Friday, April 28, 2006

yet another chapter in kachito's life...

Well my fellow bloggers things with the fluffman are going well, however kachito seems to be having some problems with it.

The fluffman was at my place on wednesday night and well Kachito was not liking it at all!! Fluffman was sitting on the stool in the kitchen and kachis jumps to the stool next to him and starts scratching him!!! I yelled at Kachi's to stop but he just looked at me then continued to scratch fluffy. I asked fluffy to just push him off the stool and he tells me "that's what my first reaction was but i didn't want you to think i didn't like the cat" i just smiled and told him "dude, my cat is scratching and you're worried about what i would think?"..isn't he so sweet? yes, i know we are still in the "trying to impress one another" mode. anywho, so kachis went to the living room while we ate. Once we finished eating, we headed down to the living room to watch a movie. While watching the movie, kachis decided to jump on fluffy's lap...i'm thinking "oh, he's warming up to fluffy" boy was i wrong!!! Kachito started hissing at fluffy!!! i've NEVER seen him do that!!! it scared the crap out of me!!! So i push kachis away from fluffy to only have kachis hiss at me too!!! "what the fuck is this about?!?!" i ask kachito who by now is walking back to kitchen. He then went into my closet and didn't come out until fluffy left. Once the fluffman left kachito was back to his normal caring self. He jumped on my lap as i watched t.v. then followed me to bed once i decided to go to sleep.

Fellow bloggers, i'm scared!!! Kachito is freaking me out!!! Fluffman told me, kiddingly, that i was going to have to choose between him and Kachito. i told him "well you know where the door is cause kachis will ALWAYS come first to me!!!"...seriously is it normal for kachito to be behaving this way?


Cracked Chancla said...

awww, poor kachis. he's got a violent little temper. but it may have something to do with those weeks he spent with pookey reese, maybe he has some negative associations to men? if not i think he just senses fluffman is special to you and feels jealous or threatened. give him time to adjust. does fluffman like cats? if not he may have to learn quick. maybe he should bribe kachis with kitty treats.

Coco said...

Kachis is jealous...give him reassurance!
Fluffman needs to "win" him over!! "Bribary" is good ; )
Especially if it's tasty...

Un fuerte y caluroso abrazo.

DCNats said...

Just give it time. It takes my sister's cat months to warm up to anybody outside of the family- and even then he's pretty skeptical of them... some cats are just like that. it looks like kachito is just going to have to learn to deal with Fluffy

Ktrion said...

Hey Sonrisa,

first, let me just tell you that I used to hate cats. Verdad! I even had a gf who had 3 cats, and we had much mutual antipathy. (This was *not* the right woman for me).

When I started dating L* right away my attention was caught by her fluffy black cat Nxi. I asked her (no doubt with that tone in my voice) if her cat slept in the bedroom. She replied by telling me that Nxi is a miracle cat, and described how the kitty had almost died of hepatic lipadosis and L* went to the veterinarian every day and crawled into the kennel with her, how she brought her home shaven, sallow, and unable to eat solid food, and nursed her back to health.

This story told me all I needed to know about how special L* is and how much she loves her cat.

As a reformed cat-hater, let me just say that as fluffman learns how important kachis is to you, he will learn how to interact with him.

Keep giving Kachis plenty of love and attention, and let mister fluffman convince your cat that he is worthy of you!

Have mister fluff bring kitty treats or toys or something positive for your kitty. Allergies are no excuse: there are drugs for that and I've taken them for years.

(When I used to read cat magazines there was many a "my cat knew my boyfriend was cheating before I did" story to be found)

*~Marie~* said...

ha! That is great! I think cats sense that someone is fixing to take over their owner and they get jealous! I use to have a cat that would sit on any guys face who came over with me.....