Monday, April 24, 2006

weekend report...

well my fellow bloggers i had an AWSOME weekend!! Ms. J' b-day party was definetly going on!! i took the fluffman with and he seemed to be enjoying himself just observing how crazy we all got. we left early though because i was already freakin' drunk and i was super tired and sleepy. over all i had fun and it was nice. ms. J seemed to be enjoying herself...happy b-day to ms. j!!

on saturday was my turn to hangout with fluffman's friends. We went to The Empty Bottle and i had the best time. his friends are just as cool as the fluffman...okay now i know i'm really liking this guy!! Anywho, we got to see three bands!! one of the chicks, Shelly Short, rocked!!! Damn, that girl has an awsome voice!!! she definetly left that place with a new fan!!

yesterday, i started volunteering again. i so did not want to go because it was such a beautiful day and i just wanted to go ride my bike down by the lake but i, very hesitantly, decided to go volunteer. AND i'm so glad i did because i had such a great time with the kids!!! i went around passing around the welcoming gifts and i love the kids and parents reactions when i come in the room with all this goodies at hand!!! i truelly do enjoy doing this!! i got home at about 5:30 and i was totally exhausted. i had dinner and tried watching t.v. but i got so sleepy that by 8:30 i was already in bed!!

The fluffman is going out of town this weekend and well i must admit that i am going to miss him. we have plans to see each other on wednesday before he leaves to california and i'm soooo looking forward to it!!

AND 4 more days to Lila Downs performance!!!! i'm sooooo fucken excited!!!! AAAAHHHHHH!!!


Santiago said...

Damn!! I go on vacation and come back and you are already getting married to this Fluffy-cat. I am all jealous!! I am kidding. I am so happy for you. Maybe I need to go on vacation more often. Jajajajajajaja!!!

*~Marie~* said...

I am so glad you are having so much fun! AND I am so exciited for this guy ...i think I like him for you!

DCNats said...

wow- you're already at the "meeting the friends" stage!

I'm afraid that if Santis went on another vacation you'd be a married mother of four by the time he came back!