Monday, July 17, 2006

good weekend!!!

well i had the most exciting, tiresome and relaxing weekend!!!

On Friday i went to the Orgullo en Accion event right after work. it was held at the Chicago Cultural Center. I saw alot of people i hadn't seen in a while, one of them being Mariposa!!! it was soo nice see to her. Afterwards i headed over to Circuit in boystown for the ALMA event. i had to leave early though because i was a little tipsy...ok ALOT the time i got there so i didn't get to see the wet underwear contest :-( however the bouncer and one of the bartenders promised me a private dance later on this week!!! am soooo looking forward to that!!!

On Saturday i got up around 12 in the afternoon!!hehehe... and went to go get my bike fixed. yay for me!!! i also went to replace my phone because i accidently broke my other one. Later on i walked over to the red line train to meet up with Mr. Panther and then we were on our way to the Gay Games Ceremony. I had alot of fun!!!! i have to admit that it dragged but it's all about the people your with!!! there were sooooo many people!!! it took us about 2 hours to get back home but we made it. i was sooo exhausted!!!

On Sunday, i woke up early...9 in the go to the store to pick up some frozen burgers, hotdogs, buns, and other stuff for the pool party at mr. motorcycles. ms. j picked me up around 1:30 to then head over to the mexican store to get some arrachera and tortillas. Once we got to mr. motorcyles place we changed into our bathing suits and jumped in the pool!!! the water felt awsome!!! mr. motorcycle cooked while ms. j and i were in the pool. Later mr. bean came along with pokey reese. mr. policeman and ms. forever future wife also stopped by. we were all in the pool accept for pokey reese...'member he broke his leg...and ms. forever future wife who forgot to bring her bathing suit. i was just chilling in the water and flirting back at mr. bean (he's such a goof ball!!) i had alot of fun...i suggested we do that again next sunday!!!

oh almost on saturday on our way back home as mr. panther and i rode on the bus three guys started a conversation with me. Two of them had the gay games official book with them and i tell one them "not to toot my own horn but my picture is the book" and so they start looking for it and then scream out "heeeeyyyy we have a celebrity among us!!! she's giving out autographs!!!" i was soooo embarrassed!!! one of the guys tells me after signing his book "i'm going back home to tell everybody that i met you!!!" i must admit i was very honored and i was my santis well.

good times!!! good times!!! this week i will be getting and preparing stuff for this saturday!!! 'member it's my b-day party!!!


Santiago said... was jam packed. i always knew you were a celebrity. hjajajajaja!!!

neicybelle said...

how fun! sounds like a great time! your birthday is this weekend? what a blast!

DCNats said...

well now that you're a celebrity, your bday party should be upgraded considerably... I'm expecting some red carpet photos!

Cracked Chancla said...

ooh red carpet photos from your party. the pressure, the pressure, i need a red carpet outfit.

sonrisa morena said...

santis you've always been one of my biggest fans and i totally appraciate you and love you for it!!

neicybelle, thanks for stopping by :-)...yeah i'll celebrating my b-day!! YAY for me!!

dcn, i'll be sure to post the picture of angelina jolie when she arrives ;-)

cc, giiirrl it will be a casual look red carpet day so don't stress too much :-) angie told me was going to wear a shirt and a pair of jeans ;-)

*~Marie~* said...

Happy Almost Birthday!