Saturday, June 30, 2007


I had the best time ever last night!!!! I went to china town, had me some delicious chinese food then headed over to the kareoke place!!! i went with mr. HK, Mr. Chef, Ms. Windy. I met Ms Windy last week and i had mentioned to her that Mr. HK kept talking about going to a kareaoke place in china town but we never got around to it. Ms. Windy took charge and set everything up for last night!!! Mr. HK and Mr. Windy are Chinese and by the looks of it they are regulars at this place.

So after dinner we went to what i thought was a restaurant but apparently it wasn't. Mr. HK and Ms Windy spoke to the bartender...don't know what they were saying because they were speaking chinese but it must have been something about either wanting to stay at the big bar or wanting a room because he then led us to a room. The place had alot of these little rooms. Groups of people rent them for a couple of hours and sing all night!! I liked it because it was just the four of us which made it alot less stressful to sing...i need to be drinking in order for me to sing in a bar full of people. anywho, we sang all night!!! they had alot of choices and obviously alot of chinese songs. i sang madonna and whitney houston and other songs but my favorite song that i sang last night was "total eclipse of the heart"....i love that song!!!! "once upon a time i was falling in love and now i'm only falling apart, nothing i can do, a total of eclipse of the heart" I LOVE IT!!!! anywho, Mr. HK really surprised me!!! he sang some english songs but the ones that got to me were the chinese songs he sang. I had no idea what he was singing about but the way he sang got me all emotional. He has the most beautiful voice and he sang with such emotion...i was very very impressed mostly because when he is around people he is super shy and doesn't really say much. He's not shy with me though but i still didn't expect him to sing sooooo beautifully!!

I had fun last night...AND i want to go back for some more chinese kereoke!!! anyone care to join me?!?!?


Enemy of the Republic said...

Me! Let's go for Dim Sum--what's the name of that place--it's right at the corner of Wentworth. I used to go there when I lived south all the time.

Santiago said...

if we ever go, will you wear pink hair and pretend to be Scarlett Johanson for me. i would love you forever. lol. glad you are having fun.

Mariposatomica said...

Sounds like you had a ton of fun! You can't go wrong with Chinese food and Kareokee. Did you go see Lunaticas yet?

Cracked Chancla said...

santis, pink hair. i think that maybe your thinking of natalie portman in closer.

i wanna know where this is. it sounds like a ton of fun.

Coco said...

Hey, where are you? No te vayas a perder por alla, eh.
Just stopping by to say "Hola" : )
Hope that everything is going well.


your little Kachito (?) would very happy to meet our newest family member : )