Tuesday, August 29, 2006

a little better...

things have been a little better. i'm no longer angry, now i'm ready to revolutionize policies and practices at my place of employment!!! yes i have decided to stay at my current job for two reasons...the first one is my clients. i totally adore my clients and would miss them sooo much. the second is to try to make some changes that will accomodate my clients...that's basically why i wanted to quit. i know i'm being vague but like i said i've heard of people getting fired because of what they write on their blog. anywho, my supervisor resigned a few weeks ago and some other changes are accurring in my department that i'm not really happy about but like i said i'm here to serve clients so that's what i will be doing!!! thank you very much!! i'm actually stressing out a bit because i've always been the type of person who leaves a job when i don't like what's going on rather than stay and fight for something i truelly believe in....i'll keep you posted.

on to another subject...i had the greatest weekend ever!!! my friend has a cabin and she takes me there every year right before the summer is over so we went this past weekend. it was soooo beautiful. i soooo did not want to come back!!! i didn't get to wear my bathing suit because it was cloudy all weekend but that's okay because we went hiking and then fishing..well they went fishing, i get sick on the boat. i walked around the lake and it was sooooo beautiful and peaceful. i wanted to freeze that moment forever!!! it was soooo nice. i forgot about all the freakin' problems i had at work. anywho, i bought some tomatoes and watermelon for 3 dollars!!! and these beautiful wine glasses (6 of them) for 10 cents each!!! i told my friend that i wanted to go back during the winter...can you imagine how beautiful the snow would be!?!?

I got back on sunday evening and got ready to go out on my date!!!! YES A DATE!!!! the date went great..wink wink..hehehehee. seriously this guy is AWSOME!!! i've also been talking to a colombiano!!! he's really cool as well. i'll be seeing cracked chancla and santis tomorrow!!! my friend the sports announcer will be coming to chicago this weekend and we will be heading over to milwaukee to watch a soccer game!! the jazz festival is also this weekend which i will be going to on friday!!!! AND i have hightlights on my hair!!! yeap!!! they were supposed to be blonde highlights but because i have dark brown hair they turned out some light brownish reddish looking color. my friend and i didn't know what we were doing but i love them.

oh my fellow bloggers it's nice to be back!!! i feel more...hhhmmm? don't really know how to describe it. oh yeah i almost forgot, fluffy's b-day was this sunday and i sent him an e-card...do you think i did the right thing?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

i'm through...

for now. my fellow bloggers i won't be blogging for a while. i need to clear my mind and focus on looking for a new job. life sucks for me at this time, mostly because i wanted that way so i gotta work on that.

hasta luego

Friday, August 11, 2006


my fellow bloggers i have been very dissappointed these past few days. unfortunetly i can not talk about it...i heard of people getting fired for bitching about their job.

anywho, i will try my bestest to have a good weekend. i'll be going to a sox game tonight and tomorrow will be my nephews baptism. i'm planning on being drunk the entire day ;-)

have a good weekend bloggers....

Thursday, August 10, 2006

I AM....

SOOO FUCKEN ANGRY!!!!!! ...at my place of employment!!!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


LOOSE WEIGHT!!!! I MUST!!! is all i'm saying for now....

Monday, August 07, 2006

weekend report...

well, i had a some what nice weekend. the highlight of my weekend was me having to drive mr. rico suave back home because he got too drunk....aaah yes, the fond memories. anywho, he is okay and i will be careful...coco ;-)

i went to my parents this weekend. not much going on there...hmmm? i had quite a boring weekend when i think about it. i didn't make it to cc store but is the plans for sometimes this week!!!

i'm soooo freakin' sleepy. i woke up at 3 o'clock this morning and couldn't go back to sleep!! i really wish i was in bed sleeping. i can't stop yawning. i have to clean my apartment because it's a mess, i need to do laundry...don't think any of that will happen tonight. i'm planning on going home to take a nap...hhhaaayy but if i do that i won't be able to sleep later on tonight...MUST make myself clean my apartment!!

Friday, August 04, 2006

longest friday ever!!

haaay, i'm so ready to start my weekend!!! not that i have anything special going on. i'm thinking of going to the beach tomorrow then head over to pokey reese's place and just spend the weekend at his place. He's been grumpy though so i don't know if i want to expose myself to his grumpiness. I talked to him sometime this week and all he did was complain and complain and complain. poor guy :-( i can't even imagine what he might be going through...'member he broke his leg. i just remembered that he told me he kicked his mom out of his place because apparently "she was annoying him!!" hmmm? yeah i'm not going to see him unless i have a ride back home.

I also need to fix my bike. AGAIN!!!! i'll probably do that today after work. hmmm? maybe i'll stop at cc's store on sunday for a smoothie orchata and a book. i need to go back to volunteering at the hospital on sundays.

anywho, have a good weekend my fellow bloggers...i'm going to try my bestest to have one myself :-)

Thursday, August 03, 2006

i did it!!!

i scheduled an appointment with a counselor to talk about nursing school and i have also signed up for an orientation at UIC's nursing program!!! i'm really freakin' out!!!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


i couldn't come up with a title. i really do wish this weather would cool off just a tad!!! i won't complain too much because come winter i will wish it to be summer. i've had a headache since yesterday but i'll be fine though. i think it's related to the heat because i went to a training yesterday and the place wasn't air conditioned!!

i talked to my sister yesterday...the one that has an asshole for a husband...she called me to invite to her baby's baptism. will i go? yes. will i be happy about it? no!!! she also asked me to help her out with cooking. i really don't mind but i'll be honest, i'm going to be very very uncomfortable and angry but like i told my mom, "lo estoy haciendo nadamas por ella". i don't want her to feel alone or like she doesn't have my support. AND plus i get to see my nephews and niece!!! yay for me!!! i'll keep you updated.

so i'll be going out to dinner with ms. J tonight and then she is taking me shopping for some clothes!!! it's my birthday gift from her!!! not sure where we will be going to dinner but according to her the place has "the best fries ever!!". i'm all about the fries!!!...oh yeah my diet? hmmm? it's not going too well....such is life.

i talked to my schiziphrenic client and he had me cracking up!!! i so adore my clients!!! he got me thinking about going back to school...yes i'm still planning on going to nursing school. haaay!! but to be honest with you the thought of giving up my life gets me a bit depressed. MUST keep on enjoying my summer!!! anywho, i'm really going to miss my clients once i leave this place. okay i'm getting myself depressed so let me think of something fun...did i mention that ms. j will be taking me shopping this evening?

AND i would like to think that my bitchiness went away...for now that is ;-)