Wednesday, August 02, 2006


i couldn't come up with a title. i really do wish this weather would cool off just a tad!!! i won't complain too much because come winter i will wish it to be summer. i've had a headache since yesterday but i'll be fine though. i think it's related to the heat because i went to a training yesterday and the place wasn't air conditioned!!

i talked to my sister yesterday...the one that has an asshole for a husband...she called me to invite to her baby's baptism. will i go? yes. will i be happy about it? no!!! she also asked me to help her out with cooking. i really don't mind but i'll be honest, i'm going to be very very uncomfortable and angry but like i told my mom, "lo estoy haciendo nadamas por ella". i don't want her to feel alone or like she doesn't have my support. AND plus i get to see my nephews and niece!!! yay for me!!! i'll keep you updated.

so i'll be going out to dinner with ms. J tonight and then she is taking me shopping for some clothes!!! it's my birthday gift from her!!! not sure where we will be going to dinner but according to her the place has "the best fries ever!!". i'm all about the fries!!!...oh yeah my diet? hmmm? it's not going too well....such is life.

i talked to my schiziphrenic client and he had me cracking up!!! i so adore my clients!!! he got me thinking about going back to school...yes i'm still planning on going to nursing school. haaay!! but to be honest with you the thought of giving up my life gets me a bit depressed. MUST keep on enjoying my summer!!! anywho, i'm really going to miss my clients once i leave this place. okay i'm getting myself depressed so let me think of something fun...did i mention that ms. j will be taking me shopping this evening?

AND i would like to think that my bitchiness went away...for now that is ;-)


yournamehere said...

Enjoy your fries. Are you going to Red Robin? The fries are great there.

Santiago said...

hmmm...fries do sound yummy. i hope everything went well with the shopping. i need to do some of that too.

Cracked Chancla said...

the heat did let up a little bit today. i like this weather. :D