Wednesday, July 26, 2006

lunatika and ms. mary jane!!!

i need it someone to smack some sense into me last night!!! so who did i call? Lunatika!! and i asked her to bring mary jane along!! just incase you are wondering...Lunatika ended up dumping the guy that gave her the std. According to her, the guy keeps calling her. I love her but the girl is crazy!! which is why i only call her once in a while and she has three kids (with three different daddies!!...but i'm not judging) so that makes it a bit difficult for her to go out. anywho, i called her last night to see if she could come over. She totally knew why i was calling!! she was at my place within an hour. she lives on the southside, yet another reason why we don't see each other as much.

I made some quesadillas and salsa so by the time she got there dinner was ready. Mary Jane was already at my place anxiously awaiting her arrival. my friend, mr. d,j made me a cd, that rocks btw!!, for my birthday so we just chilled and listened to it. I so wanted to call fluffy but i have already erased his number from my cell phone and since all i had to do to call him before was to look for his name i never really memorized his number (thank my Frida for that!!)

i really do miss fluffy but as Lunatika kept reminding me yesterday "if he really likes you he will call YOU!!" Anywho, she ended up spending the night...she lives with her sister so little lunatika was babysitting...i soooo did not want to come to work this morning!!! there was also a power outage early this morning so it was freaking muggy which only made us even more lathargic!! apparently some one is filming right behind my building and decided to take all of our power!! DAMN those hollywood people!! we did get so see this really cool race car, nobody famous though. they will be filming today too so maybe i'll see someone tonight....or not because i'll be going to see my parents tonight. i'm really trying to keep myself busy so that i don't end up doing anything calling fluffy!!!


yournamehere said...

The next time I'm in Chicago, I wanna party with you.

Cracked Chancla said...

no, don't call him. you can call me or santis or the fab trio but not him.

*~Marie~* said...

Hey! just dropping by to say I hope your birthday went well...I have to go to bed but I haven't stopped in feels like forever! So I hope all is going well!