Thursday, March 20, 2008

an idiota moment....

last nite i hungout with santis and as usual i had soo much fun. everybody already knows how much i love him, last nite and early this morning* i loved him even more!!! santis i just wanted to tell you thank you for ALWAYS being there for me. this very very early morning was a nite** to remember and i'm glad i shared it with you. Sonrisa wouldn't be Sonrisa without her Santis by her side. Te quiero un chingo guey!!!!!


*i will explain more later when i get more details!!! i promise

** i say nite instead of morning because it was 1:30 a.m. so technically its still nite...isn't it?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

crazy lady on the bus...

i have mentioned before that i have come across the strangest, wierdest and oddest people on the bus. well today i got on the bus, sat down next to this lady that looked nice and quiet. i'm thinking "this will be a nice ride". I took out my book and started reading. within a few seconds, the lady starts mumbling...cant make it out so i just ignored her. but she doesnt stop and she gets louder. "yo les digo que yo no soy criada de nadie" ok? i'm thinking to myself. she starts getting angry!!! "yo tengo que trabajar y no voy a cuidar a nadie!!" she then looks at me and tells me "verdad que si muchachita?" i smile and knod my head yes. at this point i'm no longer reading but pretend i am. she goes on by saying "muchachita, porque los ninos piensan que pueden hacer lo que quieran conmigo?" i look up and im thinking "what the fuck?!??!? i just want to read!!" but tell her "yo no se, senora" and she was going to keep on talking but she then realized that the next stop was hers....thank my fridita for that!!! crazy lady on the bus wouldn't let me read!!!

on a different note. mr. motorcycle got me an ipod!!! yay for me!!! thanx mr. motorcycle!!!!

Friday, March 07, 2008

i love sex...

i love sex!!! if i could have sex 3 times a day, every day i would!!! there i have said it!!! AND with that said let me tell you whats going on....

all of the relationships that i have had ever since i left the abuser have been very sexual. I haven't had a relationship in which we started of just getting to know each other....well we do get to know each other IN BED.!! very well might i add. So anywho, the three people that i was dating have now evaporated down to one. Mr. handsome, the 42 year old, turned to be a very obsessive dude...btw thanx joel for looking out for me...Ms. Eclipse is turning out to be just a very good friend. We've been hanging out alot more but really nothing will ever happen again. Once was more then enough...for both us. NOW mr. cw, OMG!!!! this guy well, we've been seeing each other alot and yes the relationship is very sexual...which is why i want to keep him around for a very very long long time!! ehehehe...seriously, this is quite a different relationship experience for me. turns out mr. cw likes to talk!!!...ABOUT HIS EMOTIONS!!! i know what you are all thinking "the guy is gay"...actually i've thought about that and well i really dont think he is. He just likes to let me about how he is feeling, how his day went, what he plans to do tomorrow, stuff like that. we actually talk!!! it really is nice to have a conversation with someone you find attractive. usually if i find the person attractive and the feeling is mutual it usually just ends up being a sex thing. with Mr. CW is different though. i find him very attractive and he tells me i'm the most "bonita muchacha" and i'm his "corazon"therefore i'm assuming the feeling is mutual. So anywho, i'm not falling in love...i don't believe in it...but i'm just enjoying mr. cw's frienship and lovin'...wink wink