Monday, May 08, 2006

monday report..

i had a nice had been a long time!! on Friday morning i went to my friends graduation and afterwards we went to have lunch at P.F. Chang, a chinese restaurant..yummy. i had a budah margarita( how funny is that?!?)!! in the evening i had dinner with Richie Rich at Ruby Tuesdays, yummy turkey burgers!! On saturday, Mr. Chef had a dinner for the graduate to celebrate his graduation/birthday!!! that man can cook!!! the graduate was making mojitos all night!!! The fluffman got to meet them...he kept calling me his "guerita" all night. He is realizing that alot of my friends are white. yesterday i got up took a shower, made myself some pancakes and then layed down to watch t.v. and fell asleep!! when i woke up it was 3:00!!!! i was supposed to go volunteer at the hospital!! i felt sooooo bad!!! i don't know what happened to me!!! okay i do know, the fluffman kept me up most of the night....talking!!! you dirty minded people!!! anywho, i think i'm going to change my days for volunteering to weekdays because i was telling my older sister that sundays are getting too me da tiempo de hacer nada, not that i do anything but sundays i usually go visit her and well sometimes i get out of the hospital too late. anywho, since i had the time i went to go buy a calling card so that i could call my mommy. i talked to her and daddy and they seem to be doing well. my daddy told me that he really enjoyed puerto vallarta with my sisters and he couldn't get over how beautiful it was. my momma finally went to get some x-rays done on her knee and apparently everything seems to be okay. she tells me that her knee has been feeling alot better ever since the new doctor started her on new medications. she is supposed to be on them for a month so the parents are not sure when they will be coming to chicago :-( i was hoping they would come back by the end of this month but i it doesn't look like it.

AND well now i'm here at work wanting to be at home with kachito!!! who by the way got really upset at me yesterday. when i went to go get the calling card, he wanted me to take him with. he kept pulling on my jeans and meowing but i kept telling him that he had to stay. when i came back, i found him underneath the covers of my bed!!! he did not want to get out and when i called him, he would just meow!! at one point i tried to touch him but he would just move to another spot and meow!! the whole thing was very cute...anywho that's my story and i'm sticking to it!!!


Santiago said...

This is why I do not have a cat or a pet of any kind. My five gold fish the kids brought home died. Really not cool.

sonrisa morena said...

santis, you continue to be a dork!!!

DCNats said...

You know you want a cat Santiago- Chancla is always picking up strays, I bet you could get her to hook you up.