Saturday, June 30, 2007


I had the best time ever last night!!!! I went to china town, had me some delicious chinese food then headed over to the kareoke place!!! i went with mr. HK, Mr. Chef, Ms. Windy. I met Ms Windy last week and i had mentioned to her that Mr. HK kept talking about going to a kareaoke place in china town but we never got around to it. Ms. Windy took charge and set everything up for last night!!! Mr. HK and Mr. Windy are Chinese and by the looks of it they are regulars at this place.

So after dinner we went to what i thought was a restaurant but apparently it wasn't. Mr. HK and Ms Windy spoke to the bartender...don't know what they were saying because they were speaking chinese but it must have been something about either wanting to stay at the big bar or wanting a room because he then led us to a room. The place had alot of these little rooms. Groups of people rent them for a couple of hours and sing all night!! I liked it because it was just the four of us which made it alot less stressful to sing...i need to be drinking in order for me to sing in a bar full of people. anywho, we sang all night!!! they had alot of choices and obviously alot of chinese songs. i sang madonna and whitney houston and other songs but my favorite song that i sang last night was "total eclipse of the heart"....i love that song!!!! "once upon a time i was falling in love and now i'm only falling apart, nothing i can do, a total of eclipse of the heart" I LOVE IT!!!! anywho, Mr. HK really surprised me!!! he sang some english songs but the ones that got to me were the chinese songs he sang. I had no idea what he was singing about but the way he sang got me all emotional. He has the most beautiful voice and he sang with such emotion...i was very very impressed mostly because when he is around people he is super shy and doesn't really say much. He's not shy with me though but i still didn't expect him to sing sooooo beautifully!!

I had fun last night...AND i want to go back for some more chinese kereoke!!! anyone care to join me?!?!?

Saturday, June 23, 2007

no answer...

This morning I woke up and went upstairs to my sister's. She wasn't there...her apartment was empty. I noticed that the flowers in the kitchen table were dead so I decided to throw them out but then I realized that the trash can had no bag so I went to the pantry to get a bag. As I was putting the bag on the trash can I realized how EMPTY my sister's home felt. I looked at where my brother-in-law sat all the time and I started to cry. I walked over to get the dead flowers to throw them away. As I poured the water down the sink, I had to grab the sink because at this point I was sobbing uncontrollably. I walked towards the dining room and the image of my brother- in -law with the oxygen tank sitting at the end of the table came to mind. I sat at the other end crying asking him "why did you have to leave us so soon? why?!?!?!" no answer...I got up and walked to the living room to open the shades so that some light could come in but only got as far as the chair next to the living room door. I sat there crying and the image of my brother-in-law lying down on the couch with the oxygen tank next to him came to mind. I asked him once again "why did you have to leave us soon? why?!?!?" no answer...

I started thinking about all the things that he will be missing out on...he already missed out on seeing my nephew Rocker graduate high school. Rocker will be going to UIC and he tells me he is scared...I can hear my brother-in-law telling Rocker "mi'jo usted no tengo miedo, usted hechele ganas y si no la hace pues si quiera el intento hizo". He was so good to his kids, so good to my sister. Why did have to leave us so soon?...

Sunday, June 17, 2007

i quit!!!!

yes my dear bloggers i quit my job at the unemployment office!!!! i just couldn't take it. i didn't like my co-workers and it was getting to the point where i dreaded to get up in the morning to go to work. i would get this really weird headache once i got to just wasn't good. Anywho, my last day is this coming Thursday.

I'll be starting my new job in July. I'll be working at Mt. Sinai Hospital and the Juvenile Court. My population will be 10-18 year old kids that have been arrested for minor offenses. We'll see how that goes...I'll be making my own schedule so that's a big plus for me!!! i won't be in the office all day because I'll be making home visits and visiting the kids' schools. my new boss seems to be cool and am looking forward to working with her. we'll see how it goes.

so lets see what else is going on? so Mr. Colombian and I don't talk anymore...i guess i was too far for him to visit so he decided just to stop talking all together. okay so this is what really happened...apparently he didn't like me hanging out with Mr. Rico Suave because he thinks that Mr. Rico Suave is a bad influence so he told me "either you stop hanging out with him or stop hanging out with me" what?!?!? oh hell no!!! you just didn't ask me that!??!??! so can you guess who i chose? yes i stuck with Mr. Rico he's a little mess up, okay alot messed up, but he is also a friend who wouldn't make me choose between him and another person!!! so anywho, Mr. Colombian and i don't talk anymore. do i miss him? not really.

i am totally loving living in The Village!!! I've gain so much weight though...its all this good food my sister cooks!!! she is an awesome cook!!! but i need to stop eating it because I've gain weight like there is no tomorrow!! according to Santis the weight looks good on me...thanks dude but when I'm trying to fit in last summer clothes i get a bit depressed. MUST LOOSE WEIGHT!!!

ooooohhh, i went to Maxwell Street today!!!! i haven't been there in ages!!! i had soooo much fun!!! i had forgotten all the goodies you can find there!!! it's not like the old days but none the less i still enjoyed myself. Maxwell Street is a flea market, by the way.

i also found out when my parents will be coming back from Mexico!!! July 24th!!!! two days after my birthday!!! yay!!! i miss my parents, especially my mommy! yes i said mommy!!! do you have a problem with that?!!???! that's what i thought!!

I'm already starting preparations for my birthday/housewarming won't be until august 11th but it doesn't hurt to start now. i'm soooo excited!!!

well my dear bloggers that is it for now...laters alligators