Thursday, June 02, 2005

La just gotta love them

so this past weekend i went to a Quinceanera. My little neice turned 15...a young lady, a celebration into womanhood..blah blah blah. To me it's an excuse for the grown ups to get drunk!!! Anyway, i was kind of iffy about going because i seldom attend these celebrations due to the massive amount of questions and comments that are made. I choose not to put myself through the whole "todavia no te casas?, como que vives en el Norte?!! Porque no te dejas ver?!!!" AND my favorite "pues si no te casas como vas tener un bebe porque ya te estas haciendo vieja". Yeap, why put myself through that. This time though, i said oh what the hell i'll go, after all i get fed and dance a little. Well, let me tell you that i'm glad i went because i saw sooooo many of cousins that i had not seen in YEARS!!! Most of them are married of course with two or three kids...their question for me? hmmm? yeah they had questions... "y cuando te toca a ti?". Yeah it's not going to happen anytime soon!!! was what i was screaming in my head. why do people want to marry me?!?!?! so anyway, i had a good time. talked to all my cousins and tias and tios and met new nephews and nieces that i didn't even now i had. AND yeah the foood was AWSOME!!!

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