Monday, October 24, 2005

lets go sox!!! lets go!!!

HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!!!! is all i kept saying during last night's white sox game...and i'm not even religious!! what a freakin' game!!!! i thought the sox had it in the bag when pauly hit the grand slam but the "other" team caught up to them and i thought "ya perdieron :-(" but noooooo, pauly came back and hit another homerun!!!! HELL YEAH!!!! I LOVE MY SOX!!! AND don't get me started on saturday's game. how about that 8th inning? HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!!! my daddy was very upset when ozzie took out the pitcher and brought in the big guy. "no!!!! que estas haciendo!?!?!" my mom's response "el sabe lo que esta haciendo" HELL YEAH!!! I LOVE OZZIE!!! yeap two very exciting games!!! i hope they do just as good tomorrow!!!

Well aside from watching the games...lets go sox!! lets go!!... i went to cracked chancla's future bookstore. i got to meet her...and she is soo cool. !!!! i think you picked a perfect location!!! I wish you the best of luck cc. I got to meet another blogger as well too...this whole blog thing is soo cool. I would like to thank Santiago for introducing me to the world of bloggers. I have met...both in person and via many great individuals Thanks santiago ;-).


DCNats said...

um... paulie didn't hit the game winner it was scott podsednik, but you're right, what a game!
and no fair, all these bloggers are meeting and I'm all the way out here in DC. Someone has to get pictures of Chancla's store.

dr.v (Not a narcotic Pez dispenser) said...

yeah..PODSEDNIK was the hero of the 9th inning. And don't worry about Ozzie calling for the big guy..Bobby Jenks...he is an awesome relief pitcher. yes, things didn't go so well for him on Sunday...but the rest of the team always seems to find a way to compensate. Go WHITE SOX!

Chancla's store is cool...great location...sorry i missed out on the chance of meeting you. Maybe one day.

mariposatomica said...

GO WHITE SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great seeing you and Santiago at the bookstore. It was so much fun!!

Cracked Chancla said...

i saw the game yesterday. and it was very exciting indeed. it was also great meeting you and santiago--thanks for coming through with that bottle opener.

sonrisa morena said...

oops my bad!!!! i just got too excited!! PODSEDNIK...LETS GO SOX LETS GO!!!

i hope to meet you soon too

dcn maybe you and morena should start thinking about a vacation and come to chicago ;-)i would love to meet you as well.

mariposa we must hangout again!!

cc anything for a glass of wine