Friday, September 01, 2006

friday is finally here!!!

this has been a long ass week!!! things at work have been hectic!! a proposal is on the midst of going to the executive, i'm a bit nervous about this. we'll see what happens. One of my clients died, he was sooo sweet. He was found two days after he died, died of a heart attack. He had no family here and would call me everyday...the last time i saw him was in the beginning of August. He had me paged so i thought there was something wrong. When i asked if everything was ok he says, "yes, i just need a hug from you". i'm going to miss him :-( Another of my clients had to be transferred to a nursing home. He too has no family either (they have family but because they have AIDS they don't want anything to do with them, very sad). He's in a wheel chair now because he hada stroke and is unable to move around...he too is the sweetest guy ever!! i've gone to visit him a few times, i've taken him some candy...he loves his sweets!! you should see the big smile on his face when i arrive with a bag on my hand!!! he knows exactly what's in that big!! Two of my other clients are on the verge of becoming homeless because the system has screwed them over!! They were in a housing assistance program in which their rent was to be paid for three years but because funds were cut off now they can't afford the apartment in which they were asked to move and told "don't worry about the rent all will be taking care of"...bastards!!! anywho, i found an affordable studio for one of my clients, which he calls a "box" because it's sooo freakin small. My other client however is waaaay more stubborn therefore continues looking for a one bedroom that he can afford...his monthly income is $603!!!!!! there is nooooo way he is going to find a one bedroom apartment but there is only so much i can say or do!! All of this PLUS politics at work are wearing me down!!

well on to more uplifting news. I went to a play...Spinning Into Butter...with cracked chancla, mr. cracked chancla and santis. The play was AWSOME!!! enraging as hell though,but i believe it was very real!!! it was about racism. thanks Dr. Vodka for telling us about it!! afterwards we went for some margaritas at Fiesta Mexicana (i think that's the name of the place we went to). i had soooo much fun!!! mr. cracked chancla is sooo freakin' funny, junto con santis, ya se pueden imajinar!!! i had so much fun. After we left that place, santis and i continued the party at my place. Cracked Chancla felt my place was too far to go hangout, that's okay chanclita i totally understand. I get alot of that from friends. Once santis and i got to my place, mr. Awsome (the guy i've been talking to) arrived a few minutes later!!! i was soooo freakin' happy to see him!!! the guy is just soooo damn awsome!! AND freakin' smart!!! AND cute!!! AND did i mention AWSOME!! anywho, i called mr. Awsome when santis and i were on our way to my place. i didn't really think he was going to show up...i'm taking this as a good sign ;-) have i mentioned that he is awsome!!!hehehehehe

anywho, i was going to milwaukee this weekend but my friend the sports announcer bailed. that's cool though because i had forgotten that i had made plans with my friend's sister this weekend. Her b-day was last week...she turned 14...and i promised her that we would go shopping for clothes before classes started. I take her each year for her b-day because she has 5 brothers and they are all idiots!!! thugs!!! and her parents well, her parents are being the best parents they can. anywho, i'll be taking her downtown for some shopping and then we are going to go watch a movie!!! i tell her that we will have a girls night out!! and she just laughs. i'm looking forward to hanging out with her.

I'll be going out with mr. sports announcer on sunday. he will be taking me to the movies and dinner to "make it up to me"...yeah yeah what ever ;-) seriously i'm looking forward to hanging out with him. i've missed him...'member he's the one that lives in atlanta.

anwho, have a good weekend my fellow bloggers!!


yournamehere said...

The world really needs more people like you. The work you do for the less fortunate among us is truly inspiring.

Cracked Chancla said...

oh sonrisa, your work is truly important. don't let the beauracracy (sp?) wear you down. didn't you love that line in the play, let's make programs but make sure we don't spend a lot. it really resonated. you have a big heart and big work.

*~Marie~* said...

Hey! I am glad it sounds like life is going a little better! Mr. that is a good name...I hope he lives up to it :) :)

mariposatomica said...

Chica, I wanted to go with you all. SNIFFLE> I did see the play yesterday. I confess I only went because I knew Gerardo was going to ROCK THE HOUSE ON STAGE! Hopefully, you and Santis will come to Another Part of the House. Cuba, Lorca and Corsettes can't beat that in the 1800's. We need to get together soon girlie. Amigas Latinas is having an Amigas Latinas night on Sept. 16 with a reception with the cast. Come by with Santis so we can go on a drinking rampage.