Monday, April 30, 2007

hello there...

well it's my third week at work. i have come to the conclusion that i'm going to have a difficult time with my co-workers!!! i HATE their attitudes towards the clients!!!! last week i was really upset because clients walk in the office nervous, scared, and anxious...who wouldn't be?!?!! i mean you are unemployed for crying out loud, some of these people don't know how or when they will be able to pay the bills...and then to have these people, my co-workers, intimidate them!!!! that really pissed me off!!!! i left the office close to tears because i was soooo angry!!! i wanted to tell my co-workers off but i can't do least not yet. i want to learn more before i start opening my mouth!! i dont want these people telling me "your new!!! you don't know shit so shut up!!" and trust me they WOULD say something like that but the day they do they will really know who Sonrisa is!!! motha fuckers!!!!! ggrrrr!!! it just makes me sooo angry!!! i swear i will advocate for my peeps for as long as i can!!! the co-workers have no right treating them the way they do!!!! when will some people understand that just because you are behind the desk does not make you any better then anyone!!!! aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

well on to much nicer things. i had a very lovely weekend!!! i went out to dinner with some friends here at the village on saturday and on sunday la familia and i had a cookout. i LOVE cookouts!!! good times!!

i went to springfield on wednesday through friday to attend a training. let me tell you that springfield is boring!!!!! damn!! there's nothing to do over there!!!! i was bored out of my mind!! i can't really complain though because everything was paid for. however, i have decided that next time i will take a friend!!! damn that place was boring!!!

when i returned from springfield i came home to a very lonely kachito. i hugged him and kissed him and told him how much i missed him. i thought all was well until my friends came over on saturday evening. kachito is back to his old self!!! he started hissing and trying to scratch them!!! he wasn't doing that anymore when we first moved to the new apartment...he was being super freindly up until saturday. what's going on?!?!? is it because i left him for three days!??!?! somebody explain to me why kachito is aggressive again!!! he is super nice when we are alone though. it's just when people come to my apartment. he even hissed at my niece!!! he hadn't done that since we moved here...haaay, don't know what to think anymore. none the less i love kachito no matter what mood he is in!!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

mmmm pizza!!!!!

so i just had the best pizza ever!!! yes my chicagoan bloggers i just had homerun inn pizza!!!!!! the best pizza ever!!! one of the many perks of living in the village.

so lets see what's going on with my life...hmmmm? oh yeah have i mentioned i move to the village!!! my sister tells me that i'm happy and excited for now but once summer comes things will change for me. "loud music every where you go, eloteros every 5 minutes, las campanitas de los paleteros every 5's all going to get on your nerves and it's going to make you run back to the northside" i don't think so. i'm embracing la villita!!! haaay ya parece que naci en el northside...hehehehhe.

i'm super excited about starting my new job. i'm so ready to have a stable schedule!!! 9-5:00 schedule here i come. i'm sure i'll be complaining about my new job soon but for the time being let me enjoy :-)

i miss my colombiano friend!!! he is super busy with school...he is taking 5 classes and apparently they all turned out to be more difficult then he thought. he calls me everyday though...which i find a little odd but none the less makes me happy. hmmm? am i starting to like mr. colombian???! noooooo!!!! i am in love with mr. motorcycle and if all goes to plan, him and i should be a couple by this summer...mmmwuhhahahhahaha. yes!!! i've decided that i have waited long enough therefore i will make my move this summer....okay i must be high on the pizza because there is nooooo way i'm making anything happen with mr. motorcycle.

anywho, things are well at this end. hope all is well with you...

Thursday, April 05, 2007

back to the village!!!

well i moved back to little village!!!! yay!!! it is sooooo much sooner then i had origanilly planned but it all worked out. i was in sooooo much pain on monday from the move. my place is coming along.

mr. colombian is sad that i left but hey if he really wants to see me he can come over anytime. rico suave is also sad that i "left him". i'm a bit confused as to how i feel about the move...i'm sooo much closer to my family...a good thing but can also be a bad thing. for the most part i'm happy.

kachis? holy crap!!! he was going crazy on sunday night but by monday he was super chilled. he's even friendly to people who come to visit me!!! he totally is loving the new place.

mr. motorcycle is super happy as well. he has called me all this week to "see what i'm doing". he helped me out on monday with some picture frames. he took me to home depot to get some stuff i needed for my new place, "you just let me know when you need to go again" is what he told me.

i must admit that i miss the north side...there are no borders bookstores over here!!!! somebody's gotta work on that!!! ehehehhehee. i crack myself up!!