Friday, September 08, 2006

new boss lady and other crap...

well we have a new supervisor. so far she seems to be doing okay...i miss my other supervisor alot though!! no one will ever come close to ever being as great as he was!!

i'll be having dinner with some friends really looking forward to it!!! one of them is ms. jillipooh. we haven't really hung out lately. mr. dj and mr. hk will also be there!! oh how i miss those two. we'll be meeting at mr. dj's place. i can't wait to see them all.

Tomorrow i will be going to my friends 44th b-day!!! that should be fun as well. i'm planning on giving him a gift card (made by yours truelly) to a stripper joint :-) as b-day gift... he has to take me as well though!!! i'm sure that he will have no problem taking me with him. i can't wait to see his reaction!!! i've known him for about 7 years and the guy is sooo much fun!! his wife is just as crazy as he is... i love them both dearly.

Sunday i will be going to a baby shower. i'm not looking forward to that. i'm very happy for my friend and her husband but things like these depress me. why? well because i know i will not have kids and i sooooo long to have one. i've blogged about this before and all of you were very sweet about it. i know that i have options as to go about having a baby...artificial insemination, adopting...but really, there is this very old fashioned girl deep deep deep, waaaayy deep,(waaay deep!!) inside that wants to have the father next to me when i have a baby. anywho, that's why i get depressed. i am very very happy for my friends though. i mean who wouldn't be?!?!? a baby is on the way to experience life!!

so i have a question...three years ago i met this 20 year old whom apparently was "in love" with me. 20 years old!!!! i of course, gave him "the you're too young speech" which he seemed to take very well. he is a very sweet guy and has the most amazing brown eyes. when i first met him, i told him that he was an old man stuck in a young mans body because we used to have the most amazing conversations!!! anyway, i told him that he needed to focus on finishing college instead of courting me. he did just that!!he called me last night!!!! he graduated, owns his business (mechanic shop), and is working on buying another "space". i'm very proud of him!!! so he tells me "well i'm 23 years old and i told you i would call you once i was finished". he wants to go out because he still likes me and would like to "see if we work out"...he is sooo sweet. so anyway, my question is do i go out with him? he's fucken 23 years old!!!

have a good weekend bloggers!!!


Cracked Chancla said...

hmmm, so because he's younger he's not fair bait. to answer your last question is hell f*ck*n yeah! don't snooze sonri. if he called you again, it meant he's a man with well organized goals. i would find that ultra-appealing. ;) have a good weekend.

*~Marie~* said...

Oh how fun! You must be hot stuff with all these guys after you! WELL...i don't believe I know how old YOU are? A few years isn't bad.... :) :) :)

DCNats said...

My wife is 5 years older than me... of course I didnt know that until after we had been dating for like 2 months (surprise!).
so yeah, we're like married, obviously, so it must be working out or something despite the age.

Coco said...

Then add it to your life's experience : )
asi para que no te cuenten! Enjoy!!
and yes, we expect "details" ;)

Un fuerte y caluroso abrazo.


yournamehere said...

I think you should go for the older guys. Like me, for example.

sonrisa morena said...

cc, i've said it once and i'll say it again...i TOTALLY like the way you think!!!

marie, i'm 34 years old and well 23 is a bit too you young for me but i just read cc's comment and i feel inspired. i question the "hot stuff", don't really consider myself to be that.

dc, your wife is older than you!!! no wonder your marriage is working...hehehehehe. i'm just kidding dude. this guy however is 11 years younger than me!!! ELEVEN!!

coco, muchas gracias!!! you too have inspired me to give it a shot!!

ynh, hmmm? i've always have found older men attractive ;-)...whatcha waiting for :-)