Thursday, April 06, 2006

a little dilemma

so i don't know if you remember me blogging about my sister's surprise party last month. Anywho, at this party i met alot of my sister's friends. My sisters and I don't really hangout with each others friends because "your friends are all to uppity (is this even a word?)" and because they don't want me meeting their friends. According to both of them "it's so easy for you to make friends so why should you meet ours". yeah it doesn't make sense but i got over it along time ago...this has been going on since we were in high school, them not wanting me to meet their friends. it used to bother me alot when we lived with the parents but then i moved out to the northside and well it's been alot better. So back to the party thing, at this party i ran into somebody that i went to college with, who now is really good friends with my sisters. we hadn't seen each other for about 8 years and when we were in college we never really talked or anything like that, we just had mutual friends and so that's how we met. well, this guy whom we will call fluffy, asked for my e-mail address because "you seem to be an interesting person". i gave him the info. as i was doing it i was thinking "this is not a good idea" but i still gave him because i thought that my sister would have grown out of this whole "leave my friends alone" stage. booooy was i wrong!!

My sister is having a huuuuuuuge problem with this!!!! she called me last week to ask me if i had been e-mailing fluffy. I said yes "because he seems to be interested in the same type of readings i am so i e-mailed him some stuff". She was not happy at all!!! "could you please stop communicating with him please!!! it is soooo much easier for you make friends that it is for me so please leave mine alone!!"WHAT?!?! i thought "are we still in high school!?!?!". I must be honest and say that i did get pretty upset but at the same time i was thinking that this guy, or any other guy for that matter, was not worth me getting into an arguement with my sister so i told her that i would stop all communication with this guy. well, this discussion was after i had given him my phone number!! I THOUGHT MY SISTER WAS OVER THIS "LEAVE MY FRIENDS ALONE PHASE!!!". come on we are both in our thirties!!!

The following day fluffy calls and we had a decent conversation. i did mention to him that my sister was having a problem with him and i talking and he tells me "yeah i know, she told me off today. something about leaving her sister alone". i don't know what to do. this guy, whom i am not romantically interested in, seems to be a great guy. we have alot in common and i think we would have a great time if we were ever to hang out. i don't want to upset my sister but at the same time i might be missing out on a good friendship...and yes i have told fluffy about me just wanting to be friends.

so what do you bloggers suggest i do?


Santiago said...

join a convent and stop messing with our emotions!!!

Santiago said...

i was just kidding. your sister needs to not take this so personal.

dr.v (Not a narcotic Pez dispenser) said...

i agree with santi. your sister is taking this too personal.
come on...she is acting like a little kid. You and your sister are going to end up on one of those spanish shows like "en las mejores families" screaming at each other.

Both of YOU are old enough to stop this nonsense of "this is my friend". Personally, i wouldn't want to be friends with someone who tried to tell me who I can and can't hang out with. I decide who I want to hang out with. Your sister's attitude might make your lose this friend and other friends if she continues to be so possessive. Is she romantically interested in the guy? maybe that's a reason she feels threatened.

now that is a different thing...for someone to go after their sister's boyfriend or love interest.

it is about time Your sister grew up.

maybe that's why it is hard for her to make friends.....if she tried to tell friends/potential friends what to do....who they can hang out with.

i use to hang out with all sorts of people in high school...but my close friends weren't always the super cool kids because they were the one who would say shit like "why you hanging out with so and so....they aren't cool"

DCNats said...

"casos de la familia real"

my first thoughts coinsided with Dr. V's- it sounds to me like she might have a crush on this guy... if not, I think it's really strange for her to get so upset... why can't you BOTH be friends with him?

I know I'd be a little freaked out if one of my friends told me I couldn't talk to their sibling... that's a little possesive- border line creepy.

I think you should find out if she has a romantic interest in the guy... idk, either way I'm sure the guy isn't worth losing your sister over- even if you are in the right.

DCNats said...
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Cracked Chancla said...

its times like this when i wonder if i am blessed to have no sisters. hehe. i've observed possessive friendships and maybe your sister happens to be one of those. what is unfortunate is that her telling fluffy off and 'forbidding' him to speak to you has just made you that much more appealing. i would keep fluffy as a friend and give your sister tuf love --she's gotta grow up someday. and i'm not sure why you can't have mutual friends.

Cincysundevil said...

Aaaahhh ... sibling rivalry. It's hilarious that you're both in your 30's and she is still having these feelings. Hopefully you 2 can work it out; family should always come first.

Coco said...

Is "Fluffy" worth the fight with your sister?
"Family" blood is strong- come hell or high water, they're there for you (aunque resonguen, pero ahi estan)...
Besides, you can always see Fluffy at your sister's parties and get togethers.
Haz la paz ; )

Un fuerte y caluroso abrazo.

sonrisa morena said...

santis, go to hell!!! hehehhehehee

dr.v. i have asked my sister if she is interested in fluffy and she said no...this was last year that i asked her so it was even before this whole ordeal started. i just don't get it!!

dcn, you are one very very funny guy!! like i just mentioned to dr. v, i have asked her if she was interested and she said. i understand that no guy is worth my sister and i getting into an arguement but i can't help to be a little upset!! it's so fucken unfair!!! i know i wouldn't do that to her!! who am i to tell her who she can or cannot befriend!! if i had that much power, this would be a much better world we lived in!! eheheheheee

cc, i totally agree with you!! i knew there was a reason why i kept you around!! ;-)

cincy, this little incident has made me realize that my sister will continue to be this way!! and i understand that family comes first but i think this is so fucken unfair!!

coco, you are by far the sweetest blogger ever!! no offense to the rest of the bloggers ;-) like i just mentioned, i understand family comes first but i can't help but be upset about this. my sister really needs to grow up!!