Thursday, December 29, 2005

hola bloggeros/bloggeras!!!

just thought i´d stop by to say hello.

me la estoy pasando de pelos!!! ya fui a morelia y me comi mi paleta de fresa y otra en moroleon. ya hice tamales para la navidad...con ayuda de mi mama y mi tia claro. me comi una fruta surtida en cuitzo y fui haber a Tazman en Heurco. I start my journey back to chicago next wednesday. see you when i get back!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Well fellow bloggers i'm off to my traveling adventure. Kachito and i want to wish everybody a Feliz Navidad and Happy New Year!!!!


Well, Kachito left last night :-( so i'm dork because i cried!!! i walked him and pokey reese to the car which was a big mistake because kachito was crying all the way to the car. i had never heard meow like that before. when i returned to my apartment i sat on my couch and i'm stupid that way. i miss him so much!! this morning when i got up i expected him to follow me to the bathroom and then realized that he was no longer at my place. I called pokey reese this morning and he told me that he was very suprised because Kachito is a very well behaved cat. He didn't cry at night and was running around his place this morning. I am very happy that Kachito is will be with pokey reese. Thanks pokey reese :-)

Monday, December 12, 2005

my monday report...

i had a very very nice weekend!! on friday i went to fundraiser at riques restuarant...the food was awsome!!! afterwards my friends and i went out dancing!! i love to dance. i woke up early in the morning on saturday to come to work. did what i had told myself i would do and then at around 3 headed back home. i was still really sleepy and tired from the night before so i laid down on the couch but soon got up because kachi's was starting to get too comfortabl on my stomache. I got up, made the pico de gallo, took a shower and then headed down to pilsen. On my way over there i text message santis to see if he was still going. i then called him and he told he wasn't feeling too well therefore would not be going. DAMN!! santis and you decide to tell me at the last moment!!! that's what i was thinking but just kept my cool. i was very upset at him but i decided that he was not going to ruin my evening. As i was getting closer to cc's store i was getting a little nervous because i was about to meet people that know so much about me and yet have never actually met. i was having second thoughts about going. BUT needless to say, i was very very glad and happy that i decided not to take the train back home!!! i had such a great time meeting the bloggers, actually the only one that i hadn't met yet was hector, dude you are too funny!! AND mr. K has not yet called :-) on my way to Tianguis i called pokey reese asking him if he would be able to pick me up on his way to mr.police man's dinner. he asked me to give him a call once i was ready to be picked...that's why i love him. he didn't even ask what had happaned to my ride or anything like that. so anyway, at around 8:30 i decide it would be a good time call him. i was having such a great time with the bloggers but i had told mr. police man that i would go over.

When pokey reese and i get there, i sense some tension in the room. i was thinking "damn!!! i should have stayed with the bloggers!!" Turns out that alot of mr. police man's friends didn't show up...most of the hola gang...because they don't like the soon to be mrs. police man!!! the vibe in the apartment was just a very strange one. i was already buzzing...thanks i was aite. pokey reese and i grabbed something to drink and eat and we sat in a little corner in the dining room...where mr. police man's friends were hanging out. the soon to be mrs. policeman's friends were hanging out in the living room. pokey reese and i made the best out of the situation...we got more drinks!!! i asked him if he wanted to go cc place again but he said he was tired already...pokey reese is a 70 year old man stuck in a 30 year old body. i love my viejito ;-) on our way home he told me he would be picking up kachito on monday evening. "MONDAY EVENING!?!?!?!?" i wanted to cry!! he of course just laughed at me. according to pokey reese he has some errands to run wednesday so he wouldn't be able to get him then. "why are you going to make me suffer?!?!? do you realize what you are doing to me?!?!?!?! i'm going to miss kachis!! do you know what you are doing to me?!?!?!" haci de dramatica le preguntaba!! he couldn't stop laughing at me!!! i was close to tears and the man just laughed!!! yesterday i decided not to do anything or go anywhere, it would be my last evening with kachito so i wanted to spend it him. my plan was to play and devote my time with him but i was not feeling well. i slept almost all day and my whole body ached. i mean it really ached. kachito slept on my stomache for most the day as well. This morning, my sister came to pick up and we went to a panaderia and i got myself some pan dulce :-) now i'm here at work, supuestamente trabajando before i leave to mexico.

