Wednesday, May 31, 2006

weekend update..

so it's wednesday and i'm barely writing about my weekend update, i've been freakin' busy at work with all these end of the month reports that i need to turn in!!

Anywho, i will blah blah myself through the boring stuff so i can get to the juicy parts quicker. so mr. rico suave is in the picture again and drama never fails when ever he is around..blah blah blah. mr. sports announcer came to visit me from atlanta and we went out to dinner and brunch the following day and watched the cubs game as well...blah blah. i went to my nieces b-day party, had soooo much fun!!! and blah blah blah. i spent memorial day at my older sisters and blah blah blah. oh yeah i ended up not going shopping with fluffy's mom because well i WILL talk about on the next paragraph. AND my sister, dork, talked to me too!!!! yay!!! i'm really happy about that. we didn't talk about fluffy at all but at least we had a conversation which at this i don't care what it's about as long as we are talking!!!

So saturday i was with my fluffman. we had lunch at the jumping bean and then headed down to his place. as we walked to his place i told him about mr. rico suave and his drama. my fluffman didn't seem to be happy with me hanging out with mr. rico suave because "baby, you've already gone through so much in your life to put yourself in those type of situations. i understand that you care and love the guy but seriously he needs to start taking some responsibility for his own actions. he sounds like he needs a mom and baby you ARE NOT his mom!!! you are a friend and sometimes friends need to let go for their own well being. i'm not telling you this as a boyfriend but as a person who really really cares about you as a human being." my fellow bloggers at this point i fell in love with the man!!!! i know many of my friends have told me to stay away from mr. rico suave but for some reason the way fluffy told me made me realize that "yes i do deserve better and me being around rico suave is not accomplishing anything for me other than sleepless and stressful nights." i care alot about the guy but it's the same shit every time!!!

anyway, once we get to fluffy's place he tells me that his mom wouldn't be able to go shopping because she wanted to go to the cemetary. you see, fluffy's dad died not too long ago and well fluffy was very very close to his dad. there have been times in which we both have cried because fluffy starts remembering certain things or i talk about my dad, things to that nature. my fluffy is having a difficult time which is natural and i love him for being able to show all that love and affection. the fluffman is re-evaluating life and questioning alot. anyway, him and i also questioned our relationship, "are happy with each other? do we see each other together in a year, two years? do you think it's working" we are taking each day as it goes and we are planning on enjoying the summer together. if things don't workout well at least we got to now each other "but one thing i do want is to keep you in my life even if we don't work out romantically", is what he tells me.

i don't know where this relationship will end or how it will end but one thing is for sure...i will never ever forget my fluffman and the great guy he is.

Friday, May 26, 2006

happy friday...

well fellow bloggers the weekend is here !!i'm going to watch the X-Men movie tonight with the fluffman. i'm so excited about that. not sure what i'll be doing friend from atlanta is in town so i'll probably hangout with him. I'm a bit nervous about sunday...i'm supposed to go out shopping with fluffy's mom!!!!! holy crap!!! yep!! i'm hanging out con la mera mera!!! will see how that goes. i will most definetly keep you posted!!

have a good weekend fellow bloggers!!! it's supposed to be a nice and warm weekend here in chicago so i'm definetly going to take advantage of it!!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

hanging out with santis...

i had the best time ever last night!!!! i have to admit that it was a little odd at first because mrs. santis hung out with us too. I got to see little santito and little santita. They are soooo adorable!!!! AND boy have they grown up!!! I got to see santis in the dad mode and that was so sweet. Once Mrs. santis finished getting ready we headed down to Lalo's on Harlem...i'm not a fan of the place but i wanted to hangout with santis... as he says "i took one for the team".

Well we get to the place and i start feeling out of place. All these half naked women walking around with those staletos(?)...yeah not my thing. I hate that place!! anywho, we get a table waaay in the back in a corner which was cool for me. we ordered margaritas and i was hungry as hell so i had me some enchiladas. santis was being very quiet but i saw him checking out the girls..he thought he was being sleak!! i was just observing the people...drunk girls that were all over guys who were not into them, guys checking out guys (closeted guys), girls checking out guys and smiling...yeah that whole scene is just not me!!! anywho, santis and i made the most of it.

