Monday, July 31, 2006

i figured it out!!!

i'm in a bitchy mood because the fluffman has not called!!!! yes i know we broke up but he said we could remain friends!!! yes i know that i just sounded really stupid but for some strange reason i actually believed this guy when he told me "sonrisa, i really do want us to be friends" the mother fucker has not called!!!! nothing!!! i got a text for my birthday but that doesn't really count!! does it? huuuuuyyyyy!!! i'm soooo angry!!! mostly at myself for believing him!!! men you are once again on my "YOU SUCK!!" list!!! damn all of you!!! okay, maybe not santis and dcn and few others out there...AND did i just finish my gummy fruit thingies!!! what the fuck!?!?!? when is this day going to be over?!?! AND no i'm NOT pms-ing!!!!

a little venting...okay alot of venting!!!

so i got to thinking alot this weekend and some questions came up....unfortunetly no answers!!!

i did nothing productive this weekend!!! AND i am very proud of it!! i went to the a nice tan going on. I read...Lolita in Tehran..., i finished knitting mr. motorcylces scarf...which i hope he will be wearing all winter ;-)..., i wrote some poems...that i as usual shall not share with anyone!!! why? because they are wwaaaay too dirty!!!, i watched 4 movies...a documentary, 2 foreign movies and a hollywood movie..., AND i ordered out!!! as much as i love to cook i was just not going to do it this weekend!!hmmm? i think it was a productive weekend after all.

so let the venting begin!!! actually it's ranting...

so this morning as i was getting dressed to work i realized that i once again had to wear the bra that is waay to small but must wear because there aren't any bras my size with those thin spaghetti straps!!! HEEELLLLOOOOO!?!?!! us big women like to wear sexy stuff too you know!!! so i'm on a mission!!! i must find a bra my size that i can wear with my "mexican hot and spicey" spaghetti strap t- shirt!!! last week i wanted to wear my brown spaghetti strap shirt but i couldn't because of the damn bra straps!!! why then do i buy these kind of shirts, you are asking? well because i like them!!!! they don't look bad on me!!! i'm all about hiding the parts of my body i do not like but some of these shirts actually look nice on me!!

so after this weekend i have decided that i will and MUST loose weight!!! i laugh as i write this because guess what i ate all this weekend? pizza, thai, and tacos!!! nothing healthy...well if you think about it the lettuce and tomatoes on the tacos are healthy, right? anywho, i threw away the two bags of chips i had and also the ice cream and some candy stuff i had...okay well i had to throw them out actually, they were all going bad. BUT i have no more junk food in my apartment!!! well except for the microwavable popcorn, which i really don't like because they give me a headache so i thought i would be safe to keep them around...for my guest you know ;-)

i have also noticed that i have been getting hit on by more men then women lately. I figured out why that is!!! my HAIR!!!! its' getting longer!!! what the hell is that about?!!? why do men like women with long hair? when my hair was shorter i usually got hit on my white men or women but now that my hair is longer the men that have been approaching me are latinos!!! what is that about?!? for some strange reason this has ALWAYS bothered me!!! it reminds me of the mini skirt incident!!! when i used to live with the parents i use to see this guy waiting for his ride in the morning and he never ever paid any attention to me 'til i decided to wear a mini skirt!!! he actually stopped me and asked for my number!!! THAT really pissed me off!!! i was thinking "asshole i'm the same person that walks by here every fucken morning!!!!" needless to say i ignored him and kept walking. it just really pisses me off how people are sometimes!!! i just want to tell them to "fuck off!!" okay i'm pretty sure i've done that too but i would like to think i'm more subtle about it.

AND i found out this morning that Dr. Phill has joined!!!! how freakin' cool is that?!?!? i mean, seriously the dude is an expert on relationships right? so i'm definetly going to go check that out!!! NOT!!! i can't stand that man!! who told him that he knew everything there is to know about relationships!! oh yeah, that would have been Oprah. AND Oprah does know her shit!!!...okay, why am i being so bitchy?!?!??! hmmm? gosta think about this...