Bloggers we NEED to get together again!!!!! i will try to keep you posted about my trip in mexico :-)

Friday, December 09, 2005

a few free minutes...

well i have a few free client cancelled and i called another one to let him know i would not be going to see him due to this horrible weather. he was okay with it. i have been so busy all this week and i think i'm going to come tomorrow saturday!!! on a SATURDAY!!!! the last time i worked on a saturday was..hmm? actually about a year ago. it wasn't really work though, i volunteered at cook county hospital passing out gifts to families impacted by AIDS/HIV. that was alot of fun!! This saturday, which is tomorrow, will not be fun!!! at least i have the bloggers party afterwards!! yay!!! don't know why i'm excited about that but i am!! can't wait to see cracked chanclas store!!! so lets see what's been going on. oh yeah update on mr. K. he called me last thursday wanting to come on friday night. i told him that he couldn't because my friend mzmarie was coming from out of town and was spending the weekend with me. he then asked "well would it be okay if i hang out with both of you?" i tell him "i'm sorry mr. k but i haven't seen mzmarie in over five years and well i just want to devote this weekend with her" he said "i understand" and then we started talking about something else. On saturday, he calls me again!!! i answer and he asks "what are you doing?" i say "i'm at navy pier with mzmarie" he then tells me "so does that mean i won't get to see you tonight either?" WHAT THE!?!?!?!? i was thinking dude which part of i just want to devote my time to marie do you not understand?!??!?! i just started laughing and i tell him that i needed to go. on sunday night he calls to ask me if mzmarie was still here and i told him that she had left already. he asks "would it be okay if i come over or would like to come over?" i tell him that i was really tired and sleepy and that i would much rather just see him on another day. he then goes on to tell me that he could come over to make feel better and blah blah response "sweetie i really just want to go to sleep so i'm going to hang up, good night" no call from him on monday but tuesday he calls me again. by this time i'm feeling...hmmm? don't know really. so anyway, tuesday night was my bookclub meeting so i was in his area. btw the bookclub rocks!!! AND not only because i drank some wine and ate some cheese...i LOVE cheese!!!.... but because these girls are awsome!! great group!!! anyway, he left me a message and around 9:30 at night i called him back. "whatcha wont?" i ask him. he then asks me "what are you doing tonight?" "i'm actaully around you, just got finished with the bookclub" "oh really? how about you stop at my place" "hmmm? i don't know Mr. K". "oh come on, i haven't seen you in a while" he was right, we hadn't hung out for a while. so i decide to go over his place to we hang out...we just hung out!!!! i did end up spending the night but nothing happened because i told him that i had my period!!! which i didn't but i remembered that hector once mentioned that the only reason a guy thought he didn't get any was because the girl was on her period!!! i left early in the morning with a smile on my face porque lo deje pero bien caliente!!! is that mean of me?

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

have so much to write about...

but so little time. i will be leaving to mexico next thursday and i have shitload of work to do!!! AAAAHHHH!!!so i will summerize my weekend. my weekend was fun. my friend mzMarie came from pittsburgh and stayed with me over the weekend. She came in on Friday and left yesterday in the afternoon. on friday we went to oak park with pokey reese and had dinner at Flatop grill then went to guadalajars restuarant for some dancing...i hate that place but mr. bean insisted that we take marie there so she could experience how real mexicans party, whatever!!. on saturday, we went to pilsen to mexican fine arts museum, grabbed something to eat at jumping bean and then headed downt to navy pier. for dinner we met up with pokey reese and A.B at cafe ba ba rriba and then went out clubing in china town. we had so much fun!!!! after she left i went to the store on belmont and got myself a shirt and dress pants that only costed me $5.49!!!! i love that store!!! i then was debating on whether i should go see mommy is in mexico already. i decided to go home which was a good thing because i was really tired and sleepy. i slept all afternoon and didn't wake up until monday morning at 7:30. i woke up so hungry!!! now i'm work and i should really be doing all my paperwork because as mentioned before i have lots to do before my trip.

so i was wondering if there was still going to be a bloggers party...really this is the only reason why i wrote ;-)

Thursday, December 01, 2005

World AIDS Day...

Every year on this day i remember the Hola gang. why? because we use to prepare for December 1st weeks in advance. We would buy rolls of red ribbon and make thousands of litte red ribbons. we also used to prepare packets of condoms with lube and info about safe sex. On December 1st we had our back packs packed with condoms and with the little ribbons. We would go everywhere and anywhere to hand them out!!! we would start at pilsen head down to little village and then further south to 47th street One year we ended up in Ford City. We got kicked out though because of the "stuff" we were handing out. The police guy was very sweet though. He walks towards us and tells us "kids, i personally think its great what you are doing but unfortunetly i'm going to have to kick you out". We said sure, no problem and handed him some condoms and a red ribbon. he just smiled at us as he walked away. i miss those days...

Anyway, i'm wearing my little red ribbon today in honor of my clients and those whom have died due to AIDS. Tazman i miss you and i love you.