chilled on friday with la familia on the southside. On Saturday i went shopping as planned...got myself a couple of shirts that i sooooo do not need but i HAD to have them..hehehe. Anywho, ms. timid little girl told me she had fun so that's all that counts. i was sooooo freakin' exhausted though. ms. timid little girl is very very timid so getting a word out of her was like pulling teeth!! "so what do you want to do next?" i would ask, "i don't know" was her answer. "do you like this one?" "i don't know", "what do you want to eat?" "i don't know"....AAAHHHHH!!!!! she is very sweet though, just very shy!! by the time we got home i just really wanted to sleep!! on sunday, i went out with mr. sports announcer. we went to go watch a movie, which totally sucked!!...Crank, and then went to for some pizza. later at night we decided to go out for some dancing, which i began to regret because there was this huge ass long line!!! since people didn't work on monday everybody and their momma was out!!! fortunetly i know the bouncer therefore we didn't have to wait. aawwhhh yes to have connections!!! we didn't have to pay either!!! AND yesterday i went to the southside again to hangout with la familia and to have some carne asada!!

i'm sooo tired and sleepy right now. i really just want to go home and sleep until tomorrow. i have tickets for the cubs game tonight but really i'm just tooo freakin' tired!!! i think i'll call my sisters and give them to them.


yournamehere said...

I want tickets to the Cubs game.


Cracked Chancla said...

we had carne asada too yesterday. it had to be marinated in beer and lime and seasoned just right. i insisted on it. i deserved it, well that's what i told myself. :)

*~Marie~* said...

Fun Fun...i want tickets! I am jealous! Sounds like you had a fun weekend though!

DCNats said...

you weekend beat mine