Wednesday, October 26, 2005

my list...

as i was walking to work this morning i started thinking about dcn and how he doesn't think it's fair that the chicago bloggers are meeting each other...sorry dude :-( that got me thinking about the people i would like to meet or would have liked to have met. so here it goes:

First and forthmost, FRIDA. really do i even have to explain why?!?!? i actually dreamt that i had met her at La Casa Azul. She was on her wheel chair, i was kneeling down while she held my hand. I was crying because i couldn't believe i was actually meeting her!!! i woke up crying, by the way i have never ever shared this anyone because my friends already think i'm a frida freak and me dreaming this would only prove them right. i can't help it!! she was an awsome woman!!! i mean she did things back in her days that women are now still hesitant in doing!!! Seriously...another seriously moment...who wouldn't want to meet her!!! ok i know a few people but that's why they are NOT my friends...heheheheh just kidding.

Second Che...i don't really have a great reason. i saw the movie motorcycle diaries and it just made me want to meet the man even more.

Emiliano Zapata is another person i would have loved to have met. i just want him to explain to me the whole mexican government. i've read so much on it and i still don't get it!!!

Sigmund Freud, yes him!!! even though he believed that women were hysterical!!! WHAT THE F...K IS HE TALKING ABOUT?!?!? US HYSTERICAL!?!?!? PINCHE VIEJITO!!! I'LL SHOW HIM HYSTERICAL!!...hehehehe that was me trying to be hyterical..get it? Hysterical? anywho, even though i don't agree with more than half of the crap he wrote and said the man did start people thinking about researching the mind. Thank my Frida...yeah frida is my goddess...for that because otherwise i would be without a job running all hysterical somewhere in this world.

Jorge Ramos. why? because the man is sooo handsome!! ok and intelligent and speaks his mind and handsome and he seems to be genuinely (?) interested in immigration matters. and did i mention that he is handsome.

Angelina Jolie..why? because the woman is gorgeous and she seems to be a cool person. i know i know, she's a hollywood person but seriously she has done alot and she has gotten herself involved in alot of political matters...don't know how serious she is being taken but at least she is trying BECAUSE she wants to and not because she is going to get brownie points from her fans. Did you know that she gives 2% of her salary...may not see like much but keep in mind that the woman does make BILLIONS in a cambodia. anywho, i would like to have a conversation with her to ask her "so what do you really look like when you wake up in the morning?" ok so that's not what i would ask her....

Virginia Wolfe...the woman is a whole mystery to me!!! if i ever got to meet her i would probably need a whole week to ask my massive amount of questions.

okay gotta go!! the list will continue another day though AND DCNational you are on this list too :-)


DCNats said...

ha... glad I could be an inspiration.I spent WAY too much time thinking about this, but my list would be:
1] Che, such a complete person who did and experienced so many things. He was a man of action and not just words, but his word were poetic as well. He changed the world and the way I look at it.

2] Roberto Clemente, just to hear all the stories. Baseball and Life, he could tell some good ones.

3] Spike Lee, he can talk movies, sports, and politics with a first hand knowledge that perhaps nobody else in the world can match.

well I'm going to get back to work... great post and CONGRATS on your ChiSox taking home the trophy!

cindylu said...

I have friends who made a short film called something like Institute for the Frida Obsessed. It is absolutely hilarious. I know so many Chicanas who are all Frida'ed out, but the film also focused on the men. Everyone had a unibrow...

mariposatomica said...

Sonrisa, there is a little store in Pilsen called Mestiza that sells tons of Frida stuff. We must go. When I went to her art studio in Mexico City you could definately feel her presence. Now I feel like seeing the movie. Do you have the sound track. BEAUTIFUL! I listen to it everyday.

Cracked Chancla said...

well sometimes our dreams are astral travels. and we can meet up with anyone in the living world or beyond. so maybe that was more than just a dream you were having.