Tuesday, April 18, 2006

up and about!!!

hello fellow bloggers!!!!! it is soooo nice to be back!!! all is well, i'm running like a chicken with it's head cut off!!! my surgery went well!!! have i ever mentioned how much i love my doctor!?!?!! she is the greatest!!! i felt like crap all last week but i'm ready this week!! okay, maybe not that ready...i think i over did it on the weekend that i was in some pain last night. oh yeah, i had some girly things done on me...painful girly things!!!

anywho, i'm so sad to read about joel!!!! joel i will miss you!!!! santis kept me posted. when he told me about joel i was in soo much shock!!! "WHAT?!?!??! BUT I LOVE TO READ HIS BLOG!!!" is what i told him. dude i totally understand though. we all need a break once in a while. i'm sure moe greene will do a good job but please pretty pretty please come back to us soon!!

lets see? what has been going on? i had fun with my nieces and nephews on easter sunday. we had an egg hunt inside the house because it was raining. we hid 118 eggs!!!!! and they found them all!!! my sister numbered them so we then had a raffle. they had soooo much fun!!! the little ones would go up to their parents to show off the prizes!!! they painted eggs!! it was fun. i did feel the tension between my sister and i but i tried to not let it get to me. she was very very quiet and distant towards me but really i feel like i didn't do anything wrong. i did tell her that fluffy and i had been communicating and i think that's why she was acting that way.

speaking of fluffy!!. i went out on a date with him!! i had a nice time. the guy is super sweet!!! while i was recooperating he called every night to ask how i was doing. he is the sweetest guy ever!!! asides from santis of course!!! tonight we will be going to the mexican fine arts museum for a discussion on same sex parents. i'm going because of my job and he is going because according to him he wants to see me. i've been up talking to him on the phone 'til 1 or 2 o'clock in the morning!!! he keeps telling me that i need to break down that wall that i keep putting up. bloggers i'm scared!!! he tells me that he will be patient and that I will see that he is different from all the guys...hmmm? we'll see about that!! after all i did give mr. k a chance and look what happened?!?!? anywho, as i mentioned before he is the sweetest person ever. i told santis that i'm actually excited about the whole thing. oh well, such is life as my jillipooh tells me. he will be coming with me this Friday to ms. j's b-day party. not sure how i'm feeling about that. maybe i'm thinking too much about it. we'll see how it goes, i will most defenitly keep you posted.

santis is on vacation this week and i have missed him soooo much!! okay so it's only tuesday and we talked last night but we usually e-mail each other during the day and well i miss that. is that so wrong?

I'm still volunteering at the hospital and i can't wait to get back this coming sunday!! Oh yeah, did i mention that we saw my sister, the one in the abusive relationship, on sunday!!! her baby is soooo big now!! we, ALL my sisters and brothers, were together!! my parents would have been so proud of us!! speaking of parents, my mommy and daddy are coming in may!!! just for a couple of weeks though but at least i will get to see them again.

well i need some catching up to do so let me get to it....


DCNats said...

glad to hear you are doing so well and thank you for the kind words... I'll be back and writing again before you know it.
and good job getting everyone together, I hope all is well with your sister and the new baby- maybe she'll be able to get out to see you guys more often- hopefully!

unforgiving b*tch said...

glad you're feeling better and that you're up and about. I missed you while you were gone!

celikins said...

Hey - thanks for the comments on my photoblog. I like reading your updates, quite the fun blog. Keep up the altruistic good work.


Cracked Chancla said...

eeek! fluffy! eeek! oh and yes, *ahem* i'm glad you're doing well. glad to have you back.

dr.v (Not a narcotic Pez dispenser) said...

and i thought you only wanted to be friends with fluffy...hmmmm

good thing u asked your sister if she was interested in fluffy.

dr.v (Not a narcotic Pez dispenser) said...
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*~Marie~* said...

Hey! Glad to hear about Fluffy(?) :) I seriously need to go to some catch up reading still....I have no clue what is going on....oh:) And I am so excited for the 1-2 AM talks...those are the best....I have been doing it for a month! Boy am i tired! I hope everything works out for you :) I am a bit....um...built up as well...so I have a hard time saying "Tear down the wall!"....maybe just knock a little hole in it for now...holes are easier to patch up than rebuilding whole walls! (obviously...I am so functional!) I am excited for you!