Friday, September 22, 2006

it's friday!!!!

and i'm tired as hell!!!! i'm soooo sleepy my fellow bloggers!!! i had tons of fun with the fabulous trio last though!!! the blue man group show rocked!! afterwards we went to ceasar's for some killer margaritas then we headed over to spot 6 for some spanish kareoke. i love spanish kareoke!! i sang bazaar by flans...i love flans, i'm in a loving mood today ;-) i danced cumbias with mr. bean as well. that boy can dance!!! i danced to los tigeres del norte with mr. motorcycle. i really enjoyed myself last night!!!

i'll be having dinner with mr. politician tonight. i haven't hung out with him in a while, i'm soooo looking forward to seeing him tonight. tomorrow i'll be going to a wedding with one of my favorite people in the sooo looking forward to that as well!!

have a good weekend my fellow bloggers!!!


Cracked Chancla said...

sounds like an eventful week full of papichulos. what's a girl to do? i like soccer legs to you know. enjoy the weekend.

yournamehere said...

I've never been to spanish karaoke. I would say it sounds fun, but...

Uh, wait, I am trying to seduce you, so yes, it sounds like lots of fun!