Thursday, July 27, 2006


so i won't be at work tomorrow because i will be going to a work related retreat!! how fun is that? well actually i shouldn't really complain because it will be at montrose beach...not too far from my place. we will be talking about work so that sucks!!! i won't be in the office so that's a big pluse!!! there will be on alcohol involved while at the beach!! that sucks!! but after five we can just walk to my place and begin the weekend!!! major plus!!!

anywho, i have been trying to keep myself busy and i think i have been doing a good job too!! i'm going to a dinner meeting tonight...those in which i have to dress up but i never really do :-) I HATE dressing up!!! anywho, it will be held at an italian restaurant. yummy yummy in my tummy!!

i'm planning on being a beach bumm this weekend!! im putting on my bathing suit and heading over to the beach until i can't take the heat anymore...which by the looks of it will be only about a 30 minute stay!! damn!! it's been super hot!! i was supposed to go to my friends cabin this weekend but it got cancelled! DAMN!!! i so needed to be away for awhile. oh well such is life!!

have a good weekend my fellow bloggers!!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

lunatika and ms. mary jane!!!

i need it someone to smack some sense into me last night!!! so who did i call? Lunatika!! and i asked her to bring mary jane along!! just incase you are wondering...Lunatika ended up dumping the guy that gave her the std. According to her, the guy keeps calling her. I love her but the girl is crazy!! which is why i only call her once in a while and she has three kids (with three different daddies!!...but i'm not judging) so that makes it a bit difficult for her to go out. anywho, i called her last night to see if she could come over. She totally knew why i was calling!! she was at my place within an hour. she lives on the southside, yet another reason why we don't see each other as much.

I made some quesadillas and salsa so by the time she got there dinner was ready. Mary Jane was already at my place anxiously awaiting her arrival. my friend, mr. d,j made me a cd, that rocks btw!!, for my birthday so we just chilled and listened to it. I so wanted to call fluffy but i have already erased his number from my cell phone and since all i had to do to call him before was to look for his name i never really memorized his number (thank my Frida for that!!)

i really do miss fluffy but as Lunatika kept reminding me yesterday "if he really likes you he will call YOU!!" Anywho, she ended up spending the night...she lives with her sister so little lunatika was babysitting...i soooo did not want to come to work this morning!!! there was also a power outage early this morning so it was freaking muggy which only made us even more lathargic!! apparently some one is filming right behind my building and decided to take all of our power!! DAMN those hollywood people!! we did get so see this really cool race car, nobody famous though. they will be filming today too so maybe i'll see someone tonight....or not because i'll be going to see my parents tonight. i'm really trying to keep myself busy so that i don't end up doing anything calling fluffy!!!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

make me not do it!!!

i want to call fluffy for all the wrong reasons!!!!

Monday, July 24, 2006

i had sooo much fun!!!

well it's monday and i'm sleepy as hell. i would have called in sick but we are being audited so i MUST be here!!

i had sooo much fun on saturday. All the people that said were coming showed up and then some!! Cracked Chancla arrived first so i had some time to talk to her...i really do enjoy our conversations. Unfortunely cracked chancla had to leave early but not before santis got there!! Santis was actually there pretty late. Him and my nephew, rocker dude, seemed to be having fun...rocker dude calls him tio now because mr. bean kept telling him that they both looked alike. Mr. bean and mr. motorcycle did not leave until 5 in the morning!! Mr. motorcycle really wanted to leave already but mr. bean was too busy flirting...with me!!! it really was funny.

