Monday, July 24, 2006

i had sooo much fun!!!

well it's monday and i'm sleepy as hell. i would have called in sick but we are being audited so i MUST be here!!

i had sooo much fun on saturday. All the people that said were coming showed up and then some!! Cracked Chancla arrived first so i had some time to talk to her...i really do enjoy our conversations. Unfortunely cracked chancla had to leave early but not before santis got there!! Santis was actually there pretty late. Him and my nephew, rocker dude, seemed to be having fun...rocker dude calls him tio now because mr. bean kept telling him that they both looked alike. Mr. bean and mr. motorcycle did not leave until 5 in the morning!! Mr. motorcycle really wanted to leave already but mr. bean was too busy flirting...with me!!! it really was funny.

Every body seemed to like the food. i changed the menu a bit. i had steak tacos, tostadas de pollo, tostadas de atun, rice, beans, quesadillas, and mexican cole slaw. i made hot and mild salsas. i was actually quite impressed with myself. lo unico que faltaba era la agua de orchata y de jamaica ;-)

i really did enjoy myself. i tried not to get too drunk because my nephews were there and so i HAD to be the adult that i am. They tell me that they had fun. rocker dude really seemed to like santis. spikey hair was not really in a good mood. you see his girlfriend was there earlier during the party but had to leave...she wasn't allowed to sleep over so they were both quite upset...not at me but at the girlfreinds parents. i'm the cool tia 'member so they couldn't have been upset at me, ehehehee.

oh my god!! i almost forgot talk about how bad kachito took all of this. My poor kachis was sooooo angry at everybody including me!!!! he hissed and meowed and tried to bite my guests!!! i felt so bad but i also had to tell some guests to "LEAVE THE CAT ALONE!!!" because some of them thought it was funny to get kachito even more upset!!! "well how would you like it if people kept picking on you while you were already freakin' out, frustrated and angry!!!" is what i really wanted to tell the people, one in particular, that kept annoying kachis. my kachis was back to normal yesterday though. we hung out in the leaving room watching a movie...21 grams...and then went to bed. i still can't get over his hissing. good times, good times...


Cracked Chancla said...

i had a good time. missed mr. moto and my chance to sell him the idea of you. did you realize that our husbands have the same name? who was picking on kachis?

dr.v (Not a narcotic Pez dispenser) said...

i wish i could have made it but work left me exhausted (poor excuse, i know, i'm sorry)

but happy belated birthday
and hope to see you around soon
maybe at Mundial ;)

ps....Mexican Cole Slaw??!!
what does that include?

poor kachis

dr.v (Not a narcotic Pez dispenser) said...

darn, seeing as your party ended at 5am...i could have taken a nap and still made it :(

mariposatomica said...

Sonrisa, que pena con tigo. Sorry I didn't go. Hopefully, I will run into you to say feliz cumple in person. Glad you had gobs of fun. Te lo mereses. Cuidate

Kelli said...

i like partys where I can get drunk.

Santiago said...

i believe it was a rather smashing party. you had a very mixed crowd in attendance. rocker dude was cool too. a cabron ya tengo sobrino tambien. he got the mall rats thing. that is an older movie that just rocks. Chanclita, Mr moto and Mr bean were really cool. even thought i really do not know which one is which. the food was marvelous. Sonrisa can throw down.

HispanicPundit said...

Sorry so late, but Happy Belated Birthday!

sonrisa morena said...

cc, yeah i noticed the first time i met your husband that they had the same name. you had already left when Samson from hell arrived, so you didn't get a chance to meet him. i was really upset at him!!

dr.v, don't worry about it. i'm having my annual housewarming party in a couple of months so you can make it up to me then ;-) AND mexican cole slaw is pico de gallo with cabbage. there's nothing to it :-)

mariposa, thank you and as i just wrote to dr.v, i'm having my annual housewarming party so you make it up to me then :-)

kelli, thanks for stopping by. you would have definetly liked this party!! there were loads of beer and drunken guys!!

Santis, you totally rock!! i'm really glad you were able to hang out with us!!

HP, thanks!! it can never be too late to wish somebody a happy b-day!!