Wednesday, May 10, 2006

i want to swallow!!! DAMN IT!!!

my fellow bloggers i'm feeling like shit!!! my throat still hurts, my sister is still very upset at me and it looks like it will be raining for tomorrow's sox game!!!!!

I asked a doctor (the only cool doctor at this clinic!!) to check my throat and he told me that it was definetly not strep throat...thank my frida for that!! he told me it was nothing to worry about and i should be okay in a couple of days. i've been drinking plenty of fluids and last night i had lemon and honey. i still feel crappy and i must also look crappy because i saw my schizophrenic client this morning and he tells me "Sonrisa, you don't look too good!!! what's wrong with you?" he makes me laugh, "well it's nice to see you too!!" i tell him.

Speaking of clients...another of my clients is not doing too well. His doctor (yes the only cool doctor in this clinic) told me that he was going to die soon. It's really sad bloggers. i was close to tears yesterday when i was talking to him. he has no one!!! he only has ONE close friend and well they are not talking to each other at the moment...i think his friend is having a difficult time with all of this therefore chose to pick an argument. I'm going to see him tomorrow at the hospital. i was told to expect the worse. Last time i saw him at his place he was already deteriorating...this is the part of my job i do not like!!! i tend not to get too involved when my clients get to this point but because this one doesn't have anybody i will be handling alot more than what i usually do.

I think moments like these are when i appreciate life the most, which is why my sister not talking to me is affecting me this much. Really, why would i want to hurt my sister?!?!? this is how she is taking it. I'm hurting her!!! What the fuck does she think she is doing to me by acting this way?!?!? Ms.J and mr. motorcycle tell me that she is the one that's loosing out...a great friend and a relationship with her sister. I totally understand but i can't help but to feel sad. I love my sister. I always thought her and i had a much different and special relationship then i do with my other brothers and sisters and well having to go through this really sucks!! Bloggers it really depresses me not to be able to talk to her about how much fluffy makes me happy. He literally makes my heart smile. "hasta la voz se te suena diferente!!" mr. motorcycle tells me, "is this my Sonrisa?!! okay what did you do to my Sonrisa?!?" he continues. I am happy but i also miss my sister. I e-mailed her the beginning of this week and she hasn't responded. i don't want to give up on her but really what else is there for me to do?

I am looking forward to tomorrow's game though!!! LETS GO SOX!! LETS GO!! i hope it doesn't rain!! AND if it does well it wouldn't matter because i would be with my fluffman!!!

today is mother's day in mexico so HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!! to all the mothers out there!!!


Regina said...

Why don't I ever get sick? I spend enough time unemployed so I've got all the time in the world to be sick. But no, I remain healthy.

Cracked Chancla said...

aww, so sorry that your throat hurts. i know how much that sucks.

and as far as your sister goes. you said you emailed her. i really wish she could hear/read how happy fluffman makes you. give her time. a true friend might give her some tough love and tell her what she needs to hear even if she doesn't like it. maybe she knows she's wrong but her pride is getting in the way of admitting it? in the end the one that truly loses out is your sister.

and as for your client. that does sound very sad. but i'm sure your attention means that much more to him. i'm sure your company and support will help brighten things up for him a bit.

dr.v (Not a narcotic Pez dispenser) said...

hey...i heard the white sox game got rained out:(

DCNats said...

i used this vick's shower vapor thing when i was sick a few weeks back- it worked great.