Thursday, June 23, 2005

what year is it?

i tend to ask myself that question when i see things that i have read about in history books. This morning as i was walking to work i saw a car with the word GAY scratched on the drivers side door. First thing that came to mind was that very question "what year are we in?" I know that that there is alot of discrimanation still going around...hellooo? i'm a latina woman working in a 99% caucasion agency. Not too along ago i found out that a part-time person was hired for the new substance abuse program and one of my latino co-worker...who has the same qualifications as the person being hired...was not even taken into consideration. I may be over analyzing the situation but i just have seen waaay too many things. Anyway, i was still suprised and angry to have seent the word scratched on the car. I have alot of gay friends and i work for an agency that contrubutes alot of its time to the gay community therefore i have become alot more sensative to gay issues. I get soooo angry and frustrated to think that we are in the year 2005 and we still have ignorant people walking around!!! o.k so i'm really upset so i better stop before i get myself in trouble.

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