Sunday, May 14, 2006

i still can't swallow...

well my fellow bloggers i'm still hurting!!! i've been to the doctor twice and fluffy was ready to take me to the emergency room once!! apparently i have an ear infection along with tonsolitis. DAMN it hurts!!!! i actually cried on saturday because i was in so much pain. The fluffman has been so sweet through this whole thing.

I decided to go to go my older sister's for mothers day so she is taking care of me now...she made me such fideo and warm tea for lunch. i love her so much!!! thanks sister!!! i hope i get better soon...i think that's one of the reasons i was crying yesterday too, i 'm just so frustrated of being sick!!! and the pain of course.

oh, i also talked to my sister, whom i will call 2nd mom, about fluffy, younger sister, whom i will call dork ehhehehe,and me. My 2nd mom told me not to pay any attention to dork and just focus on making things workout between fluffy and i...have i mentioned how much i love my 2nd mom!!!! She also said that i should take fluffy to my little nieces dance perfomance!!! i've already bought the tickets!!! 2nd mom told me that dork should just talk to both fluffy and me about what exactly is bothering her so that we, mainly dork, can work on it and get over it!! I must admit that i do feel better about the whole thing after talking to my 2nd mom.

AND you know what really sucked about this weekend!??!? I MISSED SANTIS BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!!! I'm really sorry santis!!! i sooooo wanted to go. the fluffman kept telling me "if i see that you are feeling better then we will go". i wasn't feeling better. Like i mentioned before the fluffman was getting ready to take me to the ER on saturday evening. Anywho, Santis i promise to make it up to!!! i promise!!! i'll take you out to dinner where ever you want to go!!!


Cracked Chancla said...

oh no. i am so sorry. ear infections are my worst enemies. nothing sucks more than one of those. and i have ended up in the er as a result of them.

sleeping sitting up on a couch or recliner or propped up on some pillows makes the pain more bearable. a hot compressant might help although sometimes it makes things worse.

get well soon.

DCNats said...

you missed Satiago's bday!?!?

well, I guess you get a pass, but only cause you're so sick.

but don't make it a habit!

Coco said...

i hate earaches : (

que pronto te sientas mejor...

un fuerte y caluroso abrazo.

*~Marie~* said...

Sounds like you have found clarity around Fluffy! I am so glad your second mom helped you find it! :) I am sorry you are so sick...or were.....I suppose I should have wrote that comment on the next post...and just said "glad you feel better" Oh well :) I am out sick with sinus surgery! I feel your pain! Anyway...hope things keep getting better!