Wednesday, May 31, 2006

weekend update..

so it's wednesday and i'm barely writing about my weekend update, i've been freakin' busy at work with all these end of the month reports that i need to turn in!!

Anywho, i will blah blah myself through the boring stuff so i can get to the juicy parts quicker. so mr. rico suave is in the picture again and drama never fails when ever he is around..blah blah blah. mr. sports announcer came to visit me from atlanta and we went out to dinner and brunch the following day and watched the cubs game as well...blah blah. i went to my nieces b-day party, had soooo much fun!!! and blah blah blah. i spent memorial day at my older sisters and blah blah blah. oh yeah i ended up not going shopping with fluffy's mom because well i WILL talk about on the next paragraph. AND my sister, dork, talked to me too!!!! yay!!! i'm really happy about that. we didn't talk about fluffy at all but at least we had a conversation which at this i don't care what it's about as long as we are talking!!!

So saturday i was with my fluffman. we had lunch at the jumping bean and then headed down to his place. as we walked to his place i told him about mr. rico suave and his drama. my fluffman didn't seem to be happy with me hanging out with mr. rico suave because "baby, you've already gone through so much in your life to put yourself in those type of situations. i understand that you care and love the guy but seriously he needs to start taking some responsibility for his own actions. he sounds like he needs a mom and baby you ARE NOT his mom!!! you are a friend and sometimes friends need to let go for their own well being. i'm not telling you this as a boyfriend but as a person who really really cares about you as a human being." my fellow bloggers at this point i fell in love with the man!!!! i know many of my friends have told me to stay away from mr. rico suave but for some reason the way fluffy told me made me realize that "yes i do deserve better and me being around rico suave is not accomplishing anything for me other than sleepless and stressful nights." i care alot about the guy but it's the same shit every time!!!

anyway, once we get to fluffy's place he tells me that his mom wouldn't be able to go shopping because she wanted to go to the cemetary. you see, fluffy's dad died not too long ago and well fluffy was very very close to his dad. there have been times in which we both have cried because fluffy starts remembering certain things or i talk about my dad, things to that nature. my fluffy is having a difficult time which is natural and i love him for being able to show all that love and affection. the fluffman is re-evaluating life and questioning alot. anyway, him and i also questioned our relationship, "are happy with each other? do we see each other together in a year, two years? do you think it's working" we are taking each day as it goes and we are planning on enjoying the summer together. if things don't workout well at least we got to now each other "but one thing i do want is to keep you in my life even if we don't work out romantically", is what he tells me.

i don't know where this relationship will end or how it will end but one thing is for sure...i will never ever forget my fluffman and the great guy he is.


Cracked Chancla said...

awww. fluffy does it again. hey, i've never been shopping with my suegra and i've known her for five years. i know she didn't make it but if your already talking about it. well, that's a very promising sign.

DCNats said...

chancla is right... it's a good sign.
as far as needing to hear the rico advice from Fluffy for you to get it... maybe we need to start channeling our advice for you through Fluffy and that way you'll listen better!

Santiago said...

Yeah...I am with DC. Send us an e-mail to send the suggestions. I have been married with my wife for like 9 years and have not gone shopping with my mother-in-law. Oh wait...I am a guy. You think that could be the reason.

LadyK said...

Sonrisa girl, I am sooo happy you are happy with your fluff man! You deserve it! Love it :-)

*~Marie~* said...

I am so glad you and your sister finally talked! Oh and I am totally with you on having a hard time hearring people tell you a friend is bad for you...i have many bad friends :)

sonrisa morena said...

cc, i must admit that i was kind glad because hanging out with whom might be the possible suegre well that's nerve wrecking but i do agree that it's a promising sign.

dcn, OUCH!!! left your hand imprinted on my face ;-)

santis, you're a guy!! it's different for guys!!! hehheheheehee

lady K, thanks mi blogger friend!!!

marie, i truelly love my friends but rico sueve drains me and well i need to start taking care of much as hurts me seeing him suffer so much. he knows i still love least i hope he does.