Friday, July 14, 2006

latinas hating on latinas!!!

i didn't have problems with a title for this one!!!

I can't stand it when i see a latino/a that doesn't seem to like other latino/as!! we don't have to like each other but i believe that we should all be supportive towards one another in our work place, especially if you work at a place in which there are only like 5 latinos working in it!!!!

where is all of this coming from? there is a nurse, whom we will call j-lo because she swears she looks like her!! anyway, i started working here before nurse j-lo and when i heard there was going to be a native spanish speaking nurse in the medical services team i got really excited!! we have alot of latino patients but the doctors don't speak spanish, well some of them do but it's very limited, so i would usually be called to translate...which i didn't mind at all. Anywho, i thought things would be different in the medical area in regards to the latino patient. Well to my suprise, i was still being called once in a while to translate. i just figured nurse j-lo was busy or something but then i was told by a few patients that they were told by nurse j-lo that she recommended they go to another clinic in which the doctors spoke spanish because she was not being paid to translate!!! what the fuck?!?!? okay so i agree that we are not being paid to translate but seriously then take that up with your supervisor and not the patients!!! i of course brought that up to MY supervisor who then spoke to the medical services head person and since then i haven't been called to translate...unless nurse j-lo isn't there.

another reason why i don't like nurse j-lo is because she seems to talk to all the latinos but seems to dislike the latinas that work here!!! what the fuck is that about?!?! she has dated two lab guys, one of them already left and was replaced by another latino whom she is dating at the moment and the computer guy....those have been the only latino straight men that have/are working here. seriously, i don't mind what she does in her personal life but why be a bitch to me when i haven't been anything but nice to her!!! i see her in the clinic and she completely ignores me, i see her out with co-workers during lunch and she completely ignores me while the other co-workers greet me. She has been like this with me ever since she started working here!! The girl didn't even know me and she was already hating!!

seriously, what is this girls problem!!! hmmm? or is it my problem?


Santiago said...

i hate that about certain people. don't let it get to you. she is missing out on a very wonderful person to be friends with. that would be you (just in case you did not get that one).

Cracked Chancla said...

that dumb whore. is she latina from another country? for example, classes are a lot more defined in mexico and extranjeros can bring this attitude with them. it oozes out of my monterrey cousins pores. she might be feeling superior to you and demonstrating it? or she might just be intimidated by you or resenting you for getting her in trouble for not wanting to do her job--i'm sure that her ability to speak spanish was probably one of the reasons why she was hired.

dr.v (Not a narcotic Pez dispenser) said...

yeah WTF?

nurse JLo just wants all the attention.

i was thinking that too....why not translate? i think she probably was hired because she WAS Bilingual. if she wasn't going to translate, they should have just hired a nonspanish speaking person.
i do think her job is better suited to be the one asked to translate versus yours. Much better than a secretary or janitor to do the translating. for god's sake, she understands medicine better than some of the other staff members in the clinic. a computer person is not going to know as much about medicine as a nurse. Nurses or medical assistant are usually used as translaters if the doctors don't speak spanish.

yeah, we wish more doctors spoke spanish or better yet...MORE doctors were Latinos/latinas. But right now there aren't many in medicine. more reason to encourage our youth to enter the health field

DCNats said...

most of the issues you have with her seems to be catty girl problems (from her side and not yours mind you)... I've been hearing those kind of issues from female coworkers since, well, since I started working...

however, telling patients she isn't paid to translate is terrible on SO many levels!!!! Personally, tranlating has never been my favorite thing but I've never said no... translating for people in need is like a moral obligation if you happen to speak the two languages being used!
and even if she is doing it now, I doubt she's being nice about it... but I think chancla summed it up best in one phrase:
"That dumb whore."

Coco said...

she has the problem!
de lo que se ha perdido-
tu amistad! : )


un fuerte y caluroso abrazo.

unforgiving b*tch said...

Unfortunately, that's what people do and it happens and all communities. I just think it's more prevalent among women -- why do women hate on each other??