Thursday, June 23, 2005

what year is it?

i tend to ask myself that question when i see things that i have read about in history books. This morning as i was walking to work i saw a car with the word GAY scratched on the drivers side door. First thing that came to mind was that very question "what year are we in?" I know that that there is alot of discrimanation still going around...hellooo? i'm a latina woman working in a 99% caucasion agency. Not too along ago i found out that a part-time person was hired for the new substance abuse program and one of my latino co-worker...who has the same qualifications as the person being hired...was not even taken into consideration. I may be over analyzing the situation but i just have seen waaay too many things. Anyway, i was still suprised and angry to have seent the word scratched on the car. I have alot of gay friends and i work for an agency that contrubutes alot of its time to the gay community therefore i have become alot more sensative to gay issues. I get soooo angry and frustrated to think that we are in the year 2005 and we still have ignorant people walking around!!! o.k so i'm really upset so i better stop before i get myself in trouble.

Monday, June 20, 2005

my weekly visits to the hood...

Every weekend i go to visit my parents back in the hood....Little Village...usually on Sundays. It takes me about an hour and half to get from my place to their home on the bus. i don't drive so i take public transportation every where AND let me tell you that chicago's public transportion rocks!!!! Anyway, i like going to visit the parents. I love them to death!!! My family makes fun of me because according to them i've become a Northsider and now think i'm "all that". But seriously you can never take the southside from me. How can i forget the place in which i grew up and learned so much. No matter what my family says, i miss the southside! I miss el elotero, el paletero, and now they have this yummy ice cream by the church on central park and 27th on sundays!!! best ice cream favorite is mango con chile y limon. Yes, where i grew up was not the most safest area but i am the person that i am because of it. Whenever i'm in a meeting and i advocate for "my peoples", my co-workers make a smart remarks and my response? "i didn't grow up in Little Village for nothin'!"

I usually spend the weekend at the parents whenever we have a family event. I must admit though that as much as i miss the hood there are soooo many other things that i definetly don't. For example the gang bangers standing on the corner, stray dogs and cats, the trash!!!...i will have to say that i appreciate individuals that hang a plastic bag outside their gate!! AWSOME idea who ever started doing that!! I was telling my sister this weekend that if i were to live back with the parents i would probably be calling the cops every 20 minutes to kick the gang bangers out and when i spend the weekends over there i am really tempted to do just that but i'm so afraid that they might start bothering my parents. And even though these are all negative things, i still will ALWAYS be proud of growing up on the southside with my "peoples".

But you know what i miss most of all from the hood? i miss the smell of arrachera during the summer. you know that where ever there is arrachera on the grill there is a fiesta going on!! family gathering around having fun. the adults talking and joking around while the kids are running around playing tag or something related to it. At least that is how it is with my familia and I wouldn't trade that for the world!

Friday, June 17, 2005

el dinner...

i just want to go home and sleep. i had dinner with some friends at el esposo's apartment last night. we all get together once a week to just hang out and catch up on what is going on with our lives. usually there is about six of us but last night it was only el esposo, el dancer and myself. el esposo provides the space, i do the cooking and el dancer brings the alchoholic beverages. last night we had enchilades verdes de pollo con arroz with margaritas. i had so much fun considering that el dancer had bad news!!! i've known el esposo y el dancer for about three years and like all friendships we have had our ups and downs but over all we know that we can count on each other no matter what. El dancer told el esposo and myself that he was about to be homeless. You see El dancer was going to buy a condo...which would have been nice because it would have been on Lakeshore Drive therefore he would have been closer to me and el anyway it didn't happen. El dancer thought it was a sure thing so he told his landlord that he would be moving at the end of this month therefore the landlord already has rented the apartment to someone else. el esposo suggested that i stay with him and lend my apartment to el dancer until he finds a place. hmmmm? yeah it's not going to happen!!! el esposo and i were roommates before and well i don't want to even open that can of worms. el dancer can take turns staying at el esposos place and my place. El dancer told us he would let us know if he needed to crash at our places. he has already started looking at places so that's a good thing. so anyway, the night ended at 12:30 which isn't that late but when you've had 2 or 3 or 4 margaritas well it becomes difficult to function the following least it does for me. i'm not sure what i will be cooking next week. i want something yummy and spicey though. i love spicey foods!!!! seafood? hmmm? that's sounding good. i think i will be cooking camarones en salsa de chipotle and i'll ask el dancer to bring some red wine this time. i'm getting hungry.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