After santis came back from dancing with mrs. santis, him and i danced sitting down...mrs. santis went back out to dance with her friends. AND let me tell you that santis is a great sitting dancer!!! ehehhehehehe,salsa, merengue, regueton, you name it!! he was dancing to it..sitting down of course. AND then he asks me "hey so if dcn comes to chicago, will we be going to a strippers club?" "hell yeah!!!" is what i told him. he gives me this huge ass smile and tells me "i gotta talk to dcn!!!" santis you crack me up!!!! i had a lot of fun...and yes i too enjoyed checking out girls with you ;-)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

weekend report...

so my weekend went okay...i hung out with pokey reese and his dad. we rode our bikes down the lakeshore path. i had dinner with fluffy, we went to the handle bar...awsome food!!!! sunday i went to my older sisters and then left because dork stopped by and well i felt uncomfortable with her not acknowledging that i was in the room...gotta love her. it hurts the hell out of me but really she's the one that is choosing not to talk to me. okay enough of that!! lets get to the juicy part...

Yesterday, i went to a work event...taste for every palate. it's like a mini inside version of taste of chicago. i ate all kinds of foods from t's restaurant, adobo grill, francesca...the list goes on, and all the wine i could drink!! no i didn't get drunk, it WAS a work event and i REFUSE to get drunk when i'm around co-workers!!! anywho, while i was there i kept checking people out!!! my fellow bloggers is this normal?!??!?! i mean i do have a boyfriend. i don't ever remember checking out anybody when i was with the ex!!! why am i doing it now?!?!? i do have a confession...i don't think i have ever mentioned the fact that i like girls too. this a comment i posted on Lady K's blog..

GGIIIRRRRLLLLLL, i know exactly what you mean!!! i do consider myself bi but prefer men. I don't tell alot of people that because i always end up getting the "you're just confused" speech. I'm really not confused!!AT LEAST NOT ABOUT MY SEXUALITY!! now ask me about anything else and i just might say "yes i'm totally confused about that!!" i've had girlfriends...great girlfriends and not so great girlfriends...and yes my current boyfriend, fluffy, knows about this and seems to be okay with it. Anywho, i just never really think about it, that's who i am and that's who i will continue to be. i won't just blurt it out but if i were to be asked i wouldn't deny it...again i have gotten "the speech" waaaaay too many times that it has become insulting at times so i just try to avoid it...the speech not me being bi ;-)

And so that's why i don't talk about it...anyway back to yesterdays event. well the thing is that there were alot of very nice looking women and i kept checking them out!!! what is that about?!??! i really like my fluffy and well he has provided everything for me ;-) there are days in which i can't wait to see him to hug him and kiss him!! anywho, last night i got home and i was feeling very very guilty...i felt like i had cheated on the guy. i'm pretty sure that the people who have given me "the speech" will most likely be telling me something about me coming to terms with me being a lesbian...hmm? yeah no, i enjoy men waaaay too much to just stick to women!!! as i mentioned before i very much enjoy my fluffman!!! so it normal for me to check out other individuals while i'm dating fluffy?

Friday, May 19, 2006

i'm sorry...

i apologize for not finishing my last blog. i was writing my blog when i got my mail...yes that's how i found out. I had actually been looking for him all morning...i called the hospital but they were giving me the run around and then i kept calling him at home and nothing. i had already set up home maker services so the home maker agency was kind enough to send me a letter stating that my client "had expired"...well i kind of lost it after that.

i want to dedicate this post to my crazy puerto rican client. The dude was sooooo crazy!!! intimidating when you first saw him though. he was very tall, dark and had this very scary voice but he was the sweetest guy ever!!! he was always making me laugh...i remember one time he was getting out of the hospital however the staff weren't allowing him to leave without someone picking him up and according to him he tells them "but i'm high on vicodene!!! i'll be fine!!! see i'm freakin' dancing!!! society will never even know that i'm sick!!! they will just think i'm just some nut high on something!!!" but the hospital was not having it. He called me to get cab for him "porque estos locos no me dejan salir de aqui solo!!" i'm going to miss you my crazy puerto rican...

Thursday, May 18, 2006

i've come back from the dead!!!

At least that's how i feel. DAMN!!!! that was excruciating pain i was in these last few weeks!! i didn't feel that much pain when i had problems with my uterus last month!!!! I even asked my Fridita (she is my goddess) to take me with her!!!! YES I WAS IN THAT MUCH PAIN!!!