Every body seemed to like the food. i changed the menu a bit. i had steak tacos, tostadas de pollo, tostadas de atun, rice, beans, quesadillas, and mexican cole slaw. i made hot and mild salsas. i was actually quite impressed with myself. lo unico que faltaba era la agua de orchata y de jamaica ;-)

i really did enjoy myself. i tried not to get too drunk because my nephews were there and so i HAD to be the adult that i am. They tell me that they had fun. rocker dude really seemed to like santis. spikey hair was not really in a good mood. you see his girlfriend was there earlier during the party but had to leave...she wasn't allowed to sleep over so they were both quite upset...not at me but at the girlfreinds parents. i'm the cool tia 'member so they couldn't have been upset at me, ehehehee.

oh my god!! i almost forgot talk about how bad kachito took all of this. My poor kachis was sooooo angry at everybody including me!!!! he hissed and meowed and tried to bite my guests!!! i felt so bad but i also had to tell some guests to "LEAVE THE CAT ALONE!!!" because some of them thought it was funny to get kachito even more upset!!! "well how would you like it if people kept picking on you while you were already freakin' out, frustrated and angry!!!" is what i really wanted to tell the people, one in particular, that kept annoying kachis. my kachis was back to normal yesterday though. we hung out in the leaving room watching a movie...21 grams...and then went to bed. i still can't get over his hissing. good times, good times...

Friday, July 21, 2006


okay it's not today but tomorrow!!! i am sooo excited about tomorrow!!! i have like 30 people coming over!!! YAY!!!!! i'm sure some will not show up at the last minute but that's okay...they have a life too, i guess...ehehhehehhe.

anywho, everybody have good weekend!!!

Monday, July 17, 2006

good weekend!!!

well i had the most exciting, tiresome and relaxing weekend!!!

On Friday i went to the Orgullo en Accion event right after work. it was held at the Chicago Cultural Center. I saw alot of people i hadn't seen in a while, one of them being Mariposa!!! it was soo nice see to her. Afterwards i headed over to Circuit in boystown for the ALMA event. i had to leave early though because i was a little tipsy...ok ALOT the time i got there so i didn't get to see the wet underwear contest :-( however the bouncer and one of the bartenders promised me a private dance later on this week!!! am soooo looking forward to that!!!

On Saturday i got up around 12 in the afternoon!!hehehe... and went to go get my bike fixed. yay for me!!! i also went to replace my phone because i accidently broke my other one. Later on i walked over to the red line train to meet up with Mr. Panther and then we were on our way to the Gay Games Ceremony. I had alot of fun!!!! i have to admit that it dragged but it's all about the people your with!!! there were sooooo many people!!! it took us about 2 hours to get back home but we made it. i was sooo exhausted!!!

On Sunday, i woke up early...9 in the go to the store to pick up some frozen burgers, hotdogs, buns, and other stuff for the pool party at mr. motorcycles. ms. j picked me up around 1:30 to then head over to the mexican store to get some arrachera and tortillas. Once we got to mr. motorcyles place we changed into our bathing suits and jumped in the pool!!! the water felt awsome!!! mr. motorcycle cooked while ms. j and i were in the pool. Later mr. bean came along with pokey reese. mr. policeman and ms. forever future wife also stopped by. we were all in the pool accept for pokey reese...'member he broke his leg...and ms. forever future wife who forgot to bring her bathing suit. i was just chilling in the water and flirting back at mr. bean (he's such a goof ball!!) i had alot of fun...i suggested we do that again next sunday!!!

oh almost on saturday on our way back home as mr. panther and i rode on the bus three guys started a conversation with me. Two of them had the gay games official book with them and i tell one them "not to toot my own horn but my picture is the book" and so they start looking for it and then scream out "heeeeyyyy we have a celebrity among us!!! she's giving out autographs!!!" i was soooo embarrassed!!! one of the guys tells me after signing his book "i'm going back home to tell everybody that i met you!!!" i must admit i was very honored and i was my santis well.

good times!!! good times!!! this week i will be getting and preparing stuff for this saturday!!! 'member it's my b-day party!!!

Friday, July 14, 2006

latinas hating on latinas!!!

i didn't have problems with a title for this one!!!

