Thursday, May 25, 2006

hanging out with santis...

i had the best time ever last night!!!! i have to admit that it was a little odd at first because mrs. santis hung out with us too. I got to see little santito and little santita. They are soooo adorable!!!! AND boy have they grown up!!! I got to see santis in the dad mode and that was so sweet. Once Mrs. santis finished getting ready we headed down to Lalo's on Harlem...i'm not a fan of the place but i wanted to hangout with santis... as he says "i took one for the team".

Well we get to the place and i start feeling out of place. All these half naked women walking around with those staletos(?)...yeah not my thing. I hate that place!! anywho, we get a table waaay in the back in a corner which was cool for me. we ordered margaritas and i was hungry as hell so i had me some enchiladas. santis was being very quiet but i saw him checking out the girls..he thought he was being sleak!! i was just observing the people...drunk girls that were all over guys who were not into them, guys checking out guys (closeted guys), girls checking out guys and smiling...yeah that whole scene is just not me!!! anywho, santis and i made the most of it.

After santis came back from dancing with mrs. santis, him and i danced sitting down...mrs. santis went back out to dance with her friends. AND let me tell you that santis is a great sitting dancer!!! ehehhehehehe,salsa, merengue, regueton, you name it!! he was dancing to it..sitting down of course. AND then he asks me "hey so if dcn comes to chicago, will we be going to a strippers club?" "hell yeah!!!" is what i told him. he gives me this huge ass smile and tells me "i gotta talk to dcn!!!" santis you crack me up!!!! i had a lot of fun...and yes i too enjoyed checking out girls with you ;-)


Santiago said...

Hey Sonrisa,

You left the best part out. Remember the I dream of Genie dance. It was a really great time. Nothing like scoping out chicks with another chick. jjajajajajaaj!!!

mariposatomica said...

Sonrisa, it's always so good to hang out and relax with friends. We must get together soon. I'm not a big fan of LaLo's Restaurant.

DCNats said...

I'm a decent sitting dancer... but once I stand up the whiteness takes over and I'm a train wreck!

I think the two of you should go out and scout a few club to see which will be the best if/when I eventually make it out there... you know- we want to be prepared!

Cracked Chancla said...

i have not been to that lalo's in ages. i remember the margaritas being super delish. but if dcn comes to chicago there should be other non-stripper outings.....please.

*~Marie~* said...

there are no words to describe my lack of dance skills...whether that be sitting or standing

brownfemipower said...

hey sonrisa, i found you from lady k's site!!!

i don't like doing the bar thing much, except to sit and watch all the soap opera drama stuff going on--i love watching whose flirting with whom and who's not looking at who--it's just so interesting to helps me forget what a horrible dancer i am!!! :-)

sonrisa morena said...

santis, damn!! i can't believe i forgot to mention the I dream of Genie dance!!! that was the best part of the night!!! good times :-)

mariposa, WHEN ARE WE GOING TO GET TOGETHER?!?!?!? lets set a date here and now!!! :-)

dcn, sitting dancers are the best!!
and i'm pretty sure santis won't oppose to your idea on scouting a few clubs ;-)

cc, the margaritas are okay and yes we can do something other than strip clubing if/when dcn come to chicago...we wouldn't want dcn going back home talking about "the only thing chicagoans do is go to strip clubs!!"

marie, i'm pretty sure you're a good dancer...i think everybody is dancer with a few drinks in
them :-)

brownfem, thanks for stopping by!! yeah i don't like clubing. i love to dance but not at clubs like that. i do however love to watch all the drama around me though ;-)