Anywho, now i'm back here at work..very happy to be back!!! and returning a whole bunch of phone calls. my schizophrenic client "knew that there was something wrong with me"...hmmm? yeah maybe because i kept changing my voicemail greeting thing and i sounded like crap on all of them.

i just found out my client died.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

i still can't swallow...

well my fellow bloggers i'm still hurting!!! i've been to the doctor twice and fluffy was ready to take me to the emergency room once!! apparently i have an ear infection along with tonsolitis. DAMN it hurts!!!! i actually cried on saturday because i was in so much pain. The fluffman has been so sweet through this whole thing.

I decided to go to go my older sister's for mothers day so she is taking care of me now...she made me such fideo and warm tea for lunch. i love her so much!!! thanks sister!!! i hope i get better soon...i think that's one of the reasons i was crying yesterday too, i 'm just so frustrated of being sick!!! and the pain of course.

oh, i also talked to my sister, whom i will call 2nd mom, about fluffy, younger sister, whom i will call dork ehhehehe,and me. My 2nd mom told me not to pay any attention to dork and just focus on making things workout between fluffy and i...have i mentioned how much i love my 2nd mom!!!! She also said that i should take fluffy to my little nieces dance perfomance!!! i've already bought the tickets!!! 2nd mom told me that dork should just talk to both fluffy and me about what exactly is bothering her so that we, mainly dork, can work on it and get over it!! I must admit that i do feel better about the whole thing after talking to my 2nd mom.

AND you know what really sucked about this weekend!??!? I MISSED SANTIS BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!!! I'm really sorry santis!!! i sooooo wanted to go. the fluffman kept telling me "if i see that you are feeling better then we will go". i wasn't feeling better. Like i mentioned before the fluffman was getting ready to take me to the ER on saturday evening. Anywho, Santis i promise to make it up to!!! i promise!!! i'll take you out to dinner where ever you want to go!!!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

i want to swallow!!! DAMN IT!!!

my fellow bloggers i'm feeling like shit!!! my throat still hurts, my sister is still very upset at me and it looks like it will be raining for tomorrow's sox game!!!!!

I asked a doctor (the only cool doctor at this clinic!!) to check my throat and he told me that it was definetly not strep throat...thank my frida for that!! he told me it was nothing to worry about and i should be okay in a couple of days. i've been drinking plenty of fluids and last night i had lemon and honey. i still feel crappy and i must also look crappy because i saw my schizophrenic client this morning and he tells me "Sonrisa, you don't look too good!!! what's wrong with you?" he makes me laugh, "well it's nice to see you too!!" i tell him.

Speaking of clients...another of my clients is not doing too well. His doctor (yes the only cool doctor in this clinic) told me that he was going to die soon. It's really sad bloggers. i was close to tears yesterday when i was talking to him. he has no one!!! he only has ONE close friend and well they are not talking to each other at the moment...i think his friend is having a difficult time with all of this therefore chose to pick an argument. I'm going to see him tomorrow at the hospital. i was told to expect the worse. Last time i saw him at his place he was already deteriorating...this is the part of my job i do not like!!! i tend not to get too involved when my clients get to this point but because this one doesn't have anybody i will be handling alot more than what i usually do.

I think moments like these are when i appreciate life the most, which is why my sister not talking to me is affecting me this much. Really, why would i want to hurt my sister?!?!? this is how she is taking it. I'm hurting her!!! What the fuck does she think she is doing to me by acting this way?!?!? Ms.J and mr. motorcycle tell me that she is the one that's loosing out...a great friend and a relationship with her sister. I totally understand but i can't help but to feel sad. I love my sister. I always thought her and i had a much different and special relationship then i do with my other brothers and sisters and well having to go through this really sucks!! Bloggers it really depresses me not to be able to talk to her about how much fluffy makes me happy. He literally makes my heart smile. "hasta la voz se te suena diferente!!" mr. motorcycle tells me, "is this my Sonrisa?!! okay what did you do to my Sonrisa?!?" he continues. I am happy but i also miss my sister. I e-mailed her the beginning of this week and she hasn't responded. i don't want to give up on her but really what else is there for me to do?

I am looking forward to tomorrow's game though!!! LETS GO SOX!! LETS GO!! i hope it doesn't rain!! AND if it does well it wouldn't matter because i would be with my fluffman!!!

today is mother's day in mexico so HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!! to all the mothers out there!!!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

the virus...

what ever cracked chancla had, i now have!!!! my throat is killing me!!!! it hurts when i swallow!!!