I can't stand it when i see a latino/a that doesn't seem to like other latino/as!! we don't have to like each other but i believe that we should all be supportive towards one another in our work place, especially if you work at a place in which there are only like 5 latinos working in it!!!!

where is all of this coming from? there is a nurse, whom we will call j-lo because she swears she looks like her!! anyway, i started working here before nurse j-lo and when i heard there was going to be a native spanish speaking nurse in the medical services team i got really excited!! we have alot of latino patients but the doctors don't speak spanish, well some of them do but it's very limited, so i would usually be called to translate...which i didn't mind at all. Anywho, i thought things would be different in the medical area in regards to the latino patient. Well to my suprise, i was still being called once in a while to translate. i just figured nurse j-lo was busy or something but then i was told by a few patients that they were told by nurse j-lo that she recommended they go to another clinic in which the doctors spoke spanish because she was not being paid to translate!!! what the fuck?!?!? okay so i agree that we are not being paid to translate but seriously then take that up with your supervisor and not the patients!!! i of course brought that up to MY supervisor who then spoke to the medical services head person and since then i haven't been called to translate...unless nurse j-lo isn't there.

another reason why i don't like nurse j-lo is because she seems to talk to all the latinos but seems to dislike the latinas that work here!!! what the fuck is that about?!?! she has dated two lab guys, one of them already left and was replaced by another latino whom she is dating at the moment and the computer guy....those have been the only latino straight men that have/are working here. seriously, i don't mind what she does in her personal life but why be a bitch to me when i haven't been anything but nice to her!!! i see her in the clinic and she completely ignores me, i see her out with co-workers during lunch and she completely ignores me while the other co-workers greet me. She has been like this with me ever since she started working here!! The girl didn't even know me and she was already hating!!

seriously, what is this girls problem!!! hmmm? or is it my problem?

i can't think of a title...

so i'll be honest...i'm not doing too good. i can't seem to shake off this freakin' depression!! i'm trying though, i really am.

so yesterday when i got home after work i told myself "okay sonrisa!! enough is enough!!!" i cleaned my apartment, did laundry, washed the dishes and cooked myself some dinner!! later during the evening mr. panther called me to invite me to the opening ceremony of the gay games this saturday!!!! yay for me!! i'll also be going to a few parties tonight which i'm not really in a mood to go to but i've got to represent ya' know?!?! on sunday i'll be hanging out with the j, mr. motorcycle, mr. policeman, pokey reese, and probably mr. bean. i'm soooo looking forward to this sunday!! we'll be going to mr. motorcycle's place and he has a pool so i'll be bringing my two piece!!! NOT!!!!

anywho, i hope you all have a good weekend :-)

Monday, July 10, 2006

it's over...

before i start let me apologize for the mistakes on my last post...i didn't proof read it before i posted it and i noticed that there were waaay more mistakes then usual...sorries :-( but i think i got my points across.

anywho, fluffy and i broke up!!! yes it's true!!! why? because we couldn't really enjoy our relationship due to the fact that dork kept creeping into our minds!!! it happened on Friday night and we both cried like babies...okay I cried like a baby and he cried like a guy. damn, i really miss the guy. we both agreed to still keep in contact and be friends but really i don't know if that will happen. i've just been feeling like shit for the past few weeks and i've been trying my hardest to keep busy but i keep thinking about my sister whom by the way i saw on saturday and i was ANGRY at her..she didn't know it though. i tried not to be in the same room with her because i'm pretty sure i would have just exploded. Anyway, like i told cracked chancla, i haven't been in a mood for anything!! not even in a mood to celebrate my birthday, it's coming in a couple of weeks, but i need to keep my mind busy!!

lets move on to more positive things...MY PARENTS ARE BACK!!!! YAY!!! i saw my mommy on saturday and i spoke to her this morning!!! i missed her soooo much!!! she asked me if i was okay because she noticed that i wasn't my usual self. i told her i was just a bit tired. oh how i missed my mommy!!!

i went to pilsen yesterday with my co-workers!! we had sooo much fun!!! i bought the coolest ring ever at the mexican fine arts museum and i got to chat with cracked chancla for a while!!! the co-workers and i went to eat at a new comtemporary mexican restaurant next to cc's store. the restaurant's name is Mundial and the food was yummy!!! bloggers we need to hangout there!!! AND i got to see Santis!! didn't expect that.

