Friday, July 07, 2006


well it's been a some what of a wierd week. i kept thinking that wednesday was monday!! anywho, i had a great weekend. My little nieces, ages 11,12, and 13, spent the weekend with me. they are soooo cute. we went to the beach, tried going to the taste but it was too packed, watched movies(13 going on 30, napoleon dynomite, and 13. they loved 13!! they also had alot questions after it was over!!), went to the new rock n roll mcdonalds and we all ate like there was no tomorrow!! the best moment was when one of them asked me "tia there was mtv in the 80's?" as we watched 13 going on 30. i just started laughing and then realized that they were all born in the 90's!!! that made me feel soooo old!! i had soo much fun with them. there were questions about boys, drugs, and sex. my babies are growing up sooo fast!! next month will be my nephews turn to spend a weekend with the "cool tia".

I spent the 4th at my older sister's home. dork was there and completetly ignored me. i asked apple how she was doing and she told she was doing alot better. i have to admit that i had to go upstairs for a few minutes because i was crying...i couldn't hold it in anymore :-( once i got that out of my system i went with the little ones to light up the fireworks!! i love their little faces as they watched something go up in the air or something sparkling. i love my nieces and nephews!!

On wednesday i hung out with mzmarie at the airport. i had soooo much fun!!! who knew hanging out at o'hare could be that much fun!!! mzmarie is my friend from pittsburgh and was on her way to ireland and had a lay over here in chicago!! so we decided to hangout at the airport while she waited, how cool is that?!?! i met some of her "rally/protester" friends, they were so freakin' cool!!! and we all decided that i will be going to pittsburgh in october to celebrate amanda's 25th birthday..she will be singing her new song titled "he left me in washington"...i suggested the title because her ex left in her washington...get it? hhehehehehe...seriously i had alot fun. have fun in ireland mzmarie!!!

i also found out that mr. motorcycle had surgery!!! he had his gall bladder removed!! my baby was in sooo much fun!!! he will continue to be the love of life even if i am with fluffy!!! anywho, i got a bit upset at ms. j because she didn't seem to take this surgery as serious as i did and then proceeded by making fun of mr. motorcylcle because he wasn't back at work yet..."how much pain could he be in!?!? it's only like three stitches that he has!!" hmmm? helloooo? ms. j not everybody has the same tolerance level in pain as you do!!! is what i really wanted to say but decided not to because i probably would have been made fun of because "you're only acting this way becuase it's mr. motorcycle!!" whatever!! AND then she kicked me out of her office because i told her she complained too much about how much her new shoes hurt!!! aauurrghh what the hell?!??! you've said waaaaay worse things to me and i don't say anything!!...that's what i wanted to say but didn't. yeah, ms. j is the type of person that likes to say things or make comments about others but then doesn't like people saying things to her!! BUT i love her!! and like i've said before i don't know what i would do without her...i love you ms. j. i hope you know that.

well, i hope you all have a good weekend. the parents are supposed to be back from mexico tonight but not sure what time. i'll be going to the movies tonight with my fluffman. tomorrow i will be volunteering at the 1st latino pride!!! on sheridan and broadway so come and join me in the fun!! sunday i will going to a field trip to pilsen with my co-workers!!yay!! and then will be going to visit my poor mr. motorcycle!!!

have a good weekend!!


Cracked Chancla said...

my father had that surgery and i hear that it is very painful. so you will be 'nursing' mr. motorcycle? *ahem* i'm sure you're excited about that task. *wink, wink* did you tell your nieces about videos on channel 50 for the peeps that couldn't afford cable and mtv.

*~Marie~* said... is surgery...i support mr. motorcycle getting to milk it as much as time will allow :) AND SOMEONE has to take care of him :)