Thursday, December 25, 2008

I can't sleep...

its 1:30 in the morning!! I've been having problems sleeping lately...of course this has been an on going battle for me ever since I can remember. I remember when i used to live at the parents i used to look out the window and eavesdrop on the gang bangers. "I did this girl!! real good!!"..i had no idea what they were talking about back then but it kept me entertained at 2 in the morning. Many people have suggested that i take sleeping pills but i refuse to start taking them. I don't know why i don't feel comfortable taking them. I guess i figure i have been going through this all my life and have somehow survived so why start now.

But enough about that, so this evening my sister came downstairs to my place. We talked about what was going to be happening for New Years Eve in regards to the food. Of course there will the traditional pozole but that's actually for New Years Day. Apparently the other sisters have decided that we will be catering...which to be honest i think is great!! There are many reasons why i don't like the holidays...and as the years have gone by they just keep piling up...but the one thing that truly annoys me is the whole food situation!! "pues yo no voy traer nada porque ni siquiera ayudan!!" "yo hice esto el ano pasado y no se lo comieron!!" "mommy can't do this anymore so if you want it ask your wife to cook it!!". It's just constant nagging!! AND criticizing!!! Like i told my nephew yesterday "i HAVE to be drunk when i go to the parents to be with the entire family!" "it helps that your a happy drunk tia" my nephew replies (he truly understand me..hehehehe). I was also telling my sister today that i really don't like going to the parents because that house just brings back alot of feelings and memories that i have worked so hard to forget about. Its sad to say but i don't have very fond memories of that house, i hated living there!! Don't get me wrong, i appreciate the fact that i had a home, i had food, i had both parents and my sisters and brothers but i have really bad memories about that place that have truly left me traumatized and wondering about the type of person i would be had alot of those things not happened to me. I don't think i have to say how much i love my family, i really do!! I would do anything for them!! ANYTHING...i just wish i didn't feel the way i do every time i have to go to that house.

Monday, December 15, 2008

santis de-virginized me!!!

I had never ever in my entire life had a polish from Maxwell!! AND today Santis made it happen!! omg, it was delicious!! I've only heard about how great these polishes were and stories about how people tend to stop there after a night of drinking... which i will totally do next time i'm out drinking!!...but i've never gone to "Maxwell" to get a polish sausage.

So we are driving to the "drive through" and santis tells me "all these cars are here for the same reason, a polish!!" As we are looking for a parking space i noticed that people are eating in there car. i asked santis "are we going to eat in the car too?" he tells me "that's the way to do it!" we get out of the car, buy the polishe sausages and go back to the car. It as the bestest lunch ever!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

i had my first good day!!

yes i had my first good day at work!! i think i'm finally getting on the doctors good side.

i walked in the clinic and saw the doctor walking towards me. i asked my usual question "do we have any new patients today?" and she started responding with her usual answer but then surprised me by saying "I'm bombarded today but the charts are in my office, you can look through them and see if there are any new ones" i said "thank you" but in head i was doing back flips!!! i was thinking "holy crap!!! is she really allowing me to do that!?!?" AND it gets better!! I'm in my office when a the nurse calls to tell me that the doctor had asked her to call me so that i could try to reach a patient because " i had a good record of doing that." OMG!!! i really didn't think the doctor was noticing anything i did!!!

yes, indeed a good day...

Sunday, December 07, 2008

good times...

so i guess i had a good weekend even though De La Hoya lost!!!! but at least the Bears won...

I had the guys over this weekend to watch the fight. Dino brought over the projector and he set it up in the living room. Bean brought 5 cases of beer, some frozen pizzas and chicken wings. Pokey Reese, along with his dad, brought a bottle of tequila. Mr. Motorcycle brought his cousin and his enthusiasm. Jewels brought the chips and dip. Elle brought a bottle a wine. I made some mini sub sandwiches and some cup cakes. Am i missing something or someone? HELL NO!!! we had us some good time!!! we were all hyped up for the fight, drinking and placing bets ...jewels won!!...and then we were let down!!! UNBELIEVABLE!! I knew De La Hoya was going to loose but i never ever thought he was going to give up!! AND so soon!! oh well such is life...we did have a great time.

The best part of the weekend though was waking up on Sunday, going upstairs to my sister's and having a bowl of Pozole...yummy!! it hit the spot!!! my sister and i talked about the fight and how goofy my friends are. This was Jewels first time watching a fight...she didn't even know who De La Hoya was!! throughout the fight she kept saying "no, don't hit his face!! not his face!!" covering her eyes and asking me to let her know when it was over "because he was too cute to be hit on the face". Jewels was funny...good times

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

running late...

I was running late this morning and everything that could have gone wrong did!! why is that?

Anywho, i missed my first bus then got on the "local bus" instead of the express bus so the bus would stop in every freakin' bus stop. Two individuals that were on wheel chairs got on and off the bus before my bus stop, that takes alot time. Then some mentally challanged kids (not a joke) who were apparently going on a field trip got on the bus...the adults supervising them seemed to be overwhelmed. AND there was construction on Ashland and Roosevelt and Ashland and Harrison, my destination was Ashland and Division. A ride that should have taken 15 minutes took 1 hour!! I usually call my patients to let them know that I'm running late but today I didn't...had other stuff on my mind. My patient however called ME instead. I was so embarrassed. All was well though. I saw her, she is healthy and looking good for a 72 year old. I was planning on doing some hours at the Oncology clinic but opted not to. I'll just have to do that tomorrow.

you know what though, I am having a good hair day..hehehhehe