Tuesday, August 29, 2006

a little better...

things have been a little better. i'm no longer angry, now i'm ready to revolutionize policies and practices at my place of employment!!! yes i have decided to stay at my current job for two reasons...the first one is my clients. i totally adore my clients and would miss them sooo much. the second is to try to make some changes that will accomodate my clients...that's basically why i wanted to quit. i know i'm being vague but like i said i've heard of people getting fired because of what they write on their blog. anywho, my supervisor resigned a few weeks ago and some other changes are accurring in my department that i'm not really happy about but like i said i'm here to serve clients so that's what i will be doing!!! thank you very much!! i'm actually stressing out a bit because i've always been the type of person who leaves a job when i don't like what's going on rather than stay and fight for something i truelly believe in....i'll keep you posted.

on to another subject...i had the greatest weekend ever!!! my friend has a cabin and she takes me there every year right before the summer is over so we went this past weekend. it was soooo beautiful. i soooo did not want to come back!!! i didn't get to wear my bathing suit because it was cloudy all weekend but that's okay because we went hiking and then fishing..well they went fishing, i get sick on the boat. i walked around the lake and it was sooooo beautiful and peaceful. i wanted to freeze that moment forever!!! it was soooo nice. i forgot about all the freakin' problems i had at work. anywho, i bought some tomatoes and watermelon for 3 dollars!!! and these beautiful wine glasses (6 of them) for 10 cents each!!! i told my friend that i wanted to go back during the winter...can you imagine how beautiful the snow would be!?!?

I got back on sunday evening and got ready to go out on my date!!!! YES A DATE!!!! the date went great..wink wink..hehehehee. seriously this guy is AWSOME!!! i've also been talking to a colombiano!!! he's really cool as well. i'll be seeing cracked chancla and santis tomorrow!!! my friend the sports announcer will be coming to chicago this weekend and we will be heading over to milwaukee to watch a soccer game!! the jazz festival is also this weekend which i will be going to on friday!!!! AND i have hightlights on my hair!!! yeap!!! they were supposed to be blonde highlights but because i have dark brown hair they turned out some light brownish reddish looking color. my friend and i didn't know what we were doing but i love them.

oh my fellow bloggers it's nice to be back!!! i feel more...hhhmmm? don't really know how to describe it. oh yeah i almost forgot, fluffy's b-day was this sunday and i sent him an e-card...do you think i did the right thing?


DCNats said...

great to have you back! and I think an e-card is perfect. it show that you remembered and care, but it's just impersonal enough to not send any hidden messeges/signals.

Coco said...

So glad to hear that things are going better...
And yes, supervisors come and go, but you my dear, are the one who works with the clients. you're the one who can actually help them, be their advocate!
yes, unfortunately, some supervisors "s---", but most usually move on (yay!).

Hmmm, as for your "date", I'm happy that you're going out...enjoy life! meet other men! let them lavish you with gifts, outings, and good sentiments.

Cuantos cumple Fluffman? 15? (he's so immature!)

Un fuerte y caluroso abrazo.


Cracked Chancla said...

i agree with coco. let men lavish you with everything good they got to offer, si no show them the way out.

Moe Greene said...

Welcome back. :)

yournamehere said...

I'm glad you're back.