so this is why i was so upset this morning...I have a part-time job. I dogsit for individuals who go out of town due to their jobs. I have been dogsitting Pepper, Annie and Jake...all three belong to the same individual... for the past three years. I love those dogs!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, this morning i was walking them and Pepper...who is on a diet therefore is ALWAYS hungry!!...finds a paperbag with what looks like a half eaten hot dog and fries in it. of course she starts munching on it. i try to take the bag away from her but she won't budge so i give up and just let her eat what ever is the bag. i was so angry!! people need to throw their trash where it belongs. IN THE TRASH CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i start taking it out on Pepper by telling her that she needs to stop doing that because one of these days she will get really sick by eating all this trash on the ground. of course Pepper doesn't understand any of this so i look like an idiot talking to the dog. so anyway, my morning only gets worse...yes it gets worse. so i go in the apartment with all three dogs...very happy with Jake and Annie but very upset at Pepper. as i'm walking to the kitchen telling Jake and Annie how good they were i notice this funky smell. so i'm asking the dogs "did you poop in the house?!?!" so i start looking around and nothing. the smell is still there though it follows me everywhere. and then it hits me. IT'S ON MY SANDAL!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! people if you are going to walk your dogs please please pick up after them. SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! curve your doggies!!!!

a little venting...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks i needed that.

I know it's too early in the morning but i needed to do that.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

old flames

so last night...actually early this morning at 3:00 a.m....i get a phone call from one of my ex-boyfriends. we became close friends after we broke up a year ago...things just didn't seem to be working out romantically but friendshipwise things were o.k. So anyway, he calls me at 3 in the morning and he is drunk out of his mind. i could barely understand what he was saying because he was slurring his words. He tells me "i'm calling to let you know that i still love you and want you to know why"...hmm? o.k. go on... was what i was thinking. as sleepy as i was, i was also intrigued by this phone call because he had NEVER EVER done this before. so he continues by saying "i love you because you are a very intelligent woman and i love the conversations that you and i have, i love you because of the nice, warm and caring person you are and i also love you because you are a very passionate woman, i admire that about you" I'm thinking well this is nice to listen to at 3 o'clock in the morning. AND then he finishes off by telling me "and those are the same reasons why i also hate you!!!" and hangs ups!! HA?! WHAT?! QUE?! COMO?! what was that about? why do people do that when they get drunk? i couldn't go back to sleep after that so i'm as sleepy as hell!! yeah i don't know but next time my phone rings at 3 0'clock in the morning i'm just going to let it ring!!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

La just gotta love them

so this past weekend i went to a Quinceanera. My little neice turned 15...a young lady, a celebration into womanhood..blah blah blah. To me it's an excuse for the grown ups to get drunk!!! Anyway, i was kind of iffy about going because i seldom attend these celebrations due to the massive amount of questions and comments that are made. I choose not to put myself through the whole "todavia no te casas?, como que vives en el Norte?!! Porque no te dejas ver?!!!" AND my favorite "pues si no te casas como vas tener un bebe porque ya te estas haciendo vieja". Yeap, why put myself through that. This time though, i said oh what the hell i'll go, after all i get fed and dance a little. Well, let me tell you that i'm glad i went because i saw sooooo many of cousins that i had not seen in YEARS!!! Most of them are married of course with two or three kids...their question for me? hmmm? yeah they had questions... "y cuando te toca a ti?". Yeah it's not going to happen anytime soon!!! was what i was screaming in my head. why do people want to marry me?!?!?! so anyway, i had a good time. talked to all my cousins and tias and tios and met new nephews and nieces that i didn't even now i had. AND yeah the foood was AWSOME!!!