Monday, December 15, 2008

santis de-virginized me!!!

I had never ever in my entire life had a polish from Maxwell!! AND today Santis made it happen!! omg, it was delicious!! I've only heard about how great these polishes were and stories about how people tend to stop there after a night of drinking... which i will totally do next time i'm out drinking!!...but i've never gone to "Maxwell" to get a polish sausage.

So we are driving to the "drive through" and santis tells me "all these cars are here for the same reason, a polish!!" As we are looking for a parking space i noticed that people are eating in there car. i asked santis "are we going to eat in the car too?" he tells me "that's the way to do it!" we get out of the car, buy the polishe sausages and go back to the car. It as the bestest lunch ever!!


Joel said...

how can you be from Chicago and not be a polish sausage expert? I think you've been lying this entire time and that you're really from Gary, Indiana. said...

Did any of the locals offer to sell you some porn too? that usually comes with the territory.

Joel, we don't call it a "polish sausage", we just call it a "polish".

sonrisa morena said...

Joel, I haven't been lying but i totally agree with you!! i have truly missed out on some damn good polishes!!

Hector, it was too cold but i'm sure that during the summer there are lots of people selling random stuff.

Chanclita Divina said...

you never had a polish? *drools*

we went about a month back and parked and we spotted rats(bigger than kachis and smokey) lingering around the garbage can--across the street from the food counters. so guess what? rats in chicago eat chiles, i saw it with my own eyes.