Sunday, May 31, 2009

I hung out with la familia this weekend...two weekends in a row...and just like last weekend i truly enjoyed being with them. My brothers and sisters mean the world to me!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

i have a headache. my lower neck is hurting like there is no tomorrow. too much stress i guess. too much going on with la familia of which i really don't want to get in. i can't seem to stop crying. i keep telling myself that all will work out the way its supposed to. i came across some pictures of my brothers and sisters when were younger. i look at our faces in the pictures and start thinking about how our lives are right now. i haven't stopped crying since i came across those pictures. we are smiling on those pictures, saying cheese to whom ever was taking the picture. i want to go back to that day...smiling and saying cheese.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

might as well go to La Fogata...

I went to the Mexican Fine Arts Museum for the Sor Juana event. I will not get into detail about the event because this is not what I want to focus on. What I do want to focus on is what happen before the event. My friend L and I were debating where we should go have dinner before the event. I suggested three places: Cebollitas, La Fogata, and Nuevo Leon. We both have been to Nuevo Leon but neither one of us was too crazy about it BUT...big huuuuge B.U.T...we wanted to have some drinks. We were both under the impression that Nuevo Leon sold alcohol so we figured lets sacrifice ourselves for a margarita. We get to the restaurant and I'm getting the "no alcohol" vibe. I ask the waitress, "venden bebidas alcolicas (sp?) aqui" and she says no. L and I look at each other and start laughing. Without saying a word we get up and leave the restaurant. As we were walking back to Ashland I say "might as well have some good food since they sold no alcohol" therefore we went to La Fogata!!! We were laughing our way to the restaurant...btw, it has AMAZING food!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

hair and a bottle of wine to save the day!!

So I've been feeling a bit down lately...mother's day didn't help one bit!! I don't want to get into details so I wont. I will tell you my ritual though...somehow it became a ritual...for my really really super bad days.

When my older sister (my second mom) got married I cut my hair. I felt like she was abandoning me. So I had to cut my hair!! Gosh darn it!!!... I didn't know any bad words then, well I did but i wasn't allowed to say them therefore not allow to even think about them. And when I say cut my hair, i really cut my hair. My hair was past my waist and I cut it shoulder length.

When my older brother got married, I cut my hair...I felt like la familia was getting smaller by the minute. Boy I was I wrong!!

When I got kicked out of my house...for spending the night with the abusive boyfriend...I cut my hair!! Fuck the world!!! I'm going to start living!!

short!!! When I finally got rid off the abusive boyfriend I cut my hair...super duper short. Toni Braxton andHalle Berri short!! This is when I started drinking so along with my haircut came a bottle of wine. Go to hell fucken' asshole!!

When I finally got invited back into family gatherings I cut my hair. Hell yeah, I'm bacck!!!...along with a bottle of wine. Fuck yeah!!

My point being is that when ever something major happens or when I'm feeling super depressed my hair and a bottle a wine seem to help me out.

I woke up this morning and I said "Sonrisa, you need to let it go!!!" So I waited for the afternoon, I got my wallet, walked over to Moreno's Liquor store, bought myself a bottle of wine, and scheduled an appointment with the neighborhood salon lady....the lady that seems to ALWAYS fuck up my hair but since she is only 4 houses away from me and I would be buzzing,
I figured why not!!!

I opened up my bottle of wine, drank two glasses of wine, and walked over to Neighborhood Lady's Salon and told her to chop it all off!! ....after all it has been my ritual for years, right?

Well, Neighborhood Lady was not having it!!! "tienes un pelo muy bonito y no lo voy a hacer!!!" WHAT THE FUCK?!?!??!? I'm going to pay you!!! anywho, to make a long story short, she only made the layers shorter so now my hair looks like Billy Ray Cyrus back in the days!!! WTF?!?!!?I do appreciate the lady trying to save my hair...thanx, Dona Neighborhood Lady!!... but I have a ritual that needs to be completed. MUST GET ANOTHER BOTTLE OF WINE THOUGH...HEHEHEHEHE