Friday, October 26, 2007

i just to want to say...

they played against DC!!!! have i mentioned that CHICAGO FIRE WON!!!!
Joel, i was thinking of you throughout the game ;-) oh yeah, have i mentioned that CHICAGO FIRE WON!!!

ok, i need to stop because they are playing on Thursday again against DC...i wouldn't want Joel to rub it in face just incase Fire looses...which i know they wont, i hope!!!

Lets go FIRE lets go!!!!


Friday, October 19, 2007

per DC's request....

well, i'm already planning the wedding!!! we will be getting married in february!! can you believe that!?!?!?! aaaawww, you guys know me too well!!! of course i'm not getting married!!!

yeah, el paisita turned out be a stalker!!!! an annoying stalker at that!!!! he would call me as soon as he saw me getting home...and it didn't matter if it was at 3 o'clock in the morning!!! of course i didn't answer when he called at that time. the last conversation i had with him he told me what time i would go out and what time i came home!!! what the !$$@$@%!!??!!? AND he also has his cousins checking up on me!! "mi primo te miro salir con tu amigo a las 8:30 el sabado, quien es el y a donde fueron?" it's none of you fucken business dude!!!!! it really got scary and annoying. he also would whistle in front of my apartment for me to come out!!! hellooooo??!?!?!? you've got my cell number!!! use it!!!!! instead of whistling!!!! i haven't talked or seen him in two weeks...i'm sure he knows what time i got home yesterday though...hehehheheehe

well, nothing else exciting happening in my life. i went to a pumpkin patch last weekend...i had loads of fun!!!! i got a huge pumpkin!!!! i'm also getting ready for Halloween!! YAY!!! i'm going to be a nurse this year!!!! yay!!! Rico Suave is going to be a surgeon!!! I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!!...

well, my fellow bloggers have a good weekend!!!