Monday, May 08, 2006

monday report..

i had a nice had been a long time!! on Friday morning i went to my friends graduation and afterwards we went to have lunch at P.F. Chang, a chinese restaurant..yummy. i had a budah margarita( how funny is that?!?)!! in the evening i had dinner with Richie Rich at Ruby Tuesdays, yummy turkey burgers!! On saturday, Mr. Chef had a dinner for the graduate to celebrate his graduation/birthday!!! that man can cook!!! the graduate was making mojitos all night!!! The fluffman got to meet them...he kept calling me his "guerita" all night. He is realizing that alot of my friends are white. yesterday i got up took a shower, made myself some pancakes and then layed down to watch t.v. and fell asleep!! when i woke up it was 3:00!!!! i was supposed to go volunteer at the hospital!! i felt sooooo bad!!! i don't know what happened to me!!! okay i do know, the fluffman kept me up most of the night....talking!!! you dirty minded people!!! anywho, i think i'm going to change my days for volunteering to weekdays because i was telling my older sister that sundays are getting too me da tiempo de hacer nada, not that i do anything but sundays i usually go visit her and well sometimes i get out of the hospital too late. anywho, since i had the time i went to go buy a calling card so that i could call my mommy. i talked to her and daddy and they seem to be doing well. my daddy told me that he really enjoyed puerto vallarta with my sisters and he couldn't get over how beautiful it was. my momma finally went to get some x-rays done on her knee and apparently everything seems to be okay. she tells me that her knee has been feeling alot better ever since the new doctor started her on new medications. she is supposed to be on them for a month so the parents are not sure when they will be coming to chicago :-( i was hoping they would come back by the end of this month but i it doesn't look like it.

AND well now i'm here at work wanting to be at home with kachito!!! who by the way got really upset at me yesterday. when i went to go get the calling card, he wanted me to take him with. he kept pulling on my jeans and meowing but i kept telling him that he had to stay. when i came back, i found him underneath the covers of my bed!!! he did not want to get out and when i called him, he would just meow!! at one point i tried to touch him but he would just move to another spot and meow!! the whole thing was very cute...anywho that's my story and i'm sticking to it!!!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

what do i do?

my sister continues to have a huuuge problem with fluffy and me!!!! i feel like a back stabber because she kept telling me "but you knew how i felt about you hanging out with my friends!!!" when i told her that fluffy and i were dating. bloggers, i seriously thought about just breaking up with fluffy because i didn't want my sister being upset. The fluffman is also getting it!! Apparently, my sister and fluffy had planned to go to a sox game this thursday and my sister called to cancel because "she forgot she had something else to do". Fluffy was really upset!!! "you know i'm sorry but the hell with your sister!!" is what he told me. Fellow bloggers what do i do?!?!?!?!

he's back!!! he's back!!!

oh how i missed my fluffman!!!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

we will call him Mundo...

I took the day off yesterday to go the rally...okay i'll be honest. once i got to my sister's house on sunday night i wasn't planning on going anymore but some how i think i was meant to go. Anyway, my plan was to go with my older nephews but i wasn't cool least that's how i felt but i totally understood...they had already planned on going with their friends. so once i got rejected i had decided not to go anymore. Because La Chiquita, one of my favorite grocery stores, was going to be closed on Monday, i decided to do my grocery shopping on sunday night.

I left my sister's place Monday at around 12 in the afternoon to get on the #60 bus at around 12:30. The bus was empty when i got on it but before we even got to Kedzie the bus was already packed. By the time we had reached 18th st. there was no more space for people to get in it!!! Some people were not sure where to get off so they were asking one another "hasta donde nos lleva este bas?" "nose, nadamas seguimos a la gente" Well because the bus was rerouted due to the rally it took us closer to where the rally was going to end up so i decided to go, mind you i was still carrying the grocery bags.

