Monday, September 11, 2006

monday report..

i had a lovely weekend...a few adventures here and there.

So Friday after work i went to go visit my brother-in-law at the hospital...he's my second moms husband. my fellow bloggers he is not doing well at all. he has arthritis in the lungs. he can't breathe on his own and he gets very exhausted when he tries to talk. my second mom seems to be holding up pretty well. my nephew on the other hand is not. i think he's feeling the pressure of having to be "the man" of the house. haaay, this is just not looking good at all...

after the hospital visit i was sooo mentally and emotionally exhausted but i had plans to meet up with my friends. it took for eeeever to get to mr. dj's place. there was a fire on the tracks on polk!!! so we were stuck there for a while. i had called ms. jillipooh to let her know that i was not going to be able to make it but i sooooo needed to hang out with my friends after visiting my brother-in-law!!! i needed to be distracted!! so i decided to take a cab!!! i finally made it to mr. dj's place. ms. jillipooh and mr. hk and their partners were obviously already there. i'm soooo glad i made it because i had sooo much fun. the food was awsome but the best part was the company!! i thank my frida...she's my goddess, 'member?...every day for blessing me with great friends.

on saturday i had lunch with my sisters, dork and apple, at my favorite thai restaurant. we then walked down to boystown for the yearly Lakeview art festival. it was nice to hang out with my sisters...yes even dork. she seems to be doing better now that fluffy and i broke up. such is life!!after the festival, we went back to my place and they waited as i got ready to go to my friends birthday party. they gave me a ride to my friends place. i had so much fun!! there was carnitas, arroz con gandules, potato salad, salsa, damn the list goes on!! after a while we all started to do shots of tequila...i was so freakin' drunk it wasn't even funny!! damn i had fun!

sunday i went to the baby shower in Tinley Park. ms. j and ms. dieder picked me up. once we got to the baby shower we were separated. we weren't very happy about this but we made the most of it. i did end up having loads of fun with this old lady that was sitting next to me. she was sooo funny. i found out she works at a museum in Indiana. she gave four passes "just incase you are ever in the neighborhood". she was sooo funny!! the shower over all was very nice and sweet. i could totally feel the love in that room. mrs. future mommy looked so beautiful and radiant!!! she truelly did look happy...not content but happy. i wish her nothing but the best. she is going to be a great mommy!! i just know she will!!

after the shower, we headed back home. it was a nice ride back home. Mr. 23 y/o had text me earlier to ask if i had plans in the evening. i said no so we had decided to meet up in the evening. once i got home though i was just tired and exhausted. he called me and i told him if it was okay if we hung out at my place. he seemed to be okay with that. we talked all evening. he didn't leave until 12!!! he's still the sweet guy he was three years ago. i am truelly very proud of him. he wants to continue to hang out "to see where this leads". he is soooo sweet!! i'm just in awe with this boy. he kept complementing me all hair, my lips, my hands. seriously this boy was making me blush!! AND he gives the greatest hugs ever!! anywho, we are supposed to hang out tonight too...maybe he'll get a kiss tonight ;-)


Santiago said...

puta madre...otro que te quita de mi. dale gracias a frida que no soy celoso. hehehehe...jk. glad u had a good weekend.

Cracked Chancla said...

*jumps for joy* i know frida would approve of that young stud muffin who is courting you. i can't wait to hear more.

yournamehere said...

When are you coming to Louisville so we can drink tequilla and..other stuff?

Coco said...

ay, ya, yai...kissing?!
he sounds very "galan" : )
and keep us informed! ; )

un fuerte y caluroso abrazo.


i'm sorry to hear about your brother in law. is he on a resperator? i'll keep him and his family in my prayers.

*~Marie~* said...

Is it just me or is your life filled with lots and lots and lots of stuff! You always seem to be on the go and having TONS of fuN! Exciting with that guy! COnversation is great...I say you let him steal a kiss :)

DCNats said...

your weekend kicked my weekends ass.

sonrisa morena said...

santis, i'm keeping my comment to myself ;-)

cc, i get happy when you approve the stuff i do.

ynh, other stuff? hmmm?'re making me wonder

coco,he is a nice guy :-) super sweet and thanks for your warm wishes.

marie, santis has told me the same thing and my answer was that the individual needs to make things fun for themselves. i like to have fun every where i go.

dcn, hmm? maybe when you move to columbia (is it?), your weekends will kick my weekends ass.