Thursday, September 28, 2006

the week from hell!!

i've had the most horrible week ever!!! okay i'm just being dramatic but i was in alot of pain!! i sprained my ankle!!! i missed a step as i was going down the stairs and fell down. i hurt my knee and my ankle. i had x-rays done and everything seems to be okay. now i'm coming down with a cold!!! aaaahhhhh!!! i hate getting sick!!! my head hurts, my sinuses are all stuffed up and i'm hungry!!!! okay can do something about me being hungry but like i said before i'm just being dramatic.

on to other i went to a job interview. yay for me!! i got the job and i will be starting in two weeks!!! yay for me!!! i will be working with diabetes population that live in pilsen and little village!!!! i'll be a research asssitant...i'm really looking forward to this job. it's only a part time so i won't be leaving my current job...which is going pretty well so far.

haaayyyy, i have a horrible headache so i'll continue laters...


Santiago said... will be working with my people. check you out. hope your day gets better.

DCNats said...

two jobs! you'll be making all that $ but will be able to find the time to enjoy it?

Cracked Chancla said...

hey sonrisa, i hope your ankle and knee are doing better. and congrats on the new part-time, it might be the beginning of bigger and better things.