Sunday, August 23, 2009

i had a good weekend this weekend. very relaxing and calming. was out in the woods with my friends...not really out in the woods. we did have the necessary things like a fridge, a stove, and a pool :-) hehehehehe. hey the cabin is out in the woods and so is the pool!! so technically i was out in the woods, right? hope every one had a nice weekend as well.

Friday, August 21, 2009

even for a non-believer like me...

I went out for a drink a few days ago with a friend and he told me the most romantic story ever!!! the story goes like this...

A young man had just broken up with his girlfriend because his girlfriend had started using drugs...heroine. He had given her so many chances to clean up but the girlfriend, as much as she tried, just couldn't get herself straight. The boyfriend had decided that enough was enough and as much he loved and cared for her he knew the best thing to do was to let her go. The poor guy was depressed for about two years. He didn't date and ALWAYS wondered if he did the right thing by leaving his girlfriend. One day, after two years had past, while at work...he was a photographer...he was taking pictures for some Nike commercial and he saw who he thought was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen since his girlfriend. He went out to get two dozen roses and walked towards the model. He gives her the flowers and says "i don't know if you are in a relationship and i really don't care but what i want you to know is that someone fell in love with you today in just five minutes. So when ever you feel unappreciated or you feel lonely think about today. You have awaken feeling in me that i thought i would never ever have again and i want to thank you for that." The guy walked out of the room. TRUE STORY!!!

tell me that isn't romantic?!?!?!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

confession and good times...

there so much i want to write about but every time i start typing i can't seem to get the words out. i must admit that alot has to do with Joel not blogging anymore. i miss his stories, point of views, thoughts...his craziness. anywho, here's what has been happening in my life.

I celebrated my b-day a few weekends usual i performed. i teased my hair, wore what i thought was an 80's outfit to be Amanda Miguel. El Me Mintio was what i performed. according to la familia and friends i sucked!!! ehehhehe. hey, i try. oh yeah, this was the first time ever that i had my friends and famalia together for one of my b-day parties!!! must admit that i was nervous at first but when daddy came over with mommy all was cool. all of my brothers and sisters showed up!!!...well except for the one who continues to struggle with her abusive husband. my sister got him arrested but then decided not to press charges. i know she will leave him when she is ready but it is just too difficult to see her go through this crap. anyway, the rest of my brothers and sisters were, that made me super duper happy!!! good times.

my nieces had there quinceanera the weekend after my b-day weekend. that was fun too. my daddy couldn't stop crying which made me cry. my babies are growing up!! why?!??! why?!?!? i want them to be babies forever!! can you imagine if these kids were mine? i think i'd commit suicide just thinking of my babies becoming adults!! okay, so i'm being dramatic. so back to the quinceanera, my nieces were beautiful. i still can't get over it!! BEAUTIFUL i say!! they danced micheal jackson's it!! another good times.

hmmm? oh yeah, i went to lollapolooza on friday. that was aite. it rained all day, nonstop!! i was soaked by 1 in the afternoon!!! completely soaked!! got to see depache mode though...not a fan of the guys but must admit they gave an awesome concert!!! good times.

this weekend will the August fest!!! yay!!! the church, Blessed Agnes, organizes it each year. it's only a block away from where i live. so if anybody is around my hood come and join me for the fest!!...rides, food, mexican trinkets, live entertainment...good times to be had!!