Thursday, March 13, 2008

crazy lady on the bus...

i have mentioned before that i have come across the strangest, wierdest and oddest people on the bus. well today i got on the bus, sat down next to this lady that looked nice and quiet. i'm thinking "this will be a nice ride". I took out my book and started reading. within a few seconds, the lady starts mumbling...cant make it out so i just ignored her. but she doesnt stop and she gets louder. "yo les digo que yo no soy criada de nadie" ok? i'm thinking to myself. she starts getting angry!!! "yo tengo que trabajar y no voy a cuidar a nadie!!" she then looks at me and tells me "verdad que si muchachita?" i smile and knod my head yes. at this point i'm no longer reading but pretend i am. she goes on by saying "muchachita, porque los ninos piensan que pueden hacer lo que quieran conmigo?" i look up and im thinking "what the fuck?!??!? i just want to read!!" but tell her "yo no se, senora" and she was going to keep on talking but she then realized that the next stop was hers....thank my fridita for that!!! crazy lady on the bus wouldn't let me read!!!

on a different note. mr. motorcycle got me an ipod!!! yay for me!!! thanx mr. motorcycle!!!!


Joel said...

you broke all the rules for crazy people/pan handlers! not only did you actually acknowledge her comments, but you responded! AND I suspect you may have made eye contact at some point...

but hooray for the iPod!

I wish I hadn't waited so long to get mine.

Chanclita Divina said...

hmmm, was this on the 60 blue island bus? if so i suspect it was the same woman--not crazy looking at all--and started telling off the friday poster.

Coco said...

there's crazy people EVERYWHERE, not just on public transportation!

hay que tener CUIDADO!!

un fuerte y caluroso abrazo.


having sex is good,
especially w/someone that you like and likes you!!

Santiago said...

Public transportation is a gamble. I don't know how you do it.

sonrisa morena said...

joel, i usually respond but this one was a huuuge mistake...i know i shouldn't but sometimes i cant help it. i did make eye contact and i usually dont do that when i respond. i'm just glad that she got off the bus soon after. AND i am totally loving my iPod!!!! i keep texting santis about how happy i am with my new toy!!!!

chanclita, no it wasn't the 60 bus, it was the Division bus. like coc says,crazy people are every where!!! hehehe

coco, i totally agree with you coco!! they are everywhere!!! i do like mr. CW!!! alot

santis, como dice el colombiano "i have no choice"...okay, i do have a choice but i've had the whole car discussion you. 'member