Monday, July 31, 2006

a little venting...okay alot of venting!!!

so i got to thinking alot this weekend and some questions came up....unfortunetly no answers!!!

i did nothing productive this weekend!!! AND i am very proud of it!! i went to the a nice tan going on. I read...Lolita in Tehran..., i finished knitting mr. motorcylces scarf...which i hope he will be wearing all winter ;-)..., i wrote some poems...that i as usual shall not share with anyone!!! why? because they are wwaaaay too dirty!!!, i watched 4 movies...a documentary, 2 foreign movies and a hollywood movie..., AND i ordered out!!! as much as i love to cook i was just not going to do it this weekend!!hmmm? i think it was a productive weekend after all.

so let the venting begin!!! actually it's ranting...

so this morning as i was getting dressed to work i realized that i once again had to wear the bra that is waay to small but must wear because there aren't any bras my size with those thin spaghetti straps!!! HEEELLLLOOOOO!?!?!! us big women like to wear sexy stuff too you know!!! so i'm on a mission!!! i must find a bra my size that i can wear with my "mexican hot and spicey" spaghetti strap t- shirt!!! last week i wanted to wear my brown spaghetti strap shirt but i couldn't because of the damn bra straps!!! why then do i buy these kind of shirts, you are asking? well because i like them!!!! they don't look bad on me!!! i'm all about hiding the parts of my body i do not like but some of these shirts actually look nice on me!!

so after this weekend i have decided that i will and MUST loose weight!!! i laugh as i write this because guess what i ate all this weekend? pizza, thai, and tacos!!! nothing healthy...well if you think about it the lettuce and tomatoes on the tacos are healthy, right? anywho, i threw away the two bags of chips i had and also the ice cream and some candy stuff i had...okay well i had to throw them out actually, they were all going bad. BUT i have no more junk food in my apartment!!! well except for the microwavable popcorn, which i really don't like because they give me a headache so i thought i would be safe to keep them around...for my guest you know ;-)

i have also noticed that i have been getting hit on by more men then women lately. I figured out why that is!!! my HAIR!!!! its' getting longer!!! what the hell is that about?!!? why do men like women with long hair? when my hair was shorter i usually got hit on my white men or women but now that my hair is longer the men that have been approaching me are latinos!!! what is that about?!? for some strange reason this has ALWAYS bothered me!!! it reminds me of the mini skirt incident!!! when i used to live with the parents i use to see this guy waiting for his ride in the morning and he never ever paid any attention to me 'til i decided to wear a mini skirt!!! he actually stopped me and asked for my number!!! THAT really pissed me off!!! i was thinking "asshole i'm the same person that walks by here every fucken morning!!!!" needless to say i ignored him and kept walking. it just really pisses me off how people are sometimes!!! i just want to tell them to "fuck off!!" okay i'm pretty sure i've done that too but i would like to think i'm more subtle about it.

AND i found out this morning that Dr. Phill has joined!!!! how freakin' cool is that?!?!? i mean, seriously the dude is an expert on relationships right? so i'm definetly going to go check that out!!! NOT!!! i can't stand that man!! who told him that he knew everything there is to know about relationships!! oh yeah, that would have been Oprah. AND Oprah does know her shit!!!...okay, why am i being so bitchy?!?!??! hmmm? gosta think about this...


DCNats said...

I was that asshole once!

my junior year of high school I sat next to this girl in Biology everyday and we hardly spoke... and then the last day of school she wore some sort of revealing outfit that made me see her in a new light... I asked for her phone number... she gave it to me but of course I washed the paper it was on with my jeans and had no way of calling her.
I tried to talk to her the next year but she didnt want any part of my lame, but true excuse.
Being the self centered guy I am, it never occured to me until I just read your post that there was anything wrong with the whole situation... but clearly, it was as asshole move.
see... your blog is educational!
also in my defense I would like to say that it wasnt so much that the girl was exposing more skin that made me want to finally get to know her, it was more the fact that the outfit seemed out of character for her- which led me to realize that I didn't know what the hell her character was, and that maybe I should get to know her... plus she had on this sexy lip gloss too. that always gets me going.

sonrisa morena said...

because i'm in a bitchy mood i must say to you "what ever!!!" same freaking difference!! lip gloss or no lip gloss!! okay i cant be mean to you, i'm sorry...damn this catholic guilt!! damn!!

Cracked Chancla said...

hmmm, works both ways. i remember how there were those guys that i never paid attention to until they blossomed in high school or returned from the military all tanned and built? yeah, i had a streak of ultra shallow. but then again don't we all dress up to ultimately gain the attention of the oppossite sex? and what's making you so cranky. you chilled all weekend? now i know where kachito gets it from. haha.

yournamehere said...

Don't lose those curves.

sonrisa morena said...

cc, i'm pretty sure i've done too but like i said, i hope i've been more subtle AND kachito me lo pego a mi ;-)

ynh, hmm? i don't think i can loose my curves even if i tried!! AND trust me i have!!!