Tuesday, August 14, 2007


hey there my fellow bloggers!!!
i feel like its been forever!!!

well lets see... where to begin? i'm still loving my job!! i'm still looking for a romantic partner!!! and i still love kachito!!! even if he is evil!!! ehehehe

seriously, i had a really good weekend!!! my birthday/housewarming party was this weekend. i had soooo much fun!!! many of the people that said were coming didn't make it...but thats okay. i still had an awsome time and i hope my guest did too. chanclita and mr. chancla stopped by as well as santis!!! i wished santis would have stayed longer but oh well there is always next year. i had an impersonator who did a great job imitating pablo montero and rogelio martin!!! and then i did my gloria trevi dance!!! i had a blast!! chanclita and mr. chancla won the "pimp my 40" contest!!!! great job chanclita!!! they got to take a bottle of jimadores tequila home...santis and i will be waiting for an invitation soon ;-) i had so much fun!!!!

must get going...laters