Monday, July 10, 2006

it's over...

before i start let me apologize for the mistakes on my last post...i didn't proof read it before i posted it and i noticed that there were waaay more mistakes then usual...sorries :-( but i think i got my points across.

anywho, fluffy and i broke up!!! yes it's true!!! why? because we couldn't really enjoy our relationship due to the fact that dork kept creeping into our minds!!! it happened on Friday night and we both cried like babies...okay I cried like a baby and he cried like a guy. damn, i really miss the guy. we both agreed to still keep in contact and be friends but really i don't know if that will happen. i've just been feeling like shit for the past few weeks and i've been trying my hardest to keep busy but i keep thinking about my sister whom by the way i saw on saturday and i was ANGRY at her..she didn't know it though. i tried not to be in the same room with her because i'm pretty sure i would have just exploded. Anyway, like i told cracked chancla, i haven't been in a mood for anything!! not even in a mood to celebrate my birthday, it's coming in a couple of weeks, but i need to keep my mind busy!!

lets move on to more positive things...MY PARENTS ARE BACK!!!! YAY!!! i saw my mommy on saturday and i spoke to her this morning!!! i missed her soooo much!!! she asked me if i was okay because she noticed that i wasn't my usual self. i told her i was just a bit tired. oh how i missed my mommy!!!

i went to pilsen yesterday with my co-workers!! we had sooo much fun!!! i bought the coolest ring ever at the mexican fine arts museum and i got to chat with cracked chancla for a while!!! the co-workers and i went to eat at a new comtemporary mexican restaurant next to cc's store. the restaurant's name is Mundial and the food was yummy!!! bloggers we need to hangout there!!! AND i got to see Santis!! didn't expect that.

I also got to see mr. motorcycle!!! he is doing much better!!! i had ms. j's car so we both went on some errands and got to hangout 'til late in the evening!!! I also went to see pokey reese at the hospital, he broke his leg playing soccer...OUCH!!!! my pokey reese looked like he was in soooo much pain!! i hope mr. bean is doing good cause then my fabulous trio aren't going to be fabulous anymore.

i'm also getting ready for my b-day party!!! i will have it the day of my b-day!!! how cool is that?!??! i'm planning on having tamales, my famous pico de gallo, enchiladas, rice, chicken fajitas....AND yes i will be cooking all of this myself, well except the tamales that's just too much work!!! i'm kind of sad though because i think i will have alot people coming in late due to the gay games. as i mentioned before i have alot of gay friends and the day of my b-day party is also the the day of the closing ceremony for the gay games. oh well such is life!!


Santiago said...

it was the greatest to see you. it was unplanned, but the universe is good to us. i have mixed feelings about you and fluffy. he made you happy, but it was going south. glad to hear you got to talk to you mom and see her. i hope you enjoy with her.

Coco said...

sorry to hear about fluffman...
pero si ya las cosas iban "mal", pues para que alargar el sufrimiento. el que sigue...

your birthday?! when, where, and time!! yo quiero!!

un fuerte y caluroso abrazo.

hopefully your parents have some influence over the dork.

Cracked Chancla said...

sonrisa, if fluffy didn't work out its because there must be a hunkier, smarter, more sensitive and loving man for you out there. if i find him, i'm gonna gift wrap him and bring him with me on your birthday.

DCNats said...

sorry to hear about fluffy, he sounded like a great guy and maybe something can be worked out... the dork sounds like a total and complete, well, dork!
I hope you're doing okay. I reccomend a horchata smoothie and a good book from Chancla's place.

*~Marie~* said...

Yum! Sounds great! I want some good food like that! sigh...i guess On the Border will have to suffice :) Anyway, sorry about you and fluffman...break ups are hard..but you have TONS of people around you who love you! (yes, I apologize...I am the annoying positive person today) stinks and I hope you get to feeling up to doing stuff...not wanting to celebrate your birthday..that is serious :)

yournamehere said...

Hey, am I invited to your birthday bash? I make a mean margarita.

sonrisa morena said...

santis, it's always nice to see you!!

coco, i agree with you which is why we decided to end it. AND come on over!! it will be july 22nd at my place anytime after 5!!!! te espero ayi!!!

cc, you have one week and half to find that man for me!!! i can't wait!!! ;-) hmmm? maybe you can persuade someone to make it to my party...hehehehe

dcn, that's why you are one of the favs...that's exactly what i did on sunday!! i got myself an orchata smoothie and chatted with cc at her store!!!

marie, you're not annoying!!! i've been told i MUST not cancel my b-day party otherwise i will get it!! i'm afraid of ms. j!!! so i will most definetly be celebrating it :-)

yournamehere, thanks for stopping by!!! AND of course you're invited too!! i've been reading your blog for a while and i think you're cool enough to join in the fun, especially since you are making mean margaritas!!! make it a double for me please!!