I also got to see mr. motorcycle!!! he is doing much better!!! i had ms. j's car so we both went on some errands and got to hangout 'til late in the evening!!! I also went to see pokey reese at the hospital, he broke his leg playing soccer...OUCH!!!! my pokey reese looked like he was in soooo much pain!! i hope mr. bean is doing good cause then my fabulous trio aren't going to be fabulous anymore.

i'm also getting ready for my b-day party!!! i will have it the day of my b-day!!! how cool is that?!??! i'm planning on having tamales, my famous pico de gallo, enchiladas, rice, chicken fajitas....AND yes i will be cooking all of this myself, well except the tamales that's just too much work!!! i'm kind of sad though because i think i will have alot people coming in late due to the gay games. as i mentioned before i have alot of gay friends and the day of my b-day party is also the the day of the closing ceremony for the gay games. oh well such is life!!

Friday, July 07, 2006


well it's been a some what of a wierd week. i kept thinking that wednesday was monday!! anywho, i had a great weekend. My little nieces, ages 11,12, and 13, spent the weekend with me. they are soooo cute. we went to the beach, tried going to the taste but it was too packed, watched movies(13 going on 30, napoleon dynomite, and 13. they loved 13!! they also had alot questions after it was over!!), went to the new rock n roll mcdonalds and we all ate like there was no tomorrow!! the best moment was when one of them asked me "tia there was mtv in the 80's?" as we watched 13 going on 30. i just started laughing and then realized that they were all born in the 90's!!! that made me feel soooo old!! i had soo much fun with them. there were questions about boys, drugs, and sex. my babies are growing up sooo fast!! next month will be my nephews turn to spend a weekend with the "cool tia".

I spent the 4th at my older sister's home. dork was there and completetly ignored me. i asked apple how she was doing and she told she was doing alot better. i have to admit that i had to go upstairs for a few minutes because i was crying...i couldn't hold it in anymore :-( once i got that out of my system i went with the little ones to light up the fireworks!! i love their little faces as they watched something go up in the air or something sparkling. i love my nieces and nephews!!

On wednesday i hung out with mzmarie at the airport. i had soooo much fun!!! who knew hanging out at o'hare could be that much fun!!! mzmarie is my friend from pittsburgh and was on her way to ireland and had a lay over here in chicago!! so we decided to hangout at the airport while she waited, how cool is that?!?! i met some of her "rally/protester" friends, they were so freakin' cool!!! and we all decided that i will be going to pittsburgh in october to celebrate amanda's 25th birthday..she will be singing her new song titled "he left me in washington"...i suggested the title because her ex left in her washington...get it? hhehehehehe...seriously i had alot fun. have fun in ireland mzmarie!!!

i also found out that mr. motorcycle had surgery!!! he had his gall bladder removed!! my baby was in sooo much fun!!! he will continue to be the love of life even if i am with fluffy!!! anywho, i got a bit upset at ms. j because she didn't seem to take this surgery as serious as i did and then proceeded by making fun of mr. motorcylcle because he wasn't back at work yet..."how much pain could he be in!?!? it's only like three stitches that he has!!" hmmm? helloooo? ms. j not everybody has the same tolerance level in pain as you do!!! is what i really wanted to say but decided not to because i probably would have been made fun of because "you're only acting this way becuase it's mr. motorcycle!!" whatever!! AND then she kicked me out of her office because i told her she complained too much about how much her new shoes hurt!!! aauurrghh what the hell?!??! you've said waaaaay worse things to me and i don't say anything!!...that's what i wanted to say but didn't. yeah, ms. j is the type of person that likes to say things or make comments about others but then doesn't like people saying things to her!! BUT i love her!! and like i've said before i don't know what i would do without her...i love you ms. j. i hope you know that.

well, i hope you all have a good weekend. the parents are supposed to be back from mexico tonight but not sure what time. i'll be going to the movies tonight with my fluffman. tomorrow i will be volunteering at the 1st latino pride!!! on sheridan and broadway so come and join me in the fun!! sunday i will going to a field trip to pilsen with my co-workers!!yay!! and then will be going to visit my poor mr. motorcycle!!!

have a good weekend!!