As i was getting off the bus a man asks me, "conoces bien el centro?" "mas o menos" i answered and then he grabs my grocery bags and tells me "pues no te me vayas a perder porque YO no me quiero perder" i just smiled and then he asks "si hibas a ir a la marcha?" "pues no pensaba ir pero ya no me queda otra". We walked towards Grant Park. He kept asking me if i was sure i didn't mind him following me and i kept telling him that it was okay. Once we got to grant park we looked for a spot to stand...the ground was too wet and neither of us had anything to sit on. I was overwhelmed by all the people i saw!!! i got chills just looking at the people that continued to march in. We both screamed "si se puede!! si se puede!!!" i kept running into people and Mundo kept telling me "que se me hace que estoy con una persona famosa y ni cuenta me doy". i would just smile and at one point told him "no soy famosa pero si soy muy amigable". Mundo then asks if i was hungry and i tell no and then i asked him if he was hungry. He told me was so i said "tengo unas bananas en una de esas bolsas si gusta" he smiles and tells me "solo si tu tambien te comes una" so we both had a banana and we continued screaming "si se puede!!" si se puede!!!". At about 3:30, closer to 4:00, i decided that it was time to go home so i told Mundo that i was leaving. He tells me that he would like to invite me to eat. i kept saying no but he kept insisting "por tu tiempo conmigo". he finally convinced me so we ended up going to Bennigan's. I know that we weren't supposed to buy or eat at any american restaurant but Mundo was so nice and sweet AND i'm glad i ended up accepting his offfer because i learned so much about him!!

Once we get to the restaurant and get seated, Mundo asks me why i was by myself. I told him that i was supposed to go home, drop of my groceries, get my bike and then come back but since the bus had dropped us off so close to the rally i decided to stop by. I then asked him the same question. "pues yo quede de vinir con unos amigos pero me dejaron plantado y pues decide venir solo". i told him that i was so glad he decided to come anyway!! "si no quien me hiba ayudar con mis bolsas" he just laughed and told me he was glad to have come too. He then told me that he had been in chicago for ten years "sin papales y pues yo quisiera que hacieran halgo porque tengo ganas de ir a ver a mi familia" He has a 12 year old son that he has only seen through pictures and 11 brothers and sisters that he only communicates by phone every few months. his sons mother is now with someone else but continues to have a good relationship with Mundo. His dad is 87 years old and Mundo would like to see him before he passes away.

When Mundo came to chicago he was supposed to stay with some "friends" but supposedly the place in which he was to stay at was already too packed so they told him he would have to find another place to stay at. "pero si yo no conocia a nadie" he told me. so what he ended up doing was walk around the streets trying to get people to help him out but of course nobody did. He found an open garage that night therefore decided to stay there. In the morning he walked from Clark and Morse all the way down to Michigan (about 10 miles) to look for a job. He went to every store and restuarant but was unsuccessful. He walked back to that same garage and slept the night there again. He did this for about a week until he got caught. The owner of the garage called the police but before the police got there the neighbor told the owner that he had noticed that Mundo was only using the garage to sleep and had never stolen anything, which is what Mundo was telling the owner to begin with. When the police finally arrived the owner told the cops that the two individual had run off and that Mundo was his friend. The owner's wife then asked Mundo to stay in the basement until he got himself a job which he did, at a restuarant, but got fired because he didn't speak or understand english. That same day Mundo went to buy a spanish/english dictionary and started teaching himself how to read english. He found another job at a restaurant and was also working for another company at night. In between jobs he enrolled himself in ESL classes, which at times he would miss because he was too tired. The little english that he knows now is restaurant terminalogy.

I was so into the conversation that i didn't even realize that somebody kept calling my name, until Mundo told me "Sonrisa te hablan por aya". i turned around only see my other cop friend. we said our hellos, made introductions and then i went back to the conversation with Mundo who tells me "no te digo, tu si que eres famosa!!" i tell him "no me siga diciendo eso porque me lo voy a creer!!" we both just laughed. We finished eating and i offered to pay but he wouldn't allow it because "me vas a insultar!!". so i let him pay. he asked me if i had a boyfriend and told him yes (this felt very strange bloggers) but that he had gone to california. As soon i finished saying that i got a text from fluffy telling me that he was at the rally in L.A. and so asked Mundo if it would be too rude of me to text him back. Mundo tells "no como vas creer, si es tu novio. tienes que darle esa atencion, yo entiendo muchacha. yo tambien e estado enamorado" so i text my fluffman then mundo and i headed out the restaurant. I gave him directions on how to get back home, "esta seguro que no se me va a perder?' i asked and he reasssured me that he would be okay and some how i knew he would. He gave his phone number but didn't ask for mine "porque si me quieres volver a hablar eso ya depende de ti, muchacha" i gave him a hug and told him to take care. We both went our separate ways.

I really do hope that something good comes out of this rally!!! SI SE PUEDE!!! SI SE PUEDE!!!