Friday, October 26, 2007

i just to want to say...

they played against DC!!!! have i mentioned that CHICAGO FIRE WON!!!!
Joel, i was thinking of you throughout the game ;-) oh yeah, have i mentioned that CHICAGO FIRE WON!!!

ok, i need to stop because they are playing on Thursday again against DC...i wouldn't want Joel to rub it in face just incase Fire looses...which i know they wont, i hope!!!

Lets go FIRE lets go!!!!


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DCNats said...

Only a fan of the Chicago Fire would celebrate such a small victory... For fans of DC United --people accustomed to winning-- they need something much more substancial to celebrate.

When we destroy the hopes and dreams of your team on Thursday I will not taunt you, only offer a shoulder to cry on... after all,
we're accustomed to beating lesser opponents.