Monday, June 20, 2005

my weekly visits to the hood...

Every weekend i go to visit my parents back in the hood....Little Village...usually on Sundays. It takes me about an hour and half to get from my place to their home on the bus. i don't drive so i take public transportation every where AND let me tell you that chicago's public transportion rocks!!!! Anyway, i like going to visit the parents. I love them to death!!! My family makes fun of me because according to them i've become a Northsider and now think i'm "all that". But seriously you can never take the southside from me. How can i forget the place in which i grew up and learned so much. No matter what my family says, i miss the southside! I miss el elotero, el paletero, and now they have this yummy ice cream by the church on central park and 27th on sundays!!! best ice cream favorite is mango con chile y limon. Yes, where i grew up was not the most safest area but i am the person that i am because of it. Whenever i'm in a meeting and i advocate for "my peoples", my co-workers make a smart remarks and my response? "i didn't grow up in Little Village for nothin'!"

I usually spend the weekend at the parents whenever we have a family event. I must admit though that as much as i miss the hood there are soooo many other things that i definetly don't. For example the gang bangers standing on the corner, stray dogs and cats, the trash!!!...i will have to say that i appreciate individuals that hang a plastic bag outside their gate!! AWSOME idea who ever started doing that!! I was telling my sister this weekend that if i were to live back with the parents i would probably be calling the cops every 20 minutes to kick the gang bangers out and when i spend the weekends over there i am really tempted to do just that but i'm so afraid that they might start bothering my parents. And even though these are all negative things, i still will ALWAYS be proud of growing up on the southside with my "peoples".

But you know what i miss most of all from the hood? i miss the smell of arrachera during the summer. you know that where ever there is arrachera on the grill there is a fiesta going on!! family gathering around having fun. the adults talking and joking around while the kids are running around playing tag or something related to it. At least that is how it is with my familia and I wouldn't trade that for the world!


Cracked Chancla said...

hey sonrisa, i grew up in little village. left for a little while and returned before leaving again and i have plans on returning. (there is no place like home.) but when i returned i had 311 on instant redial. you can definitely call the cops on the losers and remain anonymous. calling from a cell phone keeps them from tracing the call as well.

as far as the the stray dogs and cats go. that makes me sad too. if i think of something i'll let you know. (sigh)

sonrisa morena said...

thanks for the very helpful info. i'll keep that in mind this weekend when i go visit the parents...cause seriously i get so upset to see those gang members just hanging around my parents house. thanks :-)