Wednesday, September 20, 2006

birthdays birthdays and more birthdays!!!

alot of my friends are celebrating this month!!! !! my sister's...dork...b-day was this past weekend. she had a little party but i didn't go...i wouldn't want her to think i was "trying to steal her friends" again!!! she tells me she had a blast. i'm glad she did!!

mr. 23 y/o's b-day was yesterday. i've been hanging out with him alot!!! he came over my place after celebrating his b-day with his family. i was all cheesy about it...i got him a tiny cake, a card and a teddy bear. we chilled at my place eating sushi and drinking wine. he really is a sweet guy and he makes me laugh so much!! boooy does he make me laugh!!! i love the way he roles his eyes when i'm being sarcastic with him. aaahhh yes those gorgeous eyes of his....okay let me stop. last night was our first kiss and it was sooo sweet...hmmm? what's going on here??!?!? i need to stop this!! or maybe not ;-) anywho, last night was nice. i really did enjoy my time with mr. 23 y/0...oh by the way he JUST turned 23!!!

tomorrow night i will be going out with the husband to celebrate his b-day!!! haaay just the thought of spending time with that man exhausts me!! i'm not really looking forward to it...i'm sure i'll have fun. i haven't seen him since my b-day bash so i think, being that it's his b-day, it would be a good time now.

mr. policeman's b-day is next week!!! he just got a house so i'm not sure if he will have his yearly b-day bash. i'm sure the HOLA gang will have something for him...we always do. any excuse for us to hangout!!! DAMN we are getting old!!

mr. deider's b-day is this friday as well...not sure if him and his wife have planned anything, they usually do but i haven't heard anything...yet ;-)

so many b-day this month!!! mr. todd's b-day is this weekend as well!!!

happy birthday to ya'll!!!!!!!!!

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yournamehere said...

Thanks for mentioning my birthday. I hope you get me something nice.